Uhmah Park

George Bush


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZlGPhntPaU&feature=colike This mans “Oops” ending to an¬†awkward¬†stumbling of words he know he knows will live in political infamy¬†for a while. It has “Boom goes the dynamite” potential lol. Rick Perry reminds of of a knock off pre 911 George Bush. He seems like Bush’s dumb cool guy cousin. Its like he learned everything he knows from George Bush lol, including learning shit. LOL!

My George Carlin Entry

George Carlin died today and there are millions of people on the internet typing out entries as to how great he was. He was indeed a great comic. I’ve been watching his act since I was like 10. I didnt get some of the jokes of course, but I was a pretty smart kid and I’ve been watching the news since I can remember. So, I kinda kept up. But I’d just like to point out one thing. George Carlin died at 71. John McCain, is currently 71 if I’m not mistaken. I’m just sayin. Let’s just say, God forbid, […]