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I want a sign just like this. Two of them. With arrows pointing in each direction. Just incase some smart ass wants to stand by a wall.
I’d keepĀ  the signs in my trunk. Not that I’d go around looking for oppisition to gay marriage to protest against and pull out my sign. But I’d pull that sign out for ANYTHING I was against. Your against tougher gun laws? Fuck This Guy! Dont believe in the 14th amendment? Fuck This Guy! Didnt vote for extension of unemployment for millions of americans? FUCK THIS GUY! Oh.. you have you an Obama hitler/joker sign? Fuck This GUY! lol

I think its super funny that the guy holding the ‘God Hates Fags’ Signs is wearing capris…

I love mockery.

I met Halle Berry once. She kinda touched me. I didnt get to touch her back. Sigh… and she didnt touch me like this.

Im not saying I hate Jamie Foxx, nor am I about to hate on him right now. Just maybe point out the fact that he isnt much taller than her, and she has on heels. Im just sayin lol….