I Came With A Crew Called Self, And Everybody Look Just Like ME

“Now For your your pleasure or entertainment, I came with a crew called self /
And everybody look just like me /
And we agree that we dope, FOOL /
We got flava /
and everyone knows whos the savior… “- Mic Check – Aceyalone

The above photos were taken by Resha. Who i clearly need to hire as my personal photographer lol.

This is my God Daughter Essense. JD’s lil girl. I have a present that i need to give to JD next time i see that nigga.

I dont know who took this picture. I dont even remember taking it. But i know it was on labor day. And i was obviously faded.

On Slauson…

In Compton..

lol please excuse this picture, i was drunk as fuck and hot. I dont know how Drew (on your left) and Ryan (on your right) kept on they jackets. Maybe them niggas was too fucking hot with those jackets on, and thats why they managed to not look at the right camera, whatever lol. Actually, now that i think about it. I was drunk and hot before i even got dressed that night lol. Maybe thats why im lookin all crazy…  Fun night tho!

Yong ( to your left )… i forgot everybody elses name because i was super drunk. I cant remember the dude with the glasses name on right now, but this man is looking like he is ready to rape him a bitch. lmao. Woooo i was fuckin drunk that night too. Gotdamn. Maybe you can tell by lookin? no? maybe you just have to know me to see how drunk i am in my face lol. a few people can lol.

Anyway… i said all that, and posted all these pictures to say:

for those who were concerned, irritated, perturbed, annoyed, worried or whichever fits in that line of thinking about me taking down the O gallery.

Its back up (particularly as a surprise to some one special, i know she been wanting it for a long time. and i cant help but give her what she wants, in some form or fashion lol ). With new pictures. I should have started on the old ones first. Shit, them might not go back up now. But i do have older pictures that werent up before, that i still need to post. But if figured its a step. and i keep saying im trying to just DO shit and let it not be perfect. And everything aint up there, so its not perfect, and im rolling with it. You should too.

Peep Here.