April 2009 - Uhmah Park

This is just horrible. I remember seeing this a long ass time ago. Youtube is fucking great!!!! Im sitting here raking my brain trying to remember if Jermaine Oneal has ever blocked a dunk. Im not thinking so lol. It usually goes something like this lol. Just to think. This guy came out of highschool The same year Kobe did lol.

There is no way you have respect for a nigga after you dunk on him like this lol. Good GOD man!!!

This isnt just funny because the Show Wow guy got caught with a prostitute. Who he kissed in the mouth. This isnt just funny because that prostitute tried bite this fools tongue off. And he had to punch her multiple times in the face to get her off him.

To me, this is funny because in this video this guy has the mic on his face, but thats not where the sound is coming from lol. Along with all the people getting fake punched in the face. Gotdamn lol.

This is pretty dope. Raekwon explains the whole deal behind Cuban Linx in The Purple Tape. Ive actually SEEN a purple tape. But never actually possessed one. I have an ex-girlfriend who is a Wu head, when she found out that I never actually owned Only Built For Cuban Linx album. I didnt even have it on my hard drive some how ( I lost alot of my music at one point ). She had that shit sent to my house lol. I always thought she was pretty great for that.

Crooked I cracks me up in this video. I never knew that MC Eiht was in the All So Simple video. I was wondering how thug ass niggas out here was big ass Wu fans.

Now that baseball season has started SportsCenter is saturated with barely athletic baseball plays. While I will admit to hating baseball all day long. I will admit, there are some pretty good baseball plays… sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean hardly ever. Seriously. How many diving catches can be that impressive. I often play devils advocate so I can see how some baseball fan could say, how many times can a dunk be all that impressive. Rubbish.

Do you see how high that man got for that ball?

Tonite on the Daily Show during a string of jokes, John Stewart challenges his viewers to google “muppets” and “scat” together. I was sitting here with my laptop watching the show on my DVR so I figured, what the hell. I cant lie, I was expecting to see kermit taking a crap on miss piggy or some shit. Not that I was excited to indulge or anything…  But nope lol. THIS was the first result of the search. Very work safe…

Muppets-Rat ScatThe most amazing home videos are here

So to quote the first result of the muppet scat search… here is your damn muppet scat! I should add, after reading that on his site, I was kind of disapointed none of this was followed up by a really snooty and condescending insult. I think that mainly because this guys picture. With a nose like that, youre suppose to say snooty condescending shit lol. Speaking of Stewarts… this guy looks Stewies future boyfriend lol.


This is gonna be so great!

Me and my cousins used to go at it in earlier versions of this game. With these improvements, oh man. It is so fucking on! I cant wait!

I was going to post this video as a guide to posting high quality videos on youtube that fill out the whole box. I noticed there was a lack of instructions on how to do that. Turns out its really not all that hard. All you have to is render your video at a size of 640 x 360. It will fill out the whole box. The bitrate should be 3mbps + and youre good. It also turns out that there is no way I could possibly put together any instructions for free. This is the most I can bring my self to do. LOL Anyway. Here is a video that I forgot I wasnt shooting in HD. thats why it doesnt look all that great.

The back story behind the kick to the chest lol….

Am I the only one who thinks this Quiznos commercial is super gay!? Not gay as in wack. But like, the baker machine implies they did something nobody else should know about and the worker backs this up by looking down talkin about it burned. The machines voice is super fucking deep lol. Meaning there are two guys in this commercial. lol “put it in me”??

Maybe since it look like the baking machine was trying to keep secrets, maybe it was a sexual predator in a past life or something lol. And clearly was a porn director lol.

What a terrible combination lol.

Still the guts tho. Although Im cool on too much man love humor. Im not homophobic in the least bit. Or anti gay. I always tell people that Im more pro boobs-ass-vagina. So thats what I’d rather see. Its all about preference! lol

Im so happy that the city is making something of Downtown LA. Ive always liked Downtown LA. I was born close to Downtown. I actually went to pre-school Downtown. Across the street from Trade-Tech, where my Mom went to school when I was little. Maybe thats why I like Downtown so much.

I took these pictures before the homie Marks birthday party (and during lol). A friend of his has one of those new snazzy places Downtown and they have a rooftop lounging area. Its super nice. However, it was cold as FUCK up there lol.


Here is the whole set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/odot_jdot/sets/72157616111631359/

And here are alot of my favorites….

This months We Aint Shit Award is well deserved. Firstly, people ask me what W.A.S. is all the time. W.A.S. stands for We Aint Shit. Whos the We? My cousin JD and I. An ex-girlfriend of mine, used to call me and this nigga JD the “aint shits” because of some of the exploits we’ve pulled over the years. I thought it was a joke. Who knew she really felt that way? For years lol!! Couldnt stand me, hated a nigga lol kept it to her self. Anyway. To be honest though, we really arent much of shit as far as it comes to what we think is funny or not. Me, I’ll laugh at practically anything. The more fucked up it is. The funnier I think it is. This is the funniest shit I’ve seen since…. I dont know when.

Some of this shit was overly funny…. too funny to really laugh at. Good GOD!!!  This nigga killed me! I’ve done some trifflen ass shit in my life. But this nigga here?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I dont care how many times I would TRY to tell these jokes. I couldnt get not one of em out with a straight face. Ive been trying to tell people about this shit all day. I cant with out laughing. this shit is the GUTS!