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This is one of the most vicious political ads Ive ever seen (this year). Mostly because its saturated in pure truth lol. Since Herman Cain dipped out on us, all we have is Newt doing his best John McCain/Mitt Romney impression. Although he is the originator of that style, but whatever lol. This dude seems like the type of dude you punch in the eye off a reaction of him trying to play you for some kind of fool to your face. He probably changes the rules as the game goes a long, so he can stay competitive or cheat / lie his way to a victory lol. This guy is hilarious!

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Accountability in the U.K. – David Cameron Kills it
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This was fucking hilarious!! I cant believe the elected officials in England get to talk to each other like that! Its kinda great, if you ask me lol. I love a good insult, and I know the elected officials here in America could sling the most vicious insults through the halls of congress! It would be hilarious. If President Obama could talk to congress like this, Im sure he would have a field day lol. He is cold enough at the White House Correspondence Dinner, imagine if he wasnt making jokes, but he was seriously going at somebody like David Camron was? Imagine him talking to somebody like Eric Cantor like that, or Joe Wilson (the “you lie!” guy). Id love it. But Im sure with all the racist elected officials there are in this country, President Obama would have been called a Nigger by now. Theres no way they could hold back, this man is sharp lol. Old white people usually take exception to that lol.

I honestly dont understand why our politicians cant do this. It would be great for everybody lol.

Firstly, this was hilarious as hell. From the jump! The proud to be an American song with the Birth Certificate bouncing. The video of his birth being the scene from the lion king. If you know me, you know how much I love mockery.

But the thing that gets me is… you mean to tell me that he KNEW about Osama Bin Laden was more than likey dead when he was up here talking shit about any would be opponents? No wonder when he told Trump that he could get to the issues that really matter, like if we really landed on the moon, what happen at roswell and where are biggie and pac…… Notice he didnt task him with finding and killing Osama Bin Laden. HE ALREADY HAD THAT HANDLED SON!!!! He didnt even hint at it! Like, dont worry about Bin Laden, I got that under control holmes. He’s better than me. But I’ll never be president, so theres that lol.

My two high points of this whole thing was when Ol Dirty Bastard started playing for the spoof of the kings speech. The Ol Dirty Biden!!! That shit was awesome.

The other high point for me was the change that Trump was going to bring to the white house. The picture they photoshop basically called him classless and tacky as fuck. Which was super hilarious to me.

I think it was really great that Obama brought out his birth certificate and did this correspondence dinner with this knowledge and kept a straight face the whole time. Even when during his birth certificate remarks when he said he wanted to put this to rest to focus on more important things. Like him having Osamas body on that cold slab waiting on DNA conformation.

I bet you cant tell this man a GOT DAMN THING right now

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Since I got a new gig that doesnt have its own office and TV, I’m forced to watch @TamronHall and my @MSNBC news over the net at the office. Quick Disclaimer, I love Tamron Hall, she is the whole reason I even discovered MSNBC. Anyway. The first 30 seconds of this video was HILARIOUS! Here they are talking about jails vs education spending, and most of the panel are Black men.

As out of breath Ben Jealous is, he brings up some really good points lol. This man needs to hit the track so he cant make an easier to hear point lol.

But no foreal… knowledge is power. The more money spent on education, the less criminals there will. Criminals are criminals because they’re dumb. Theres no such thing as a smart criminals. Because in order for you to be a criminal, you have to get caught. If youre too smart to get caught, that means youre not a criminal. Just a law breaker lol.

Will education make you a better law breaker? Depends on if you want to be a lawyer, work on wall street, or become a politician. Ironic lol.

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Lame-as-F@#k Congress
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Ive been watching the daily show for a while. No matter what the subject, usually Jon Stewart will crack some sort of smile. He didnt smile any once he got to talking about this 9/11 first responders bill… AT ALL. He seemed pretty pissed off. Which I dont blame him for. This is the biggest “Fuck Off” Ive seen since…. I dont know when. I cant believe anybody who would wave an American Flag (or make a BIG FUCKING FUSS over any one who didnt wear an American flag pin) would vote against this bill.

Im damn near willing to bet that Osama Bin Laden himself would vote for this damn bill. This has to be the most heartless shit to happen in a while. This is down right inhumane. If I was republican, Id have to go Independent after this shit. Anybody who thinks this is OK for any reason is a huge asshole.
If you just so happen to be rich and dont want your taxes to go up a record breaking, mind blowing THREE PERCENT… yes, 3 as in the number 3…. from 36% to 39%. I can seriously understand that. But to vote no on this bill in order to accomplish that? That makes you a fucking terrorist as far as Im concerned. This has turned into a hostage situation.
“Give us our tax cuts or the 9/11 first responders GET IT!”

Where the hell is Sarah Palin on this issue? Honestly, Im not one of those Hate The GOP guys because they are on the other side. I honestly believe those people, in their heads, have the best intentions for this country as they see fit. I may not see eye to eye with any of these people. But I wouldnt say they hate america or are unpatriotic. Until now. This is down right unamerican. Whats next? Are they gonna bring back Jim Crow?! Yea, sounds crazy… But these people already told Gay people to fuck off. Told Mexicans to fuck the fuck off, in so many different ways. Now they are telling 9/11 responders to fuck off. Black people HAVE to be next!
Maybe us Blacks can skate by with the GOP not reelecting Micheal Steele. Lets cross our fingers. These people are clearly capable of anything.

I feel like this is the realest interview Ive ever heard the president give. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart seemed unintimidated and didnt let the president get away with simple answers. I also liked the fact that he some what mocked Obamas answers and things he was saying. Like the lady in North Carolina or whatever. Hilarious

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Barack Obama Pt. 1
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I cant wait to see all the reaction from the news outlets. There was some real talk in this interview.

part 2: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-october-27-2010/barack-obama-pt–2

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Colin Powell was on Meet The Press (Link To Full Show – that also featured Bill Clinton) this last sunday. In my opinion, he is a Republican worth listening to. And since I was listening, something he said stood out to me regarding Iran and their potential Nuclear weapon.

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He basically said, it would be dumb for Iran to create a nuclear weapon, they dont want it with us… AT ALL. Which I think is true. They have alot of land, but none of it is near anything. We have troops on both sides of the country. Whos mission would be to kill everybody. Iraq wouldnt exactly be mad about Iran getting bombed. The US would march in there and take what they wanted then after. Oh, and dont forget about Afghanistan. We’d be taking everything from there too. They are sitting on TONS of natural resources. It would be ugly… but these kind of things always are. Dont fuck up, so you dont get fucked up, is what Iran is facing. No matter how much tough talk they talkin. Iranian government is like a bunch of rappers who talk big, but nothing ever happens except a wack diss song here and there.