Uhmah Park

Frunk As Duck

OJ Got Too Low

So, back in my drunken partying days lol, anytime “Get Low” came on, I’d stop what I was doing and start dancing. So this one time, I was drunk at the homie house. That shit comes on. And I started dancing with the chair. I guess I got a little too rough with it, and I snapped that bitch in half. It was a flimsy ass chair anyway lol. Some how, Clever got pictures of said event. And thats the only proof that exists. Other than me confirming the story. But its really all here say as far as I’m […]

Charlie In Brentwood!

I cant believe Dave had these hats in his fuckin house. This is like me growing cotton and watermelon in my backyard. But good thing these guys are good drunken sports for the photo! These fools was hella faded way before we even left Dave’s spot to bar hop! When we hit the streets it was a fuckin WRAP! lmao. (yes thats a white belt… shhhh. no its not a karate belt.) So as drunk as these fools was, we hit some street in Santa Monica that I’ve only been to twice and I was drunk as fuck both times […]