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The Chris Brown Protection Agency

In the wake of women every where looking at there could be / would be significant others like they “really do wish you would think you can put your gotdamn hands on me”. The rare case of reverse domestic violence has grown in alarming numbers. Specifically in Fairfeild, Conn. Where a man, terrified for his dick and his life, was forced to call 911 on his wife because took it upon herself lock the door from the outside, handcuff her self and him to the bed. She refused to let him go until they talked about the divorce he was […]

AIG Exec’s Makes Obamas Personal Shit List

Recently it was reported that AIG rewarded $165 Million dollars in bonuses to deriviative traders. Some of the people who did a poor job, at their job and killed the company. Earlier today the President expressed his outrage and managed to slip in a joke lol. I wonder how these guys feel to hear the president say that he is gonna have his people come after the money you JUST came up on? The millions of dollars wernt split evenly between all the exec’s some got as little as a few thousand dollars. Which does of course mean, a few […]

You Cant Trust A Man With Bad Bangs

Its truly a new day. White people cant get away with shit anymore.  Everybody is making money off Obama. But as soon as one white guy with a really white last name (Blagojevich) tries to sell Obamas old Senate seat. They throw try to throw the book at this man! He not only does he get busted but he is probably gonna do more time than OJ!! And its other white people who are demanding this happen! I can hardly believe it! Mean while, there are TONS of Black people walking around selling a variety of Obama paraphernalia.  Its like […]

Letterman to McCain: John, tell me how my Ass Taste!

If you managed to miss this some how. Or you dont know some how. John McCain was suppose to be on Late Night with David Letterman. One of my favorite shows i ever watch. If i could only take the first 30 min, i would. lol but with Chris Rock being on and this shit. Maybe I should just tape the whole shit regularly lol But anyway… like I was saying. McCain was suppose to be on Letterman, he canceled because he thought being on Letterman, because he suspeneded his campaign, and was off to washington to help with the […]

John Edwards – Whats on your Ipod?

Today John Edwards admitted he was fucking around on his wife, around 1996 or so. Apparently his wife and his family knew about it, and they had resolved the issue a long time ago. But he has been lying about the shit since 2007. His bad. lol But good ol John is defending his baby daddy status to Rielle Hunter’s baby. He has even volunteered to go on Mauray and put this all to rest. After his announcement, some how he left his ipod behind, and come to find out John Edwards is a big Rick Ross fan. How bout […]

My George Carlin Entry

George Carlin died today and there are millions of people on the internet typing out entries as to how great he was. He was indeed a great comic. I’ve been watching his act since I was like 10. I didnt get some of the jokes of course, but I was a pretty smart kid and I’ve been watching the news since I can remember. So, I kinda kept up. But I’d just like to point out one thing. George Carlin died at 71. John McCain, is currently 71 if I’m not mistaken. I’m just sayin. Let’s just say, God forbid, […]

Articles from the future NOW: Jalen Rose Gets Fired For Selling Final Calls at Espn

Bristol, Connecticut – Jalen Rose was fired the other day for what was referred to as “Aggressive and forceful sales tactics of religious materials” at the ESPN Studios. The retired nba star apparently has recently converted to the Nation of Islam, and like most new NOI members, they are enthusiastic about pushing their new found knowledge, wisdom, awakening and so forth. There are several complaints and eye witness reports of Rose knocking on the dressing room doors of the Black news anchors at ESPN, in a Jehovah Witness like fashion and delivering his message of Black empowerment, in the same […]

Tehran to clinton: Bitch what?!?

Hilary is refuses to stop fucking up. Recently the leader of Iran went to the UN bitching and whining about Hilary saying that she would obliterate Iran if they dared attacked israel. Obliterate?!?! Doesn’t that seem kinda rough? Why didn’t she just say “id cut Tehrans fucking dick off!”… Might as well lol damn. Im starting to think the clintons say whatever the fuck they feel like lol. What does it say when republicans rather run against this person? Republicans who have clearly been up to no good openly. What kind of sense does it make for the opposition to […]

Pluto Is Not In A Zen Place

video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS3YDBR81uw “Pluto is not in a zen place…” is what Sylvia said after seeing this video, shit was the guts lmao. lol I hate bad ass little kids, and if they just happen to get fucked up for being bad, then oh well. lol So apparently the little boy being chased kicked Pluto in the balls. Which, as far as im concerned, is unacceptable no matter what, in every circumstance. Even if youre right. Nothing justifies a kick in the nuts. (maybe unless pluto grabbed his ass or something lol) Not that im above kicking a muthafucka in they nuts, […]

Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good. “Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger? I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you […]