Uhmah Park


New Layout: 700 Series – 10th Anniversary Uhmah Special Edition

In April my best friend and business partner Sylvia, bought me this domain for my birthday in 2001. We had just started our web design company and she had her own domain and personal site: Hookerdust.com. So did all the other cool people in the industry, so of course, Im fresh in, I wanna be cool too!! But I need a domain name. Long story short, I figured my site would be about me as much as possible, so I told Syl, if I ever got my own site I’d get Five27.com. Because thats my birthday, May 27, 1979. Awesome […]

Acid Regin Freestyle @ PTU

This is old footage I took outside of the Prime Time Uncensored Studios during a taping of “The Platform”. The homies Gajah and Olmeca (Acid Reign) were the guest during this shows taping and during one of the breaks we were outside in the back smokin and a freestyle session broke out. A real freestyle session, straight off the top. This shit was great. Gajah and Olmeca both killed it. I dont know who that other dude was, who jumped in the cipher and got his lip fumble on. I said I’d take him out. I didnt say how much […]

Juaves Revenge!

Juaves Revenge is the name of my fantasy football team. And one day, I was going through some things. I was kinda blowed. I came across this elephant skull, then I had the idea to do this shit here. And since apparently Im the worst person there ever was on the face of the fucking planet ever in some peoples eyes out this muthafucka, Ive had a bit more time on my hands. And Ive been working on this slowly and finished it sunday while I watched football and, smoked a blunt (or two). Anyway, last year… I made my […]

Shout Goes Out, To My Well Known Roll Dogg

The KillaCal. Nominated for a Blackbloggeraward. Way to go! Although the nigga didnt win for what he was nominated for. But high for for being nominated anyway. Life time achivement award I think it was. Pretty dope… I remember when he started blogging. Before blogger got bought by google. And I used to argue with this girl he used to talk to in his comments, because we had beef. Anyway. For those dont know, Calvin is one of my first internet friends. Ive been knowing this man for like 10 years. Since his freshman year at Morehouse I think. So […]