Uhmah Park


Word to Wednesday

This here is all around awesome lol. The video is a promo for the JamBox, a wireless/bluetooth speaker box/speaker phone; which I intend to acquire at some point in the future. The song and imagery in the video are fucking hilarious!! Yes, i also want that bike mount. Yes, you are fucking FOOLISH if you think i wouldnt put on that big ass ignorant chain and rock that jambox on some flavor flav shit! lol These are my plans for the future. Deal with it! lol But no, I really want this gotdamn thing. It will go nicely with my new tablet!

The Best PS3 Icon You Ever Saw Ever

lol this shit is the GUTS to me, every time I see it! Its fuckin great. So yea, that is my name on the PS3 Network.Feel free to add me. But usually what Im doing is battling my cousin JD in NBA 2k9. Its the only thing Ive been playing since the basketball season started and I beat GTA IV. Im actually looking for other people to play other than my cousin JD, because I’ve been taking some L’s to this man and I need somebody to beat up on and work on my game lol. Actually, now that I […]


posted on the couch. pictured here we have me being lazy as usual, and a tool to help my lazyness and self perceived convince. I finally joined the rest of the world ( some months ago, but i havent been blogging for a min) and got a wireless keyboard and mouse. Since i get busy on photoshop from time to time, i believed (because i was told) that a bluetooth joint would fuck me up when im working. so i scoffed at the whole shit for a long time. well i suppose technology got better. and i walked into the […]