Uhmah Park

Month: May 2009

Angry Man Soup!

Its a little know fact that Delonte West has an anger problem. When he was traded to the Cavs, I do believe he had to take sometime away from the team to handle his anger problem. Well my cousin and I know about his anger problem every since he was a punk ass boston celtic. Ive seen him on the bench way too pissed. Like more pissed than every other NBA player. I used to think it was hilarious. So every since then, his name has been Angry Man. And Angry Man has clearly has found new ways to take […]


This is the best nike puppet commercial since Lil Penny. Who was the FUCKING GUTS by the way. I also think it was the last time they did it lol. Alot of people havnt seen this commercial to my surprise. Lebron the actual guy is already pretty hilarious in his commercials. But they REALLY REALLY REALLY need to do more with puppet lebron. Good LORD!! This lil nigga is the fucking guts. I hope the ad agency that ran that reads this. That shit was great! … and a trip down memory lane after the jump.