Guttie Shit

This is what keeps me from watching Jimmy Falon

This is The Most Blowed Thing Ive Ever Seen

Craig Ferguson is great for this. I was SOOO blowed when this popped on my tv. I was getting ready to go to bed… turning my computer off n shit and then out of no where… this shit:

I was STUCK… like what in the fuuuuuuck is this shit here?! I couldnt get over the nigga in the back in his draws and socks with the guitar. Then all of a sudden this lil muhfucka walks out in the gimp fit…. I was way too blowed for this shit right here. It just got worse and worse and worse.

This is why I dont watch Jimmy Falon. His show is shot in HD, he has the roots band playing live, he has the great looking set. I love the way his show looks. But he doesnt make shit for people who are higher than Giraffe ass! Craig Ferguson does! His show needs to be shot in HD! And he needs a super spiff LA Set!

Need further proof?

Guttie Shit


Fucking shit… I had to stop what I was doing and post this. Shit like this is why I stay off of twitter and Instant Messenger when im trying to get shit done lol.

Katharine McPhee in Paparazzi Protection from Katharine McPhee

Yall welcome! and Thank you Errin for putting this link in her status message as the funnies thing shes ever seen lol.

Jacked From Young Black and Fabulous

Guttie Shit

Niggas and Flies. Always on some shit

So this is whats hood in The Chi huh?

LOL I dont really think this shit. But the homie Max has confirmed that this was filmed on the south side of Chicago lol. I Think thats great. This shit might as well be an official commercial… well… they might have to redo it. And the main singer might have to try not to get TOO excited over what he is gonna eat and actually drop an actual product name or 8. I almost thought it was a real commercial, until this nigga didnt go down the ingredients of the Big Mac… because I just KNEW that was coming when he got all excited lol. Oh well. If youre gonna show your ass like this, you might as well get paid. I hope these niggas get a deal some where for their awesome display of niggatry. This was great.


Supreme Jealousy!

I met Halle Berry once. She kinda touched me. I didnt get to touch her back. Sigh… and she didnt touch me like this.

Im not saying I hate Jamie Foxx, nor am I about to hate on him right now. Just maybe point out the fact that he isnt much taller than her, and she has on heels. Im just sayin lol….