Uhmah Park

The Pampered Black Man

I Dont Rhyme For The Sake of Riddlin’

When I was younger, I was a big ass Public Enemy fan.You can ask JD lol. My father was in the Nation of Islam, and all my friends branded me as a Militant lol. I mean, I was “militant” as fuck. To a fault sometimes, but that is the life of a “Militant” I guess lol. I wouldnt say I was militant, I was just more into the truth, and I would get upset when people would try to come at me with bullshit lol. Something that still pleagues me to this day, but I’ve been trying to battle that […]

Darth Uhmah Saves The Day

Back when OSX first came out, I became a Mac user. Dont remember when that was. Maybe 2002. I became a Mac user. Mainly because I came up on one for cheap lol. The one day some how some way, my PC fucked up, and I became a full time Mac user, for years. like… 3. lol. Maybe 2 and some change. I dont remember all the way. I decided to switch back to a PC, because the whole mac situation just irritated me (lol sorry, not really). And every pc ive ever put together, has run faster than any […]

Im So Mad I Have To Take These Back

Dammit. I really like these shoes, but they HURT like a muthafucka. No matter what kinda socks I wear. It’s fucking terrible. These are Cole Haan’s with the Nike Air bottoms or whatever. HYPE! So on friday, these go back to Nordstroms. I’m so sad. They are so fresh for like 10 min or 50 steps then everything goes to shit. It’s fucked up. I wore these out to some where in Pasadena with some friends of mine. I cant even remember what happen right now a nigga was in so much fucking pain. I felt like some of the […]

The Pampered Black Man

Reading “pampered black man” youre probably thinking some shit like this shit to the left. But I assure you. I live in LA, its never cold enough to dress like that, and I still have anxiety from the gang problem we used to have out here, there aint no way in the FUCK id roll around with bright red gloves on lmao. The Umbrella and Jacket is dope tho. I dont wear hats either lol. But anyway… The homie, Yong thinks he’s the guts (he is) and he has dubbed me “The Pampered Black Man”, due a mildly popular opinion […]

Vons.com got the hook up!

If you have the fortune of having a Vons in your area. I STRONGLY suggest hitting up Vons.com. Why? You ask? Ill tell you why my friend. Because they muthafuckin deliver gotdammit! As in, to your door. As in, you can order your food online, and they will deliver the shit! to your door! Call me what you want… bougie, LATE ( because i think errin was up on this shit when she lived out here ) than a muthafucka… which or whatever… call me easily satisfied and impressed to right along with that if you will. I dont care […]