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A Nigga Just Be Confused

I only spelled it out “confused” for search engine (and my purposes if I ever need to search the shit out myself). But this nigga really said was fucking “confRUsed” LMAO

“… A nigga just be conFRUSed *wemper – weap*”

Ok, I dont like Young Buck. Not just because he is a wack on the mic. But I have a cousin who HATES this nigga because he put his hands on her in a disrepectful manner. So before, I just thought he was wack in general. But now its fuck that nigga.

So… lol if youre gonna call a nigga and beg for your job back. lol dont cry, talking about niggas be confusing you puttin batteries in your back. Fuck is your problem? No wonder this punk ass nigga is going around hitting girls. Bitch. Somebody probably told that nigga to do that shit too. Bitch ass nigga.

If you dont know the whole Young Buck / G-Unit story. Actually… you know what… I dont know all the way myself. But from what I’ve gathered. Young Buck either left or got kicked out of G-Unit twice. And I guess inbetween times, Young Buck called 50 trying to set the record straight to some degree for some reason lol.

I’ve seen people say 50 is a snake for taping his phone calls on some watergate shit. LOL But honestly, I dont fault that man for 2 reasons. First of all, ALOT of rappers in the industry and the muthafuckas surrounding them are some lying bitch ass people. Period. That shit feels like High School on tv, hyped all out of control. The rap industry is like a Niggafied ass soap oprea. I really do feel for the non bitch ass people in the rap industry who have to deal with these people regularly. Its exhausting.
Secondly, how much beef has this nigga been involved in? How much he said she said? I would have BEEN taping phone calls with niggas after some shit went down. Not all my gotdamn phone calls obviously. But in situations like this?! fuck yea lol. Niggas is hoes, and not to be trusted! Gotdamn.

So yea, I said all that, just to play the phone call. Its like 16 minutes of shame lol. Shits hilarious.

Thisis50 – Full Conversation Between 50 Cent And Young Buck
by Thisis50-tv
A nigga just be confrused…. best line of the whole shit lmao.