Uhmah Park

My Car

Milestone Fumble

Only certain people think stuff like this is cool. Cool enough to look and perhaps snap a picture. Anyway, I’ve put a few miles on my car. When I bought it, it already had 80k miles on it. I’ve had it for less than 3 years. Where’s the cool part? Not in this first photo, that’s for sure. That strip of a display can change from the total miles to miles for trip a etc or to the temperature where you are. I keep that display on the thermometer mostly. I just happen to check the miles on my car […]

Four Door Rollin Once Again

Earlier this week I bought me a new car. An 05 Chrysler 300. Not the C though. After 4 years of driving around a big ass F-150 during the Bush years, I dont care how much gas prices have dropped. I will be enjoying the fruits of a gas sipping V6 lol. Im a sedan kinda guy. Thats what I like to drive. Im tall and lazy, so I really dont like coupes, because I hate the backseat situation. So Im really loving this car thus far. Plus I got a deal. Self high five. I used to have a […]