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You Mad

I posted this to my tumblr page earlier. kreayshawn: All I wanted to do is create and have a good time. But, this is quickly forming into something I never would have signed up for from being accused of being racist to getting my pre-teen nudes leaked everywhere. I feel like this shit ain’t my cup of tea. Someone else want my job right about now? Im just gotta sip lean and disappear. THIS GAME IS FAKE AS ALL HELL!   lmao… #TheWrathOfBlackAmerica Somebody needs to explain to this girl, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, Black people would NOT have a problem with her […]

Plexico Burress Is Either Shamless Or Lying

At least thats what I think. I’ll admit to being a tad ignorant to this whole case, Ive honestly been trying to ignore the shit. But since I black out with SportsCenter on most nights, I have been subject to this bullshit anyway. As hard as Ive tried not to listen, because… fuck man, who fucking cares? What ever the hell happen is surely not more important than highlights and Kenny Mayne antics. I can understand one segment a day. That would annoy me, but 3 and 4 segments is ridiculous! However, I do have a wild theory. And since […]

Yea, I’m Laughin

So earlier, Resha (my joke/cruelty enabler)  tells me about some lady that died at her wedding during the first dance. My first reaction was, like DAMN! thats hella rough!! I cant even imagine going through no shit like that! Then there was a video attached to it… click here. Well, the first thing I noticed is that the lady that died was kinda big. So I was thought to my self…. hm, wonder how she died? Unfortunatly I couldnt hear shit with the video, but Resha did go on to tell me that ol girl had diabeties. So the first […]

Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good. “Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger? I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you […]

Hey, You’re Tom Right?

lol how many entries am i gonna write about this muthafucka Tom of myspace.com fame? I was talkin to my main man The Killa and he was telling me that myspace.com was fucked up and down, and had been down all gotdamn night…. yet again. This of course, is no REAL big surprise to anybody who has ever logged in to that gotdamn site more than 3 times. But whatever… i cant really say shit, because I log in anygotdamnway… just like everybody else. We live with it. But today, The Killa was fustrated. And wanted to whoop toms monkey […]