Uhmah Park

Month: December 2009

Dear Lupe, Neeeeeeever Challege The Blast Master

Its come to my attention, that some how alot of people have not seen the new overly great and awesome nike basketball commercials. Your bad. I think I’ll take this moment here to deem myself an online commercial reviewer lol. I love commercials. Anyway. So Nike got Lupe and Krs-One to play as Blitzen and Santa respectively to pair up for a rap battle and basketball game between Blitzen and the Holf gang vs Santa, Kobe and Lebron. So Blitzen starts off, and its not bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ies-B3AXc-k “Santa lookin shook… kobe lookin shook… lebron lookin shook i throw your ball […]

Zoom Kobe V: Bruce Lee – Dammit I Want These!

These shoes are so dope.. Dammit I want these. Except I’d wanna ball in these more than I’d wanna rock em. I really dont feel like these are rockable basketball shoes. Although I would probably try to some degree if I ever get my hands on any. $230 is enough to make me give up on balling in these. But fuck. These are awesome. One day. They dont even have em in my damn size

We Were Bad But Now Were Good, Were Moving Into Your Neighborhood

… were not here to start no trouble. I present to you the sex offender shuffle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfCYZ3pks48 Deep in my heart, i know this is a joke. But a giant piece of me doesnt want it to be!!! I still havent been able to laugh at this. Way too gutty. There is way too much ( too much too much too much its just too much—inside joke ) going on in this video. I seriously dont even know where the fuck to start. I feel like, i could spend the next week laughing at this shit. Or I can go […]

So Now That Youre Unavaliable, Whasup With Your Friend

Has this ever happen to you? You have a female friend who you moderately flirt with and there is a possibility of ‘something’ happening. Something could be anything, from Sex to a Relationship,. And lets say, youre really only interested in sex and she might be interested in ‘something’ like a relationship. Alot of times, its some one who just wants to be with some one else of the sake of be being boo’d up. They dont really even like you, they’re just looking for somebody to fill a slot. Firstly, ending up in that situation sucks, because all you […]