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Month: March 2009

One Mans Left Hook, Is Another Mans Treasure

On the Moguldom Media Group blog, there is an article about how the Chris Brown / Rihanna fight has increased the traffic to Bossip.com by 28%. Of course meaning more ad revenue for them. The more shit that happens between them two, the more money they make. Me personally, I’m not mad at it at all. Hell, I wish I was making money off the shit myself. This also means, that EVERY little thing about these two will be reported and talked about as long as possible. The only way the general public will lose entrest or not care is […]

The Chris Brown Protection Agency

In the wake of women every where looking at there could be / would be significant others like they “really do wish you would think you can put your gotdamn hands on me”. The rare case of reverse domestic violence has grown in alarming numbers. Specifically in Fairfeild, Conn. Where a man, terrified for his dick and his life, was forced to call 911 on his wife because took it upon herself lock the door from the outside, handcuff her self and him to the bed. She refused to let him go until they talked about the divorce he was […]

This Man’s Swag Is Untouchable, Clearly.

This guy right here is a jack ass. I say that not really too much as an insult but because the tredmill was on running already fast as fuck. lol. No matter if this is staged or not, this shit is still fucking HILARIOUS! Im having a hard time believing the second roll on the treadmill was staged. He looked kinda disoriented when he hit that shit again lol. People fucking themselves up is funny to me. For two though, and most importantly this nigga hoped up swag clearly still intact, clearly still very poppin, despite the tumble. Maybe this […]

How To Win Not Too Often by Charlie Weis and George W Bush

Around 11:30 minutes into this interview, Charlie Weis, The head coach of the Norte Dame football team, reminiscences over a conversation he had with Bush 43 regarding being trashed in the media. Weis is asked something about a funny conversation he has had while being coach of Norte Dame. He says Bush 43 asked him how he handles being trashed in the media. Weis says he replies that he doesnt pay much attention to the media at all. Bush then replies, Neither do I and they share this humongous laugh. Then from there the conversation continues on and he talks […]

Googity GOO

These Moschino peep toe sandals: and these… not the same shoe. But this is all I could find. lol Remind me of these. Youre probably asking your self how. Maybe its because I wanna do some Glen Quagmire shit to some lucky willing participant who would happen to have these on her pretty feets lol. That would be great lol Id have to drop the heart shaped bed out the wall and all that shit lol. No… I dont have a heart shaped bed. I dont know how old these are. But I found them randomly looking for some other […]

M.I.A. takes yet another step to being the new Bjork

M.I.A. is looking like she wants the be the Bjork of our generation. I say this because apparently she has named her child Ikyhd … yes… I – kid. There is a piece of me that believe thats kinda dope. Uber eccentric none the less.  Im not poking fun. I am wondering how far in her ass she dug around for that one though. Gotdamn lol. His full name is: Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. So says TMZ. Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2009/03/22/2009-03-22_rapper_mias_baby_isnt_named_ickitt__its_.html

Ludacris and Shawnna Talk New Album – Drunk as Fuck

Luda and Shawnna Talk Battle of the Sexes from DTP TV on Vimeo. I DO NOT like ghetto ass females. But for whatever reason . I love me some Shawnna. Go figure lol. Didnt know she had all that ass back there either lol. High Five! Dont ask me WHY I like Shawnna or ask me to name a song. I’d have no answers for you. I do remember that Luda was really trying to get behind her last album. Or at least it seemed like it. But promoting a female hiphop album is tricky for whatever reason. I’ve always […]

O on Jay

No, I’m not talking about Obama on Jay Leno tonite, Im talking about me ( OJ ) … well I didnt exactly make the show. It just so happens that I was kinda working with a R&B group at the time. They were in town and asked if I wanted to come to the Tonite show and watch a taping. SURE! Why the hell not ?!? So here I am sitting there, I didnt know who was gonna be on the show or anything. I just knew who the musical guest was. Were all seated and this comedian guy comes […]

Gianfranco Ferre Extra Cold Stiletto

I am a man of a few fetishes. One of them is a pretty girl in a nice pair of shoes. Im not gonna sit up here and say that I only fuck with girls with an acceptable shoe game. Because I’ve made exceptions. Alot of them lol. And there is a good chance I shall continue. (…. meh lol). But like I was saying. A sexy pair of shoes just says something else about a girl. To me, its like the difference between a chevy and a beamer. Nothing is wrong with a good Chevy, but a nigga like […]

AIG Exec’s Makes Obamas Personal Shit List

Recently it was reported that AIG rewarded $165 Million dollars in bonuses to deriviative traders. Some of the people who did a poor job, at their job and killed the company. Earlier today the President expressed his outrage and managed to slip in a joke lol. I wonder how these guys feel to hear the president say that he is gonna have his people come after the money you JUST came up on? The millions of dollars wernt split evenly between all the exec’s some got as little as a few thousand dollars. Which does of course mean, a few […]