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Song of the Moment

The Batterram – You cant stop this baby!

THIS IS MY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Im minding my own business here at work. … Working and shit like that…. or something like it lol. Out of no where, this song pops in my head. I had to search it. Bumped it, and now Im sharing it with the world; because Im awesome like that. You might have to be from LA to know about this though. I wish I could break dance lol. Id take it to Hollywood BLVD with my boom box and fuck shit up! Everybody would love the nostalgia lol. Hopefully that would result in extra dollers lol. […]

Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe Remix

  I so need to start blogging more often lol. Anyway, this shit is fucking awesome. Jay came through on his verse, but its clear that K dot was having none of that out shine me on my own song shit. Thats what the fuck I’m talking about. “When I heard that thing he sent back I said to myself, ‘I can’t be no floozy on this mother—er for sure’,” he said. “All them years of being in the studio, all them years of writing, all them years of freestyling and just being a student of the game don’t mean […]

Check The Quote – George 2.0

It looks like the homie George 2.0 has an EP coming out soon. This man jumped on his own beat and tore that shit down! I like this. Its going into the rotation when it comes out. This man is pretty damn talented. He has a 1 man play called “Any 1 Man.” I saw it came through Los Angeles. It was awesome, I enjoyed it. Also, and most importantly (lol), he one of the best damn people to party with! Hella good times. George, Benny and Jon G (the man who shot the video) are a mobile party touring the […]

Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move

  Jay-Z (or whom ever responsible) is that fucking nigga for putting this on the NBA2k13 soundtrack. This shit is awesome. My favorite song that Ive never heard before on the whole soundtrack. This is one of my new favorite songs. This shit bangs! I always turn it up when it comes on. I wish I could find somebody to slow dance/grind on when this shit comes on. I love it. The beat goes super hard some how lol.

Scorpio, Sex Drive. Gemini, Sex Drive. Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Sex Drive

This is my shit. I usually dont like tracks like this. But this one? Fucking cracks lol I hate to call a song by any man sexy, but Jhene Aiko puts this track in that space. Coupled with the beat. Yea, this is my fucking SHIT lol. I can listen to this shit when its not sexy time, which is saying A TON for me lol. I found out about Jhene Aiko from a project I worked on a few years back. I never bothered to sample any of the songs the client had linked. My bad lol. Clearly. She […]

On the road to the riches and diamond rings, Real Niggas do Real Things.
Hangin with the bitches is the song I sing, Real Niggas do Real Things.

Song of the Moment

On the road to riches and diamond rings

On the road to the riches and diamond rings, Real Niggas do Real Things. Hangin with the bitches is the song I sing, Real Niggas do Real Things. This isnt a remix or anything, from what I understand this is from some mixtape. Originally I heard it was from a demo. None the less, this nigga killed that shit. He shouted out Death Row and everything. Not many people have heard this, Ive come to find out. So  this is me sharing. Because that represents caring. And I do care. Or something like it. One of the ways I hype […]

James Brown and 2pac – Unchained

  am I wrong cuz I wanna get it on till I die This is my new favorite song for a while lol. I love James Brown. The Big Payback is one of my favorite songs of all time. Probably because I love revenge lol. People like to say that Revenge is a bad thing. People say that no matter how much Revenge you get, Revenge will never make you feel better. I agree. Revenge will never make you feel better all the way. Not even as much as you want to when you have nothing but Revenge in your […]

Ibwin’ Wit My Crewin’

Im something like random. I saw the homie tweet this and some how this song popped in my head. and Ibwin' wit my crewin' http://t.co/pW6KAXwS lol RT @FirstGentleman: I let go. I let God. I let it be. — O dot (@OdotJdot) November 27, 2012 This is my shit though; the jam and what have you. I want a 7 series BMW. I’ll get one, one day. Im going to turn this shit all the way up when it comes up on my ipod too. Because its on there lol.

This aint no Wizard of OZ shit

You aint never heard niggas rhyme like this before man…. Surgical Gloves is my shit!!!!! The beat, then that classic Chef gibberish style you have to run back a few times to catch the whole shit. Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 is a fucking banger. Damn near the whole album. Im not gonna front like its better than ob4cl 1. But it definitely lives up to it. I promise. If you havent given it a listen, stop wasting your life as soon as possible. Your Welcome!

Shes A Big Girl Now With A Body That Growl

Marvel features one of my favorite @RZA beats of all time (if he made it). The shit rides all the way out for a while too. Id talk about this song and the clear warning concerning some fine ass girl and her awesome pussy; but nobody is gonna listen. Not even me. No matter how many fucking times some ass gets me into trouble lol. Im going to think I got it under control like every other man on the planet….. and i GOTS will power. A lot of it… and I still aint gonna listen… and.. and.. and….. clearly […]