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Month: February 2009

Respect My Lo Son!

This is some of the best shit I’ve ever seen, ever. First of all. I love polo shit. Im eventually gonna spiff up my room. Im secretly trying to NOT decorate my room like the Polo Store. Sigh… Every time I type it or say it out loud, I feel a little bit more strongly that I should do it. As a matter of fact, Im damn near ready to say that I AM going to do that shit lol. I have white blinds, it would look like the catalog in this bitch. Good lord. Anyway. So some time ago, […]

One of the best things 2009 will give us.

Snoop has a new show that Ive been bullshiting on adding to my DVR. But not after this shit here. For the fascist RSS readers like on Facebook that refuse to bring in youtube video. Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRO8z3Yvh-s First of all. If you are a reader of this blogger or if you just happen to know me well… you know that I think SugaFree is great. After this video, its probably safe to say he is a modern day prophet. LMAO Fucking SHIT! I really do believe the greatness of SugaFree is under estimated. The shit that jumps out […]

HDTV IS Worth Every Cent

The Simpsons, the carton that has been on forever. Has a new intro… after like 20 something years lol. Its actually kinda great. I love it! This shit has been on since I was in the 4th grade at least. Probably the third grade. I remember watching little side episodes of this shit on The Tracey Ullman Show back in the day. It was the guts back then and fuck what everybody else is talking about. I watch Family Guy and South Park all the time. The Simpsons is STILL fucking hilarious.

Some beats make me wish I could rap

This shit is awesome. I wish I could rap, I’d try my hardest to write my best shit ever to this beat. I heard this on the commercial for Skate 2. I damn near wanted to buy the game. But then I remembered this is the internet age. This song was just a search and a couple of clicks away. I wish this could play behind me when I walked down the street. On some Im Gonna Get You Sucka shit. lol. This and the Imperial March… lol thats another post tho lol. The artist, Oh No is clearly dope. […]

I see you jockin puppet Jay-Z

You can all me all kinda Jay-Z stans if you want. I dont giva fuck. I liked this track when it was only 1 verse. This shit became an instant classic to me. Shits bangin. I guess some puppeteer thought the this was bangin too, because he felt compelled enough to take time to make a video. And a buncha other videos. None the less… I am entertained! Thats all that matters. Im sure with a little bit more money behind it, this could have been the video for the song… dont know how serious people would have taken it […]

This is WHY Im a 50cent Fan.

I just wanna tell you what a physic told me… UPDATE: Sigh… clearly everybody believe this nigga took things too far. I disagree, but whatever. If you happen to see the video out there, then lucky you lol. But here is a link that might help you out some. Click Here !!! This nigga… had niggas at this mans moms place of work. Gotdamn.. This is why Im a 50cent fan though. We dislike people exactly the same. This is some shit I’d do. Seriously. You can tell, when this nigga 50 dont like a nigga. He really dont like […]

Eddie House’s Ankel Insurance Claim, Filed Earlier Today

Earlier today, Eddie House of the punk ass boston celtics, filed an ankle insurance claim. Not to become an agent, but as an unfortunate victim. Footage that accompanied the video can be found here: LMAO Chris Paul crossed this man THE FUCK up. and turned him all the way around. It was either get turned all the way around, or leave even more ankle juice all over the freethrow line. The same ankle juice clearly made Chris Paul bust his ass after the play. LOL

Can You Freak Me Out Now? Good!

I like shit like this. I dont know if the shit is real or not. Hopefully it is. None the less. I was entertained and thought it was pretty cool. Although if it as me. I cant really say how I would have reacted lol. I would have probably taken shit too far and started running to see if they would start running with me. Or jumped in the car and tried to see if they rolled out with a nigga. I would have taken they asses to the hood lol. It would have turned into a commercial about how […]

About my random singing of Mack 10 tracks a couple of weeks back…

This picture should explain it all lol. This was my first time trying this out. It was pretty good. We got a new camera lens last week. A 50mm. Since Im only an amateur, Im not all that familar with the terms and what. I just know its a 50mm lens and its pretty damn poppin lol. Thats what I took the picture of my bottle with. The weather at the start of last week was GREAT. I knew the rain was coming, so I played hookie from work and spent a hour or so at the beach and tested […]