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Plizzanet Earth

Jimmy Kimmel, has Snoop up here narrating nature films. This is everything awesome as you hope it to be! I fucked around and found a whole “Plizzanet Earth” playlist! Gotdamn, I didnt think I was gonna make it through this whole thing. I couldnt stop laughing. Im so glad I smoked before I watched this. There are only 4 Plizzanet Earth videos. I dont know which one is my favorite. Ive looped through these a few times and I cant decide. MY GOD! This shit was hilarious!

Luke Sky Waka

…Waka cross the street Waka dog on a leash Waka Texas Ranger Luke Sky Waka… This shit is fucking hilarious. I only know two things about Waka Flocka Flame… no three things. Everytime I see him on tv or some internet video, this man is shaking his dreads and bouncing around the stage. This man told the world he has no lyrics. He just out there making music. This nigga is the realest rapper out lol. If a nigga come out and say he is just up there trying to entertain people and make party music. Hey, you gotta respect […]

I Specialize In Gankin

I have been bullshiting on posting videos to my damn site. Dah. Oh well. One random rainy day at the office, it turned into Easy-E Karaoke lol! This was great. This is also me practicing some video editing lol

Ill Victimize The Lil Girl With The Karate Fit On

If there are going to be bad people in this world. At least the vast majority of them are dumb. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9L5ih45sLM Maybe this pervert didnt notice that she had on, what appears to be a Karate Fit? Maybe he wasnt a perv, maybe he wanted to just rob this lil girl for her ipod like an asshole. In any event. He paid for his sins at the unforgiving hands of a lil girl who clearly wasnt having none of that bullshit on THIS day. And to prove her point. Not only did she beat this muthafucka the fuck down and […]

Theres always a bigger fish

What if you are a fisherman and you find this shit in your net? Mind you, that shark thats bitten in half IS a great white. How funny would it be if the shark that bit this shark in half was a never seen before big ass Black shark lol. If it is, I get to name it!!!! He shall be called…. Big Ass Black Shark lol. Mainly because if that shit pops up some where and surprises somebody, thats the first thing they are gonna say… Thats a Big Ass Black shark! What else could you possibly say? lol […]

Wave Fiction

I just got my google wave invite! I came back from lunch/sack run. Checked my email and to my surprise, I see a Google Wave Invite! BANG! Ive been drooling over this thing since i saw it a whole bunch of months back. Not only did I get my invite, but I had a bunch of invites to give out. I cant wait for everybody to get them. I see lots of laughs in the near future. RJ and I already started “The Wave of Soup” which is gonna feature videos and pictures of people getting dunked on. Its gonna […]


Taco Meat Half Cresent FTL

So there I am, at Hollywood and Highland, enjoyin the free Poncho Sanchez concert.Then I guess my W.A.S. senses started acting up and saw this man below me…. Taco Meat Pic 1 Taco Meat Pic 2 I just had to get this on video lol

Go Pick Up a Number 15

I have let my Loyal Readers down.. not that I write enough to have a few of those, but none the less, I suck. Here I have been sitting on this video and have posted it all on my twitter and facebook. But not the one place I really care about lol Anyway, everybody knows that Im a HUGE Laker fan. So during the Western Conference Finals I realized that Carmelo Anthony wears #15… and that McDonalnds Chicken McNugget was also the #15 on the menu. So I rolled to the local Micky D’s and made this video.. lol .. […]