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Off The Wall

Id say about 40% of the time, I write blog entries just for the titles lol. There is only one person that knows that about me though. (along with everybody that just read this just now) Anyway, with that said… this shit right here is the fucking GUTS. Some people on my Buddy list make the memory my IM Client takes up during my work hours well worth it. (although I have plenty and this shit dont take up much to begin with like punk ass trillian.). The homie sent me a link to this gutty ass picture on aim. […]

Better Education?

People say they want better education in this country. Oh? I was thinking, what does better education REALLY mean? Doesnt it mean more competition for naturally smart and driven muthafuckas? Who wants more competition? We all cant build myspace and facebook. Maybe thats why rich people put there kids in private schools and well to do areas have better public schools than urban areas. Notice alot of people who went to private schools run the country and control funds that are dispersed to public schools and the like? Im just sayin. Somebody gotta actually do the fuckin work lol. Competition […]

Its Raining Weed!

Just as I post about how people think I smoke too much, and I really dont. Turns out later on, I had a pretty blowed thought. I was rollin me a blunt of LA Confidential ( one of my favs… mmmm) , and I dropped a nugget on the floor as I was breakin it up. Then as I go to retrieve said nug, I noticed an even bigger nugget of some shit I must have dropped at some other point, because this nugget was purple as hell. I dont remember dropping that shit though! But gotdamn was I happy […]

Toy Terrorist

Over at Engadget.com They were having a little caption contest with this picture. And I thought it would be pretty funny to add: “Other toys contain lead… this toy PUMPS YOU Full of LEAD! *evil robot laugh*” Which brings me to my next point. America is under attack on a new front. From a brand new enemy ( hold up let me put on my GDub / Cheney suit ), The Chinese! Why do I say that? Well because I dont believe in coincidences all that much. I think its mighty strange that SO MANY damn toys just happen to […]