Uhmah Park

Month: August 2009

Feli Kuti In Concert

Im not gonna pretend to be the biggest Feli Kuti fan, I dont know much about this man. I just know he makes the livest damn music. Maybe One day Ill read up on the guy. But in the mean time. Thanks to Al Gore, the Internet and the geniuses behind Youtube… I’ll be letting this play. I dont know where I found this link, but Ive been letting part 1 and 2 play for a couple of days now while Im doing shit around the house. Its been great. Enjoy… and shout out to the person that posted this […]

I Know R. Kelly Doo Doo Butter When I See It!

“this is the remix edition… to a song about pissin…” Dear Nutella, I know R Kelly’s Doo Doo Butter when I see it! Ive laughed at that Dave Chappelle skit way too many times not to! What the hell is this stuff anyway? Is it chocolate? And if it is… why in the hell would you spread it on BREAD of all things!? Chocolate and Bread? Thats gross. That shit even looks gross. I find this a lil bit more funny than most people thought because I have a friend who dressed up like R. Kelly one year and walked […]


Taco Meat Half Cresent FTL

So there I am, at Hollywood and Highland, enjoyin the free Poncho Sanchez concert.Then I guess my W.A.S. senses started acting up and saw this man below me…. Taco Meat Pic 1 Taco Meat Pic 2 I just had to get this on video lol

Unsexy Back

This looks like everything Justin Timberlake was not talking about in his song ‘Sexy Back’ I see this and I have to ask my self, what does one have to eat to obtain such a frame? Gummi worms and hogmogs? shit. what does the front of her look like? Maybe shes so ugly, her titties ran to her back? and shes knock kneed. But its very well possible that her knees have collapse from the pressure of holding up her top up! at least she match tho. not really. is that gout on her legs? I was informed you cant […]

PS3 Slim Soft Porn

So Im bored as hell, skimming through the thousands of unread items in my google reader and I all of a sudden I come across a this post where a guy has taking the unboxing of his new PS3 Slim to the sexist levels possible. He was rubbing on the emblem like it was a nipple lmao good lord!! This shit made me uncomfortable damn near lol