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In this commercial, Direct TV would have you believe that being up for anything is a bad idea. Well I have news for you direct tv, Im usually up for anything. Further more and more importantly, I would LOVE to reenact scenes from Platoon with the Warlock himself!!! What the fuck is wrong with you Direct TV?!?! This sounds like an awesome idea!!! How does this not sound like a good ass time to me!! What am I missing here?! Is Charlie Sheen using live ammo or something? What? This sounds super fun to me. So fuck Direct TV. Im cool. Id rather keep Cable, record which ever show while Im out jumping over Charlie Sheens furniture with a M-16 or some wild shit like that LOL!

Direct TV’s selling point was something about record multiple shows. My cable DVR records two shows at once. Honestly, this is RARELY an inconvenience lol. Realistically, being able to record a bunch of shows at the same time is a selling point for you, youre probably fat. OR hella lazy, or no gotdamn fun lol. Thats a lot of gotdamn TV watching for that to be a solid selling point for you. If youre watching that much TV, you need an outdoors hobby. LOL get out and play or something. Gotdamn


This commercial is kind of hilarious. Scott Van Pelt ignored the hell out of this dude lol. Instead of supporting the small business man, this guy choose to support the automatic job killing vending machine of some major corporation. Shame on you Scott Van Pelt and ESPN. You’re sending a bad message… no matter how funny it is lol.

I remember a lot of commercials Ive seen over the years randomly. The other day, out of the clear blue, I remembered this very awesome rock band made up by Burger King called Coq Roq; I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!! They rocked way too fucking hard to be a fictitious band lol. They had two commercials, both with very live songs and music videos. There was “Cross The Road” and “Bob Your Head”; On the BK website, they offered both tracks for download. I used to have them both of them and rocked out to them regularly… in my car… in front of people. This shit goes so hard. I need to find those mp3s again. The hard drive that had those songs on it crashed and died a horrific death. I shed many tears. I had over 100 gigs of music on that drive. I was soooo pissed. I had all kinds of music that Ill never hear again on that drive. Anyway… Here is the other video they made, Bob Your Head.

For whatever reason I feel like the “album version” of Bob your head is different. Dah well.

This commercial is hilarious! “Promotion?? Not in your future!”

Gutty material!

If you know me, you know I love commercials. I fancy myself a Commercial Critic, even. This shit here?!?!?!?! This is possibly the funniest commercial series there EVER was, EVER in the history of EVER for as long as there is an EVER.

I dont even want to break this video down. Its one of those things that you just have to take in and enjoy. Just remember one thing. Never say no to the panda lol. I love foreign commercials.

Thank You to the person that linked this and uploaded it to the internet, and Your Welcome if this is your first time seeing it or if you havent in a long time or may have just forgotten all about it.


If you dont know by now, I fancy myself a critic of commercials. No Im not in marketing or advertising… not really at least. But I love a good commercial.

Clearly the apex of this commercial for me is when the white guy goes “Foreals Player???” Every time I think about that shit, I laugh. The look on this mans face as he says it is fuckin pricesless!!! But whats damn near just as funny, is that I feel that who ever put this commercial together, named the main character “Lawrence” on purpose. You cant take all your dirty racist insensitive jokes from here. Im just pointing out things that really happen in the commercial lol. But to be honest, the whole name thing wasnt funny until the “Foreals Player??” part, then the rest of the explanation behind the set up and what have you. Gotdamn this shit is the fucking GUTS!!!
Oh, and lets not forget about soccer… rehearsal lmao.

I need to come up wit h some kind of awesome Dylan scale of hot fire hotness for Commercials. Stay Tuned!

There is a White Trash version of this Billy D Williams…

His name? … His name is Keith Stone… Keith Stone?

Thats right… so smooth. Just like Billy D. Pushing some liquor… just like Billy D. With ridiculous ass hair… just like Billy D. (I dont give a fuck what year it was or is, or what the trend is, a gotdamn jheri curl will ALWAYS been ridiculous!)

These commercials are fucking hilarious to me lol.

This commercial is the fucking GUTS. Mainly because I could see this happening in real life lol. If any one of my friends tried this shit, there would be a fucking fight. Same goes if I did it to one of them. I’d never hear the end of it. These dudes would swear I was the foulest cheating bastard there EVER was. They also would ALLLLL LAUGH THEIR ASSES COMPLETELY THE FUCK OFF!!! Except for the guy that got tazzed lol ( DONT TAZE ME BRO!! )

Theres no way, this is not funny if it doesnt happen to you!

In the corner, near the end of the commercial, it says “Simulated Bad Sportsmanship. Do Not Attempt” LMAO! Which makes this commercial even fucking greater!

What in the damn hell is this here about?!!? First off, why is this man covered in suds? Bathrooms and suds are strictly reserved for hiding titties and ass on women. Making suds sexy. I KNEW good and gotdamn well that these suds were fake but I was still worried as fuck that I would see a part of Ray Lewis I really wasnt trying to see. It was like gotdamn nigga put some fucking clothes on!

Speaking of parts of Ray Lewis I didnt want to see. I cant figure out why, but after he hoped on the Never Ending Story-esque raven, you get a clear shot of this mans bare slave feet. I cant figure out why, but I disapprove and it bothers the hell out of me. This only matters because this product is being marketed towards men. If this product was being marketed towards women, I wouldnt care.

The randomness of this commercial is insane. I speculated earlier that the person that came up with this was at their advertising agency job. Went on break and smoked up a whole blunt by his self in the car. Came back to work and came up with this shit here. I was quickly corrected by my cousin, JD. There is no way weed can be responsible for something like this. It has to be acid. Or something extremely heaver than that.

I cant understand what this is about at all lol Swagger is now, Ray Lewis in suds, thats a bad thing. lol

… or at least i have! lol

Clearly I support violence as a way of settling differences and violations of ones personal rules/space lol

Every since the first one (I dont feel like looking for it) I’ve been waiting for these fools to scrap. LOL this is awesome! If they could have scripted an all out fight scene… that would have been great too. Hopfully in another 20 damn years lol

But for the record, Pepsi… I DO see what youre doing. The old guy drinking representing Coke. The younger, more hip looking guy with the newer looking cellphone, obviously the cooler guy. I see you.