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Trife Life Memoirs

OJ Got Too Low

So, back in my drunken partying days lol, anytime “Get Low” came on, I’d stop what I was doing and start dancing. So this one time, I was drunk at the homie house. That shit comes on. And I started dancing with the chair. I guess I got a little too rough with it, and I snapped that bitch in half. It was a flimsy ass chair anyway lol. Some how, Clever got pictures of said event. And thats the only proof that exists. Other than me confirming the story. But its really all here say as far as I’m […]

So Now That Youre Unavaliable, Whasup With Your Friend

Has this ever happen to you? You have a female friend who you moderately flirt with and there is a possibility of ‘something’ happening. Something could be anything, from Sex to a Relationship,. And lets say, youre really only interested in sex and she might be interested in ‘something’ like a relationship. Alot of times, its some one who just wants to be with some one else of the sake of be being boo’d up. They dont really even like you, they’re just looking for somebody to fill a slot. Firstly, ending up in that situation sucks, because all you […]

The Pro and Cons of Using EBT If You Arent On Government Assistance

King Juave = JD. Big Juave = OJ I’d explain the names, but fuck it, i dont feel like it right now. Im too busy laughing at this shit. if you know somebody with food stamps, and you think you want to use them… please consider the following lol and just incase you didnt read the title right. Yes… it usually is PROS and CONS… but in this case… its just PRO and CONS. (JD’s Joke) oh, and just incase you need a point of reference… http://www.ebtproject.ca.gov/ … there you go lol KingJuave: nigga over here trying to swindle food […]

The Trife Life Memoirs: Janet Jackson and Self Smite

The forthcoming story, is an account by my cousin JD. But before you get started, let me clear up something. The girl I was “kicking it with” was not my girlfriend at the time. We never got that far. Now that I think about it, there aint no way in the hell lol. I was messing with this girl by chance. I was at ihop one day, with my little 11 year old cousin, and I think this girl helped me once or twice before. But I thought to myself, she has a decent enough rack… let me see if […]

Flight of the Moon Cricket

Im thinking about creating categories on this here blog. but if i were to actually go thru with it. i would only have one category: “The Trife Life Memoirs”. I think i really might do that shit lol. anyway… Some time ago, i dont remember how old i was. i think i was about… eehhh 17? 16 maybe? i was posted at home, another boring ass day in fontana. the phone rings; its some girl asking for Shawn. i inform her that she has the wrong number. She insisted that she didnt; for whatever reason ( warning sign number 1 ) and […]

The Man League Scoring System

Im a male, I love women. I often talk about women with my friends and other males. This scoring system was developed from common factors that Ive heard males from every walk of life. All the special conditions and circumstances. All the points of views, needs and wants of guys every where have been packed and considered in this rating system. If you can find a hole in this system. I dont care. As far as Im concerned, this is the best thing there is and should be used often. Especially on the internet. The Man League Scoring System is […]