Uhmah Park


I believe a wall post is a binding legal contract that can override a terms of service agreement.

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos LMAOOOO ive been wondering what the hell this was about! I never get passed the first couple of sentences because its clear bullshit lmao. IF you sign up for a web service for free, what you are doing is giving them data and content to make money off of; and in turn, you get to use their service. facebook is not a birth right lol. Nothing is free people. Jack asses lol.

The Facebook Argument

I dont remember who posted this on facebook, or where they got it from. But this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the net all year!  After seeing this, its been hard for me to offer my opinions to peoples updates on facebook. I already had a hard tim before, but now? Fuck it. Ive seen this happen way too many times. Since Ive seen this graphic; Ive made a point to be “The Chime-In” for no reason. Its great! I see why the chime-in, chimes-in now lol. Its awesome lol and way more fun!

Better Education?

People say they want better education in this country. Oh? I was thinking, what does better education REALLY mean? Doesnt it mean more competition for naturally smart and driven muthafuckas? Who wants more competition? We all cant build myspace and facebook. Maybe thats why rich people put there kids in private schools and well to do areas have better public schools than urban areas. Notice alot of people who went to private schools run the country and control funds that are dispersed to public schools and the like? Im just sayin. Somebody gotta actually do the fuckin work lol. Competition […]