Uhmah Park

Black Kayaking Enthusiast

Uhmblr 2012

Fucking FINALLY! Ive been wanting to put up a new layout for this site for at least 2 years now. It always takes me FOREVER to produce a new layout for this site. If I could, I’d redesign and layout this site every time I learn something new. Thats why I wanted this domain way back, years and many moons ago; to practice and expand my skill set. Usually when I make a new layout for this site Im trying something Ive never done before. Which has lead to SEVERAL layouts never seeing the light of day because by the […]

Reaching Out To The Black Kayaking Enthusiast

My homeboy Dell showed me this earlier. This shit was so funny I couldnt even fucking laugh. I really held back my laughter because I was afraid I wouldnt stop for a while; and or fucking suffocate my self, either or. Im posting this for some of my favorite people. The ones that find this OVERLY funny, just like I do. I know I dont get to talk to yall all that much, but I miss yall. lol African-American Boycott of L.L. Bean Enters 80th Year Shits the GUTS, the Black dude at the end fucking kills me. And then […]