Camera Phone Calamities

Gotten – The Casualties Of Modation

So, JD and I are downtown for the THC Convention at the convention center. After the convention we figure it would be a good idea to hit up ESPN Zone to eat and watch the second half of the Suns / Blazers game. But first?!? ANOTHER Classic Juave HotBox Session. On top of the one before the convention. On top of the strong ass mai tai I had waiting for JD to get downtown. On top of my own personal hash sponsored hotbox session on the way there myself. On top of JD’s own personal hotbox session. needless to say, we were FADED lol

On our way back to ESPN Zone, we are about / trying to cross Olympic and Fig, but first… we must wait for the light. When we first got there, there was no one there. While waiting, JD and I are choppin it up, blowed. Just waiting. Its the middle of the day, so of course more people are gonna want to cross this street after while. And they did. All the while JD and I are standing there, waiting to cross the street just the same. Then I start to notice a few things.

1. We’ve been standing here for a while.
2. there are 5 times as many people here as there were when we first got to this corner
3. I could have sworn I saw these lights cycle at least one good time. With no signal to cross

Whats going on here? I look over and ask JD… “dogg, why hasnt this light turned?” JD also has noticed these same few things that I have. I look over at the light pole and I think to myself. “Did I press the the cross walk button?” …. NOPE! I know I didnt lol!! I thought it was just gonna turn like every other cross walk. Oops. But! I sure was standing by it like I did. Everybody assumed I did. That light must have cycled 4 times LOL. Right before I pressed the cross walk button. People started to get irritated.

Meanwhile, as soon as JD and I realized what was going on. Of course it was hilarious as fuck. Here it is, JD and I get moded as fuck, because we’ve been waiting 4 or so lights to cross the street. Only because we were walking around too blowed for our own good. But what made it funny is all the other people who we took with us. The casualties of our modation, is what I like to call it. They were also victims of our blowedness, yet they were sober. So they didnt see the hilarity in all of this. Oh Well lol.

Thanks for playing every one! That was great. Another great moment in W.A.S. History! Oh yea…. and shot out to the ESPN Zone for having the best Carrot Cake there ever fucking was!!