OJ, you have to learn how to talk to people

Everybody I’ve loved in my life has told me this more than once “OJ, you have to learn how to talk to people”

I typed all of this on twitter earlier. I dont know how. It apparently took two hours and I typed it on a touch screen phone. If you know me, you  know that I hate typing on a touch screen phone. Thats right, every tweet, text, instant message… I hate typing them out. I have big fingers, its frustrating lol.

I dont know what made me… eh, I’m lying. I know what got me there. I felt like some one came at me “sideways” about me being wrong. This person used all the wrong words and approached me the wrong way to express how they felt, twice. While this person was right and had a point, I still didn’t like it the way said person went about it. At all.
I was wrong, for sure… or you could say that I was. When something is serious and not funny to some one, it just isnt. You’re going to understand or you aren’t; I understood. But still, I didn’t like the words that were used and I felt the over all tone was unnecessary. I felt like they could have made their point with out the adjectives and accusations.
In the past I’d get overly mad over something like that and there would have been an exchange. But I didn’t do that. I understood that it was important and apologized. Still feel the same way though.
Did I discuss my issue with this person? No. I did not and will not. I’d rather not deal. I don’t believe that they would understand what I have to say or where I’m coming from. I believe that their issue would out weight mine, in said persons eyes. Although, I apologized and recognized what that person was feeling and saying. I’m sure of it in fact.
So I choose not to deal. Its not a super huge deal. But yea, I feel some type of way, even though I understand. Like I said, in the past, that way would have taken over and possibly cost me a friend.

This situation reminded me of some of the arguments that an ex-girlfriend and I would get into. One of us wouldn’t like the words the other person used to express themselves. I’d say it was me about 60% of the time (who blew it).  Then there was an explosion of emotions. Both of ours. I’m getting tired just typing this.

When I started typing this, some thing somebody said on twitter reminded me of the whole thing (days had passed, as far as the issue that got me thinking). I was watching the Laker game and just started typing my thoughts:

(I’m going to copy and paste these tweets. It’s a lot to retype lol.)

A lot of people dont understand that you can be mad, but u still have to watch what u say when u express yourself.

If u come off condescending or u get to name calling.. your message is gone. while u may have a legit point. U were mean about it

U feel like u have a legit case. But the person u have the issue with is mad u came at them sideways. So now u 2 are fighting 2 diff fights

U can be mad. But watch ur wording. Most people arent going to respond the way u think they should. They wont respond to ur point.

They are going to respond to the words u used to express your anger. Sometimes the persons response is fuck u then. So what u mad

The person u were mad at WOULD HAVE apologized. But u came at them side ways. Now? Youre wrong. And 2 wrongs dont make a right

U felt wronged. Tried to say something about it. It went fucked up (bcz u said some fucked up shit). Now ure wrong, when u WERE right

Its not that youre not right any more… you basically discredited your self and your argument because u came at that person sideways

I used to go thru that a lot. Somebody would do me dirty then id get to fuckin cussin lol. Id say all kinds of shit and it was a wrap

Niggas had me thinking I was crazy. I got into a lot of fights with an ex and a few friends over shit like that. Ive been on both sides

If my feelings are hurt or u make me feel some type of way or u come at me sideways.. my 1st response is anger. So now Im in attack mode

Attacking and super defensive lol. Its all bad. Nothing good would ever come of that. No matter what side I was on. Shits wack

I seriously thought I was fucking crazy. For years. I couldn’t win a argument, disagreement. Nothing lol. I gave up after a while

me giving up gave me an unbelievable amount of anxiety; brought on depression; and TANKED my confidence. Murdered it. Its not me

I didnt know that was the problem at the time tho. I just knew my world was crashing down around me. And did not know why. Couldn’t stop it

Imagine being wrong no matter what? Somebody wrongs u. Yall talk. U wrong. Other person is hurt and hates u. Every time. All the time

U rarely get an apology. And if u do get one, its from somebody who is mad at u. So its kinda half assed.. and u still wrong

Ur whole issue virtually erased. All the time. No matter if its valid or not. Its enough to drive a nigga crazy. Trust me lol

Most of this started because I didn’t know how to talk to ppl. Didn’t know how to control my emotions. So they would just explode. All bad

Usually when ppl go thru shit like that… they think every its everyone else. Yall is crazy. If yall didnt do this or that. Id be cool!

I used to think that. But if everyone one lived their lives around u, they couldnt be themselves. U cant make anybody conform to ur issues

Just because YOU dont know how to control ur emotions. Because YOU get angry or cry or super sensitive, u cant expect kid glove all the time

Its not up to anybody else to be responsible for ur reactions except u. Other “people” dont HAVE to do anything really..

Its YOU who is pissed. It’s your feelings that are hurt. YOURE the person feeling some type of way. You have to manage that..

Regardless of how wrong the other person is or whatever the case may be. No matter how hard it is… its still on u. Its wack honestly lol

Everybody is human. U can only take so damn much. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has a breaking point. Thats ok. But in the end.. still u.

I went to therapy for 2 years.. 2 times a week to learn that. And still struggle with it. I have to practice not cussing at ppl and reacting

Its a daily struggle. But im a lot better than I used to be. Worlds better. U know what it feels like? FREEDOM!!!!!

I used to feel so trapped and limited by my emotions. wouldn’t put myself in certain situations. Id stay away if I felt like id get mad

Id be hella nervous around ppl that I had an issue with; or that had an issue with me.. even the ppl I loved. Especially them..

At that point in my life, I was living with my best friend and didnt wanna come out of my room. Didnt wanna deal with what may happen

My girl at the time, she was the only piece of peace I had in my life for years. No matter how much we would fight…. until she wasnt

I used to be completely nervous around her. I couldn’t eat around her. Thats how bad I got. My stomach would be in KNOTS


Thats seriously what would go thru my mind. Around her and everybody else. I was super scared of how id react and having my mood altered

I stopped talking to my sister for 2 and 3 years 2 different times. She just INSISTED on being a fuck up. And I couldnt not be mad

My parents were going thru the beginning stages of a divorce and would call me.. Both of them.. to complain about the other

I cussed at them sooo many times. And felt super fucked up every single time. I felt like they needed me… but wouldn’t respect my time

My time.. money.. relationship.. boundaries. All kinda shit. Every time I said something tho. Id yell. I was automatically wrong

It felt like… I just need yall to act right!!! Wtf?!?!?! PLEASE!! But.. people are gonna be people, right or wrong.

Everything isnt gonna go according to plan. And really… what it REALLY is.. u can not depend on anybody but YOU at the of the day
(Side note… this was REALLY hard for me to accept and learn)

U cant depend on ppl to act right. U cant depend on them not to be on some fuck shit. U cant depend on them to respect u. At all

And if you cant depend on you.. and cant depend on other ppl… who do u have? Nobody. Not even u. Because u cant trust your self

Very helpless very awful feeling. Eventually u will feel like a prisoner…. but u don’t know it. Its like self oppression lol

Therapy SAVED a nigga life. I don’t know where I would be if u wouldn’t have checked my self in. Real shit. Id probably be dead some where

Therapy is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your life. Its hard because u face ALOT of truth in therapy.

And the truth hurts. A lot. More than anything. The truth is ugly, mean, rough, fucked up, dirty, foul, evil, disgusting. Everything bad

However, the truth will set u free. When u face the truth head on and deal with it.. thats the “free” its freedom from the burden

Freedom from all that foulness and ugliness. Free from the weight and the feelings. Free from the darkness

Even if u face ur truth and u have to live with it. Facing it and taking it on is still freedom, because you’re not running from it anymore

When u go to therapy and face those truths, at the same time, u work on acquiring the tools that you need to face those hard truths

When u have the tools and knowledge/know how, etc… u will gain the confidence u need to see ur way thru the issuses u have been battling

When u start to use those tools / knowledge / know how successfully, there is no better feeling. To feel like its getting better. Finally!!

The first time u dont have to deal or deal with it better… I cant describe it. Just to say it feels like freedom is near. Like hope.

Practice makes perfect tho. You wont get it right everytime. The more u practice. The more u face those truths, u WILL get better

It WILL get better. And its going to get better because YOU want it to get better. If u keep fighting. Keep getting up. It will get better

It will get better because you can depend on you again. Even when u get knocked down amd knocked back. Ure going to get up bcz u know how

It takes practice to get up after u fall. Practice to feel better. Practice to trust your self and depend on you and what u have learned

In therapy u learn more about YOU. And the ppl around you; the ppl you face; and the situations u face. Its learning. Not a pitty party

U learn you better. Your behavior. Why u started and where it came from. How unfot there. How u react and why. Thats the hard truth u face

U face the truth of whats happen to u in your life. Good, bad, ugly. Everything. learning and understanding is what therapy is

When u understand your problems and where they came from, u can deal with them better. U can begin to conquer them and put em behind u

Learning and understanding ur feelings and behavior. Thats what therapy is. That should be ur focus. To learn and understand you

U the only person you got. U have to understand how that person (you) works if u expect to control that person (you)

Once u get to know you more. You can start to learn how to handle others. Learn to recognize behavior and how to handle it

The human brain will always want an answer to “why?”.. why are u acting like this? Why u do this or that? The brain wants to know

U will find some of those answers in therapy. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will learn to let the “why” remain a mystery.

U will learn to be more focused on your goals, feelings, situation, etc. Because u know u cant control anybody but u. Its easier to let go

It feels like freedom. Every year since I stopped going to therapy, my life has gotten better and better. I continue to learn about myself

How to handle myself, my limitations, strengths and weaknesses. Im solving my problems and issues. Conquering them one by one

All the problems and issues I had.. when I thought I was crazy. When I was worried I was hurting the ppl I loved… ive worked hard

Hard as fuck. Battling through all that. It took time and it took patience (that the right 1? Lol). Ive gotten out and pass a lot of it..

And I typed aaaalllll of that.. lol… to say… guess who was actually at fault? Them muthafuckas!!!!! lmaoooooo MY GOD!! LOL

My problem was that I didn’t know how to handle it. Didnt know how to talk to people. Didn’t know how to control myself or express myself

Once I learned how to do that. Learned how to stop ppl from provoking me; lying to my face; taking me thru bullshit; handle ppl being wrong

Sheeeeeeit lol… I was look. Yall is crazy. Im cool. I walked away. Didn’t feel any kind of way. I knew I was right. I knew I wasnt trippin

I had the confidence to stand my ground abd articulate my point in a way that wouldnt piss off the other person

I would either stick it out or walk. A lot of times I walked. I value my sanity. It was me or them. I need me first

In the end.. I feel like I lost everybody. My girl, biz partner relationship is fucked up, me and my parents relationship is cool but eh..

Lost a lot of friends. But I did start talking to my sister again. It took a while… but our relationship will never be the same either

Honestly I went to therapy to keep all those ppl in my life. I was deathly afraid of losing them. They were my family and I loved them

I wanted to protect them. I wanted to help them. I wanted to be the best son, brother, friend, partner, bf/husband.. father one day

I was super worried about losing them. Basically lost it all. But it didnt destroy me at all. Because I made the choice to walk. To save me

It was me or them. I couldnt take care of them and me. I didnt have the tools or know how to do it. I had to lose them to save me.

It is what it is. It sucks.. but it is what it is. And was for the best in the end. I had/have a lot of growing up to do.

That was the only way it was gonna happen. I was too wrapped up in every body no matter what. I had to be by myself to see clearly

I still have to watch how I respond and my words and tone when I express myself. Its tough when its been 1 way ur whole life

But im confident on my skills and tools etc.. even when I get off track. I can come back.. like.. I KNOW I can. which is awesome

——————— This is where I stopped for whatever reason. 

While I was typing all this out, I relived a lot of the time I covered in those tweets. A lot of this stuff I forgot about. While copy and pasting and re-reading everything, It took me back again/further. And I just want to say one last thing. 

When I say “it was them muthafuckas..” What I mean by that is not that I was never at fault. Of course I was wrong from time to time. But no matter if I was wrong or right, I was basically unapproachable about it. In both directions, I couldnt talk to anybody and they couldnt talk to me. Because I’d get upset over something. So in the end, it was still on me.
But when I was able to talk about it; when I was able to be calm and clearly express my emotions, thats when I figured out it wasnt ALL me.

Before, I felt it was ALL me or ALL them. In my world, in my head, somebody is wrong and somebody is right. Its just a matter of figuring out which is which. So I went to therapy, thinking it was me who was totally in the wrong. I had to work on me if I wanted to keep every body I loved in my life.
When I started to feel like “it was them muthafuckas…”, what I saw was how every ones behavior was affecting me and what it was really doing to my life. In less than 2 years, I had lost 50lbs from stress. It was bad. I was bad.

The one person who it really wasnt though, was my girlfriend at the time. Looking back, I cant blame her for anything at all really. She was in love and wanted to be with her man at all cost. She waited and took as much as she could. She put up with my anger issues and attitudes and everything else, she was really supportive. She gave me the support I couldnt find any where else. But… It stressed her out and wore her down. It stressed me out, because I had a lot on my plate, plus the pressure of feeling like I was letting the woman I wanted to marry down in various ways. It changed both of us. She was my rock and my peace. She did nothing wrong at all. (Except for the whole talking to me crazy thing lol) That situation is all my fault, no matter what the circumstances. I wish I could apologize, our relationship ended badly.

However, I didnt see things that way until recently. I didnt see that I had to lose her and everybody else to become more of a man; a better man. To see where I was fucking up super bad. And believe me, I was lol. Very to extremely bad. Eventually I saw where I was fucking up and took steps (am still making and taking those steps) to get things where they are supposed to be; where I want them to be. I had to lose a lot to figure all that out. It sucks, but it is what it is. I think about it all the time.

Despite all that I’ve been through and felt like I’ve lost, I’d rather be who I am now than keep everything that I’ve lost. No matter how much it hurts or fucking sucks. Because I really really really feel like I lost my family (Sister, Girl, friends, parents). Its not that I cant get some of that back, if I work hard enough. The pain of losing it was unbearable at one point. But the freedom that I feel now is priceless. I thought I’d never feel like this ever. I didnt even know what the feeling was. I just knew that other people talked about it and said I could have it. I never believed them. I believe them now.


I value efficiency over most things.

I value efficiency over most things. One of the first things I ask my self when I evaluate any thying is “how well does this work”.

My perspective says if something (any thing) doesnt work well, youre bound to fail eventually. I always see people buy things because its pretty or because its cheap. And most times it either breaks or doesnt work well or both. The out come can vary from “oh that sucks, oh well” to “its the end of the fucking world!”. But either way the outcome wasnt positive.

When i think of Efficiency, i think of two things; Progress and Stability. Most things in this world work and happen because of progress and stability. You can apply it to almost any situation. From personal to professional, street to corporate, villages to countries. Even if youre cool where you are, stability is key. We all need it as people. Most other things need it to survive. Its nature.

Efficiency represents positively from my point of view.

When something (anything) works well that im dealing with the feeling of satisfaction that I get is super awesome.


The Big 6

I see my self as a person who believes in capitalism. I think its one of the greatest phenomenons the world has ever seen, ever.

The other day, while scanning twitter, I saw this link somebody tweeted out. I think it was Liz ( @calinative ). It said “Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)”, this really sparked my interest. Side Note: after reading this whole infographic, i was stuck on this site for two hours lol.

This infographic shows how 90% of the media consumed comes from 6 different companies. So what that means is there is 6 countries controling what everybody watches or listens to. Movies, TV, Radio, Music.

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

Like I said, Im a capitalist, so I dont really see a problem with 6 companies controlling all of media from a business stand point. Good for them! Honestly, I’d like to be number 7 some day. I think its great.
However, there is the fact that these media outlets control news stations; which would be OK, if these news stations didnt have such a clear agenda. Propaganda is one thing and a whole different subject. Because I just want to talk about The News. I watch a lot of news, the words and phrasing that comes from each of these companies goes far far beyond proaganda. Especially when a major media company controls multiple sources of information.
For instance; if one of these companies controls a major news network that has a clear agenda, lets use both fox and msnbc as an example. These two stations are owned by News Corp and GE respectively. Its common knowledge that both of these networks have a clear conservative and liberal agendas. GE and News Crop also own/control several other local tv stations as well as news papers and other accessible information sources.

This internet meme is a perfect example:


So when I read through this infographic, it shows and tells me this:

When an event happens that makes the news. An anchor men/women, anyalist, specialist, experts or which ever person said news station would like to discuss a news event, view point or talking point that the Major Media Outlet wants out there, gets on camera and delivers which ever talking point using a few keywords. They can make a statement, claim or which ever saying anything thats based on just the smallest bit of truth and at the same time skew those words to reflect their agenda.

Next, since there are multiple shows on any news network, this station will then have on more individuals on other shows who state said talking point line for line or either expands/rephrases the same talking point. This starts to validate this talking point as actual news or information or a talking point or something that will provide content for you to take in, watch and talk about; relevant or not (See: Birthers).
Not only will that happen, but the local tv, news papers, etc will also mention these same talking points and information maintaining the same keywords or phrasing. No matter if this talking point is completely true or completely false or some where in between, doesnt matter, because there is an agenda at the end of the day. So now, you the consumer of this information and patron of which ever station, takes this information as absolute truth or the closest you can come to it.
You talk to your friends and family who may or may not have seen/heard similar information by a company owned by the big 6; maybe the same company you support. This other person may not be watching the same station as you may watch, yet your info and the skew that was received on it is the same coming from different sources and now this talking point is gaining some validity.

Now you have a solid piece of manufactured information, phrased in the mold of which ever agenda it came from.  The information is skewed and based on fact, so its hard to dispute which parts of this information is completely accurate if you dont choose to do any research your self. Which most people dont do; thats what they watch the news for. People rely on the news for the truth on whats happening in the world and what matters to them, period. People trust news outlet information as accurate, no matter where they choose to get it from. Which would be cool if all the information was 100% accurate and not phrased as vaguely and broadly stroked as it is.

But since it is, just at even a glance, this information will sway you to one side of the issue or the other, depending on which news outlet you got it from. Which is where this is a bad thing, because information is supposed to inform, not sway. Your opinion should be based off 100% accurate information from said news outlet and you, the consumer, can make your own choices from there. But there is a lot of money involved, so that changes things. A lot.

So now the way people view things, vote, purchase goods and their every day lives are saturated with one of these companies over all agenda that serves the greater good of said company, rather than the over all good of the public.

This isy just one point I see. I see an array of possibilities, situations and problems when 6 companies controlling 90% of media consumed; it can lead to all sorts of things, both good and bad.

If I could be #7 though, that would be awesome. I cant say I would or wouldnt take up any of the practices I see the big 6 using to be completely honest. I can say that I draw the line at misinforming the masses. However, I can also see it might necessary at some point.. you know, so I can make more money. Fuck what youre going through lol.

Guttie Shit Perspective

I Run The Military and Im in Your Hood!

I love all these uber ignorant Barack Obama parody videos. I dont care whos offended. This shit is AWESOME. I cant help it.

The super funny part to me is, the President does get his thug on. For instance: Yesterday, was the Death Anniversary of Bin Laden, out of no where, Obama shows up in Afghanistan! Addressed the U.S. people FROM Afghanistan. He couldve done that from the White House. But he didnt. He went over there to say what he had to say. It wasnt a photo op with troops. He jumped on TV saying that he was still going after anybody who wasnt on the same page as america for the most part. But he said it IN AL QUEDAS HOOD! lmao. Emerged from between some Hummers like WE OUT HERE!! Its extra real!
A year ago on that day, he didnt give a fuck about Pakistan and their sovereignty or anything else. He had troops over there regardless of what. Fuck you, Pakies… be mad. I said I would. I did.
Thats gangster shit all day long.

How many of you reading this would have flew over to Afghanistan to remind Al Queda and the Taliban that its still real? Thats their hood! Thats where they kick it, post, enforce their ways and laws on people. The same place they let off suicide bombs and rockets. Would you take your ass over there and tell those SAME people that its still real? Youre still on their head and fully intend on killing all of them (in so many words). Of course you wouldnt lol.

Because youre not a gotdamn Gangster like the President and the United States, clearly is. Thats what pure disrespect is all about. Thats the brand of disrespect I LOVE. Its great.

This is just like 2 rival gangs getting into a bloody war. Then the leader of gang A is killed. Then on a year to the day; the opposing gang B leader, comes to their hood and tells everybody in gang A that its still on and we aint gonna stop untill all of you either give up or are dead. And crip walking off stage. That just happen in real life! God Bless America and its gangster ways. Cant help but respect it.


Tyler Perry: How to be Successful

One thing people might not know about me is that Im always looking for something to motivate me, get me going, inspire me. Rather that thing be negative or positive, either way, Im with it. Earlier today, one of my cousins posted this to facebook. Im not a Tyler Perry fan and I dont watch his movies. Nothing personal really, those kinds of movies and shows just aint my groove. However, I decided to click on this video because it read “Tyler Perry: How to be Successful” … i figured, hey this man is rich and his movies make 1000% profit or something ridiculous like that, so no matter how I might feel about his work, Im sure he has a good word or 8 worth hearing.

Turns out that he had a pretty great message and inspiring words. He reaffirmed a recent change to my life Ive made. Ive recently decided to narrow my focus to one thing. I chose to focus more on my career. In the video Tyler mentioned that people sometime say they want to this that or the other and the advice he gives those people is to focus. Focus on one thing, one area of your life and just get that one thing done.

One day I realized that I didnt have any real clear goals. I didnt know where I was going, I felt lost. Even after 2 years of therapy and all kind of life changing shit, I was still unfocused.
Every since I decided to focus more on my career, Ive felt better than Ive ever felt ever. Everything may not be perfect in my life. But that focus makes everything feel great for some reason. Its pretty awesome.


Common v. Fox News

In this very long blog … article… entry… or whatever you want to call it, I am going to show how Black people are called “Niggers” in this day and age.

So the other day, Im minding my own business, reading my twitter time line. When all of a sudden, I see different people talking about Common and Fox News and how Fox is the worst thing there ever was and they said all these mean/bad/untrue things about Common… yap yap yap. I was like damn, what happen? However, I didnt wanna know bad enough to actually go look for and read an article. Because, the people at fox news and their pundits always say something to get the people in an up roar. I thought it was just one of those moments.

Later on that day, I find out what the situation really is. Most of the “opinion” shows across fox news all felt some kind of way about Common performing a poem for children at the white house; due to some of the lyrics in his catalog of music. Painted a picture of him being just another rapper thug, who talks about violence and shooting police. I thought to myself “Foreals Player??”. At that moment I was also sure that there was footage of them going in the complete opposite direction with somebody…… I’d say white, but why go there? So I’ll say somebody one of those opinion givers actually likes or is friends with or something along those lines; who cares what color they are. Too bad I dont have the time or resources to go back in time and find said footage; make some long elaborate post about my views and how I feel about it, backed up by supporting video footage. But you know who does have the time and specializing in doing this to fox news? Jon Stewart.

Im friends with a lot of Black people (duh) and I see them take things like this and turn them into racial arguments often.  From my point of view I think they are sometimes misguided. But not by much. The argument Jon makes here is that, the lyrics were taken out of context. Taken out of context to support and paint a negative image of President Obama (who happens to be a Black man… but thats still not my point). Which is where this argument should stay for the time being. Because thats exactly what is happening on a surface level. Fox is basically skewing Commons lyrics to push their own agenda. Which is not factual reporting. Its half assed, propaganda reporting to support your own agenda. To me, thats kinda what the news is, depending on what station youre watching and who runs it. Anyway… this story on the daily show continues:

Ooooooooh if we only had the tape….

I was watching this, like of course there’s a damn tape! Before that clip even finished, I said to myself… this isnt even surprising anymore, theres always a fuckin tape. The audacity these people at fox have is off the damn charts lol. From a certain view point, you almost have to respect it. But then at the same time its hard not to feel disrespected. Why disrespected? Because to say one thing, then months or years later, support something completely different; like I dont remember what youve said in the past NOR support those previous views, like it cant be looked up; makes me feel like you think Im a fucking idiot. Thats a total disregard for the intellectual fortitude of the viewers of your network. I dont watch fox news, so of course, Im not talking about me directly. BUT, if I was a viewer, then disrespect is certainly on the menu. Thats not cool man.

Anyway… this whole thing, I feel, was summed up nicely by Jon Stewart. Its completely silly and conjured up. Maybe it was a slow news day. Obama administration found and killed Bin Laden, which everybody agrees is a good thing. However, those who oppose this president, still dont want to see him in office; no matter what lol. There is an election coming up and fox news has a line up of republicans to support and push who, not only ARE NOT responsible for the killing of Bin Laden. But a lot of these people have less than stellar past (Im looking at you Newt!) or maybe are only hinting at running for president but know they wont really run because its not in their best financial interest (This means you Trump… and Palin). But these people still need to be pushed none the less. And since republican voters are clearly getting smarter these days; with (correct) information being easier to get to, through other means (not fox news), these days. Any little thing that will put a dent in the “I gave the direct order for Seals to go in and kill Bin Laden regardless of what the punk ass, lying ass Pakistanis had to say about it… like I said I would. Keeping YET ANOTHER campaign promise that I made. Yes I killed the person that knock down the towers. Oh and Americans LOVE revenge. Oh! And I watched it happen live to make sure it happen, like a real American would. And this all happen under my administration. President Barack Obama” armor needs to happen. Any little dent is needed at this point; from an overall, in the future, perspective.
But they are REALLLLY reaching with this whole Common thing.

Which brings me to my point, the one that is beneath the surface. Where race does play a part.

Not the whole Common being at the white house thing, but the THINGS THEY SAID and the words they used in describing this man and the situation. Painting a picture that makes him out to be vile, a mut, a nitwit, complete fraud; they tried to paint this man as an idiot and all kind of things, in attempt to discredit Common and his music and the work that he has done; so on and so forth. These things were actually said (I wont even talk about what Bill O’Reilly had to say. Well not really). But some how, this whole issue went from Common defending two people, who have murdered police officers; and Im positive it isnt that black and white. To a lot of vicious name calling.

This round of name calling and all the things they had to say about Common, is basically how Black people are called “Niggers” in this day and age. Im not saying that these people think all Black people are dumb niggers. But I am saying they are basically calling Common a dumb nigger in this instance and these are the tactics that “those people” use to call any other Black person who they dont like, a nigger lol. All the negative name calling and descriptions they used in talking about Common, in the past, was always followed by a Black man being called a Nigger, in some kind of way white people string together their insults lol. The words they used in describing this man, are all words used to describe a “Nigger” in the past and still till this very day.
They refer to Common as a person who is “less than” and is low form of human. Disgusting and unworthy of visiting The White House.
This is kind of like me not calling your mom a whore. But still referring to her as a vile, disgusting person; who also associates with pimps and has less morals than any good mother should have. Notice I didnt say anything about sex or money. However, if one were to keep on with this line of language and name calling, one might end this string of insults by saying “your moms a whore!” Because basically, thats where they are going with it and its not hard to see that.

Im not saying they are picking on Common because he is Black at all. Im saying they (the fox pundits) called him a dumb nigger all over fox news without actually using the word “Nigger” at all. They just gave a documented description of a “Nigger” from the perspective of an American Caucasian individual; when referring to Common. Thats what Im saying.

Do I believe that these people are racist? No, not really. Ill just side with the argument Im positive that they will make; There are Black people all over the network, how could they possibly be racist. They even interviewed a few when they talked about the Common situation. Fine. No problem.

But what really opened my eyes to what was beneath the surface of this situation was the reaction/emotion that followed on twitter. All of the Black twitterereesesesereses (and other races as well) out there had something to say and felt some kind of way about the language they used in describing Common. The same kind of way Black people usually feel about being called a nigger. The consensus was that the issue they brought up was dumb, but the language crossed the line. When else can “these people” cross the line.. When they call a Black person a nigger; or in this case, describe him as such, in any situation that is deemed negative by anyone who isnt Black.

I see this as yet another time that a made up issue is brought to the forefront to invoke emotion. The same kind of emotion Black people display when being called a nigger, that usually results in some kind of violence or display of aggressive emotion. That violence and emotion invoked that is also used against us when we are wrong for engaging in said violence or aggressive emotion, because we were called a name. Used against us to justify what is being said about us, the actions taken or the point of view that is attempting to be made.

While they didnt out right call Common or any one else a Nigger, the “emotion invoking” language that they used, did just that. While its not as bad as if they called him a Nigger out right; the back and forth is still there. There is news coverage across all the other news stations, when initially it was just fox news that constructed the issue and brought it to the forefront. Now it has spanned out several days. Now the people who were supposed to be the news reporters, are the news makers. Everybody is talking about them and what they have to say and what they are doing and yap yap yap. Which then makes the issue bigger than it is, just because more than just the fox pundits are talking about it. While no one other than fox is using the bad language to describe Common, their words are being repeated over and over and over again. Even by Jon Stewart. This doesnt make them bad people. Its news, they are reporting it; it would be dumb of them not to.
So now, not only are they getting pub on other major news networks… which is kinda like advertising (any press is good press). But they paint Common in such a bad light. Anybody who defends this man and or invites him any where; is made out to in line with such a dubious character; possibly share the same views; possibly be the same kind of person.

So while they cant out right use the same language they used to describe Common, as they would use to describe the first lady and the president for any reason. They can certainly present Common, a person that was invited BY the Obamas to the The White House as such. Implying that they (the Obamas) must, at the very least, condone what they are describing Common as. Which in turn, makes the Obamas look just as bad or the similar to the same kind of person they are making Common out to be. To who? The majority of cable news viewers.

Me personally though. A Black man. I really dont get upset when something happens and its Nigger this, Nigger that. Because in this day and age, if you dont let it invoke the emotions that “those people” are trying to get out of you. Not only do u block them from obtaining some kind of backwards moral high ground….. you know like, when somebody calls you a nigger, you end up whooping their ass, then all of a sudden youre wrong and going to jail. But it was THEM who called you a Nigger first… you wouldnt have even wanted to whoop this persons ass if they wouldnt have said that. You know when that happens? And how kicking a persons ass who calls you a name, is illegal no matter what (ask Kevin Garrnets “lynching” ass). Then youre wrong and the violator is a victim some how (because assault is illegal). You know what Im talking about? Yes, that backwards ass moral high ground. The one where the violator is wrong, but as the person who got called a nigger and did some ass kicking as a result; YOURE wronger in said situation.
If, as a Black person, you dont let being called a nigger, or the language and tone that Common was described with, bring some kind of emotion out of you; rather it be hurt, pissed, whatever. Then silly shit like this loses traction QUICKLY and becomes a non issue. Leaving you with the moral high ground you thought you had in the first place. But thats another blog entry. This one is long enough.

Do I think Black people will ever get to the point where unfortunate language gets to us? Nope. But, I also didnt think I’d see a Black President till I was like 70 or something. So who knows lol. But as long as we do, were putting money in the pockets of organizations like fox news. Making people like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump more popular, while simultaneously validating some (not all) of their views.

But at the same time, you cant just sit around and call any Black person a Nigger on the low and get away with it. We see you. We’re not going to let you. No matter which way we go about being upset about it. Its not ok no matter. Even if we call each other niggas all day long. Even if, one day we all decide to not be offended and just laugh. Its not ok.

Its also not OK to skew the news THAT hard. Damn! They didnt even try to present the whole argument lol. They stopped mid way through and made that out to be the whole song lol. Thats not OK. No matter who it is. Good thing the Daily show is still on the air. There is no way I could have recovered all that footage to make this super long point lol.

Perspective Politics

For 90 years we’ve been trying to get more black men on TV

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Since I got a new gig that doesnt have its own office and TV, I’m forced to watch @TamronHall and my @MSNBC news over the net at the office. Quick Disclaimer, I love Tamron Hall, she is the whole reason I even discovered MSNBC. Anyway. The first 30 seconds of this video was HILARIOUS! Here they are talking about jails vs education spending, and most of the panel are Black men.

As out of breath Ben Jealous is, he brings up some really good points lol. This man needs to hit the track so he cant make an easier to hear point lol.

But no foreal… knowledge is power. The more money spent on education, the less criminals there will. Criminals are criminals because they’re dumb. Theres no such thing as a smart criminals. Because in order for you to be a criminal, you have to get caught. If youre too smart to get caught, that means youre not a criminal. Just a law breaker lol.

Will education make you a better law breaker? Depends on if you want to be a lawyer, work on wall street, or become a politician. Ironic lol.

Guttie Shit Perspective

Louis C.K. WAS going to say that the Pope fucks boys

This was probably one of the most HILARIOUS interviews I’ve seen on The Daily Show. It also just so happens, that Louis C.K. has a stand up called “Hilarious”… which lived up to its title. This interview, on the other hand, it started off funny as hell and ended even funnier! I cant believe I didnt post this when I first saw. But maybe I did, who knows. Anyway… towards the end of the interview, Louis wants to fit in that he wanted to say that the Pope fucks boys. Made Jon Stewart some what uncomfortable. But I think he was more worried about the legality of it all more than anything. Because he was laughing his ass off.
Here was Louis’ point though:


Theres only two kinds of people. There are people who are horrified and reviled by child touching with penises. And then theres the people who cant stop having sex with children. Theres no in between. Theres nobody whos like… I dont do it, but I get it. You know…


Hilarious! … and very true. Shame on you The Pope. But Im sure you know that already lol


The Winners Insperation

(This is the whole speech, its on a playlist with highlights at the end)

A few years back, Micheal Jordan gave the most awesome Basketball Hall Of Fame speech I’ve ever heard ever. Not that I’ve listened to a bunch of them, but lets just say his was worlds better than the other 3 people who got inducted that day. He spoke on all the things that inspired him and pushed him to go above and beyond. At least thats what I heard. Some how his speech was put on the asshole move of the year chart with Kanye’s whole jump on the stage thing. I really couldnt believe some people saw it that way. A lot of sports commentators or pundits or whoever these analyst are suppose to be now a days, were the main ones calling foul. Mostly their argument is that he should have been gracious.

The “Gracious” argument kind of irritates me. As a loser or an on looker, what gives you the right to tell me how to behave as the winner? You lost, you clearly didnt have what it takes to win. So youre telling me, with you losing or observing my win (that you had nothing to do with), you then win the opportunity to tell me how to feel and act about my victory… after you just got finish losing to me?!? Fuck You Pal. Not only did you lose to me, but you also lost the right to tell me how to celebrate. So what if you dont like it. If I were you, I would have tried harder to win so you wouldnt have to hear my shit. But clearly you didnt take these steps, so you lost. And you get to watch me enjoy my victory in anyway I see fit. When you step on any field of battle or competition, thats how it goes. That is the consequence. You risk humiliation at the hands of the victor. If youre too scared of humiliation or worried about having your loss rubbed in your face, then maybe you shouldnt be on the field of battle and or competing.  Does that piss you off? So what? If I cared how you felt, maybe I would have let you win and just been ok with KNOWING that I let you win and I could have won if I felt like it. No. Thats loser talk. Those are things losers do. For one, only losers feel like some one should “let them win” only losers feel like some one or a team “wins too much” or “always wins”. Every time I hear some one make some kind of argument like these, I lose a little respect for them as a person overall. I feel like their opinions on certain things arent to be taken seriously at all.


Would you rather be under paid or over rated?

In “So Applauded” Jay-Z ask says and ask:

I went from the favorite to the most hated
or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated?
moral victories is for minor league coaches
and ‘Ye already told you “We Major” you cockroaches

That made me stop and ask myself, which would I rather be? Well it didnt take too much time for me to decide that id rather be rich and over-rated. Why? Because if youre over-rated then youre automatically being over paid for whatever youre doing. Not only that, but nobody becomes over rated on accident. At some point you were everyones favorite, you were where getting recognition because “you deserve it”. Youve heard some one say that before, im sure. “Oh I want so and so to win because they deserve it.” “They dont ever get pub, so Im glad to see them on tv.” Dumb shit like that. People who say things like this are the same assholes who believe you can win too much. Fuck the fact that you worked hard to win so much. Fuck what you went through to win so much.. or to be over-rated, because being over-rated doesnt come easy at all. Everybody who’s over-rated, went through a bunch of shit to get to that point.

Take Jay-Z for instance, a lot of people say he’s over-rated. But what did he go through to get to that point? Nobody signed this man to a deal. So he had to go through not only the pain of being rejected by every one. But have the stones to pick himself up, hustle up the money to start his own company and then work day and night, 7 days a week to make it into a successful company. Not only turn the company into a success, but out last a lot of other record labels and climb his way to number 1. Everybody loves Jay-Z’s first few albums. Now? All people have to say is, he’s biting biggies lyrics or he talks about the same shit all the time… or whatever other bullshit other people say.

Even if you dont deserve your over-rated stature. Even if you truly are over-rated. Youre going to cash out at some point. Youre going to get paid for being over-rated. Over paid and over rated go hand in hand. This is America, thats how its suppose to work! Even if youre not that good and you truly are over rated. You did SOME work to get to that point. This is America, nobody complains about being over-paid. Being over-paid is the American dream! lol So either way, you win!! Lets say Jay-Z has spent the last 10+ years being over-rated. These days, he owns part of the nets. If that were me? And some one called me over-rated, Im letting them know all about how I own part of the new jersey nets and ending my point with three little words “Now Fuck Off..”

On the other hand, you have being underpaid and broke. Working hard to perfect your craft. Your struggling, shits hard out there for you. Youre not getting the recognition you deserve and on top of all that, youre broke. Does that sound fun to you? If it does… hey, whatever floats your boat. Even if you would still rather be under rated and underpaid, than take money and fame that you dont deserve.. There are a bunch of starving artist out there. Somebody has to do it. And hey, I support you for taking that on. Because with out you being under paid, I couldnt be over-rated and paid.  HA! lol

You can say “mo money mo problems” all you want. But, Ive been broke, it sucks. And, if somebody hands you more money than you think you should earn, are you going to give it back and tell that person you dont deserve it? No…. youre not.