Good Times

So I Got Lost In The Mountains The Other Day

The other day, I went to see Inception, good movie. Kicked it super tough with a friend of mine, who I got to know a little bit better, after the movie. Also on this day, for whatever reason, I had to take a piss every 30 fucking minutes. This happens to me from time to time. Sometimes, I just drink too much water. Its awful.

So right before I jump in my car to go home, I use the restroom. I get in my car, get on the 405 and what do you know? Im getting that, “Imma need to piss soon” feeling yet again! But! I figured I could hold it before I got home. Its the weekend, northbound traffic on the 405 shouldnt be that bad. SIKE!

It was kind of moving, but it wasnt moving fast enough. Then traffic would stop from time to time. Not a good thing. The freeway in LA has alot of bumps. I dont think I need to expand much from there. But my bladder took it upon its self to do some expanding of its own. Alot quicker than I would have liked. If youve ever been stuck in traffic and had to take a piss, you know how much hell I was in. I was CUSSING on the freeway. Trying to debate if I should get off and find a gas station or something. But I was constantly getting fooled by traffic! By the time I knew it, I was at Santa Monica Blvd. Getting off around there is pointless. Trying to find some where to pee wouldnt have been the issue. Finding some where to fucking park over there, and or make a left or some other stupid ass traffic situation over in that part of town would have resulted in me pissing on myself. Just getting off the damn freeway is hard over there.

So Im faced with an even tougher choice now. Hold it until I get into the valley some where. Or… pull over in the Sepulveda pass some where and water a bush….. or 3. It felt like I was gonna let loose a damn gallon!

If youre thinking to yourself. Theres no way he made it home before he couldnt hold it no more. You’d be right. And when I reached this truth, I was at the Skirball Center exit. I dont know where the fuck I went, but I found a empty construction site. Wrestled my zipper open, popped open both doors and relieved my self! I didnt even get out the damn car, I just leaned over. I was trying to not look like I was being all ignorant and taking a piss on the side of the road in Bel Air n shit lol. But I was!

After I wet up every thing that was on that side of the car, I was back on the road. Feeling oh so much better. So lets get back on the freeway. I crossed the bridge that is right off the exit where I got off the freeway at. So naturally, there should be an entrance some where around here.  Well I didnt see it from where I came. So I took some road that I believed was gonna get me to Sepulveda. WRONG!

This road just kept going up and up and up. The road got smaller and more curvy. I come from behind some bushes. And I see this:

Turns out I was taking the back way to Mullholland Gateway Park. This is the most amazing view of the valley Ive seen from this side of the valley. I live on the otherside, on the hill and it looks awesome from that side. On the south side, the mountains are higher, So you can see more. The peek up there is so high, its possible to be above clouds, if they are low enough. Which is the reason the valley is so hot. These mountains blocks that ocean breeze.

People living up here are living swell. There is a giant ass church up here right on the edge of the mountain. There is a huge ass window where Im sure you can get an unobstructed view of the whole valley. Its beautiful.

I got a face full of eye candy that day. Great day.

Guttie Shit Song of the Moment

You Could Have A Piece Of My Love, Dumb Bitch

It surprises me the number of people dont know about the fabled “Dumb Bitch” moment in Guys ‘Piece Of My Love’. Shits hilarious. Its right in the beginning of the song.

Song of the Moment

Amber Lamps

I havent been a Cam’rom since Confessions of Fire. But that DipSet shit? I just couldnt fuck with Jewels and Jim Jones. Them niggas are fucking TERRIBLE. Good God. All them dipset niggas suck. They suck so bad, I forgot how dope Cam is lol.
But this shit right here?! Is fuckin BANGIN!!! I know its old, Ive been listening to this shit for a while. I should have posted this a long time ago.

Movie Reviews

The Green Hornet Trailer

So Camron Diaz is in the new Green Hornet. I love Cameron Diaz. Dont ask me why. I just do. Im a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes and a big pretty smile. I just am. This movie also stars Seth Rogan and some asian guy who looks likes Jet Li’s cousin. He also looks like he kicks ass. So sign me up. Im not sure if this would piss Bruce Lee off. But his love for white women might cool him off some. Even tho Cameron is a latina lol.

Im going to see this. It looks kind of good. Not in 3D though. I hate 3D. Shits awful.

commercial reviews

The Pepsi Vs Coke Commercial We’ve All Been Waiting For

… or at least i have! lol

Clearly I support violence as a way of settling differences and violations of ones personal rules/space lol

Every since the first one (I dont feel like looking for it) I’ve been waiting for these fools to scrap. LOL this is awesome! If they could have scripted an all out fight scene… that would have been great too. Hopfully in another 20 damn years lol

But for the record, Pepsi… I DO see what youre doing. The old guy drinking representing Coke. The younger, more hip looking guy with the newer looking cellphone, obviously the cooler guy. I see you.

Guttie Shit

Al Jerreau Hospitalized

So Al Jerreau was hospitalized today. My nigga Calvin (@killacal13) had this to contribute:

Followed by Vina:

@KillaCal13 @odotjdot Man as soon as I read Al Jerreau, that commercial came to mind! They taught me the Big Mac recipe!

just thought id share!

Digz & Kickz

Foul And Flagrant

If you know me, you know why I want this jacket. Shits dope. This is from the New Crooks & Castles Fall Collection. I wont take this opportunity to expand on how I hate Fashion Industry websites. I will say that I do love Crooks shit. I need to have this jacket.

Hopefully I wont further confuse any one with my possible affiliations by wearing this jacket. lol I probably will.

Guttie Shit

I Feel U Muggin Me Cuz!

From top to bottom. Take everything in, then I’ll point out every thing you might have missed.

  1. Mi’Mi is clearly this girls moms or somebody, I some how missed that. But “365 days and coming” who says that? I was thinking maybe thats some kind of positive forward thinking shit. But… NAH! Clearly somebody has spent there life thinking “and counting” has always been, “and coming”. Thats the only thing I can think of lol
  2. “I Feel U Muggin Me Cuz” Will be the phrase that pays in the online Black and Ethnic Community for a long time. I will make sure of it personally. To make it even funnier, the girls eyes are closed. So… thats why she feels you muggin her and doesnt actually see it.
  3. Some people might not laugh at the fact that there is a 3rd picture of the baby faded in the background next to the “cuz” inbetween the hand prints
  4. The baby name is Ka’miya… her momma name is Mi’Mi … you do the math.
  5. That poor baby has so many beads in her head, Im CERTAIN she makes HELLA noise running or walking into the room. Theres no way this isnt true. If youve ever been around a kid with beads in their head. You know how much a little bit makes. Look at this shit! Shes only ONE. Im sure there are hella beads ALL over the gotdamn house lol. And we will skip the baby having on her mammas tacky ass liquor store glasses. lol
  6. Lets skip the “B-Day” part and get to the date “Aug 15, 2K9“, again… you might not find this funny. I do.
  7. Under the date of course…. “We Poppin Bottles” with the baby bottles under it. Its like another REALLY GREAT part of a really great movie.
  8. The Time. This B-Day Bash will be between the hours of 3pm and end 3 hours later at 6pm. This is clearly was done out of convince for the Mom, but maybe she forgot she was Black is over looking the fact that everybody is gonna get there at 5:30pm. Im sure whats really gonna happen is, after 6 they are gonna lock the kids in somebodies bed room and break out the liquor. At least thats what used to happen to me us when we were little. lmao
  9. “Have My GIFT Wen u Come, Datz On Everything i Luv” …. why didnt they Capitalize the I and the U? they capitalized the O in On. Im confused. Whatever. On to the more important issue, that those invited are being light weight threaten by a one year old. I guess since mom is throwing the party, and if yall muthafuckas is coming to eat for free. My baby better get some presents in exchange!
  10. If the baby gets older and is embarrassed by this. No matter what she will have always contributed to this shit, because the background is of her baby feet and hand prints lol

I cant laugh at this shit, because I really feel like I’d never stop laughing. Ever. Every day its become more and more clear that photoshop being bootleged on the internet is becoming a problem in ways we would have never imagined. lol

Feel free to contribute you findings in the comments lol

Camera Phone Calamities

One of the reasons I love living in the valley

Rolling down the street, a Ferrari or some other exotic car will pass you on the road. Even if your in the rattiest part of the valley, it could still happen. I love it.

Digz & Kickz Guttie Shit

Is That A Team Or A Gang

So I went to this place called Hennries for lunch today. And on my way out, this tall old white guy caught the back of my shirt and asked me: “so whats the vultures? Is it a gang or a team?” Trying super hard to supress my laugh, I explained to him that it was just a shirt. And that I got it from the homies shop, Primitive on Ventura Blvd.

I like this shirt. These fools need to really start up some kinda motercyle gang. Or we were thinking about starting a scooter gang with the homie Brett (he has a scooter and was in a scooter gang movie)

I think the scooter gang would be a little bit better and definitely more random.

Picture it, a bunch of grown muthafuckas on scooters rolling down the street 30 mph, too cool for school ‘n shit lol
We might have to do that lol