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Month: December 2008

This is Ron Mexico, ESPN.

Big Juave: SHAUN KING DOING COMMENTATING ON ESPN FOR BOWL GAMES?!?!?!? KingJuave: yea nigga Big Juave: nigga is espn the place for old retired black qb’s?!!?!? KingJuave: yea Big Juave: i guess so, gotdamn KingJuave: nigga Andre Ware aint too bad Big Juave: he aint Big Juave: but im just saying… Big Juave: whos next? KingJuave: he way better than he was as a fuckin QB Big Juave: randal cunningham? KingJuave: Warren Moon i hope Big Juave: RIGHT! Big Juave: lmao KingJuave: OH WAIT! KingJuave: hes already on Fox Big Juave: OH SHIT!!! Big Juave: LMAO!!!!! KingJuave: Vince Evans! KingJuave: […]

Frank 151 – Time is Money Cap

This looks like some shit Flavor Flav should/would rock. lol But what it is, is a New Era – Frank 151 collaboration. While I definitly believe time is money. Imma have to not spend my money on this. Mainly because hats look retarded on me. They just do, its tragic, oh well. The time on the hat, of course is 1:51 am or pm. Couldnt tell you which one its suppose to be. I suppose that would all depend on if you were making money at 1:51 am or 1:51 pm. Now its doubly sad I cant rock this hat, […]

KarmaLoop.com Sale 50% off!

Say word?! WORD! I kinda feel swindled, because, I bought shit at the 30% off sale, and the 40% off sale. But you damn for sure better believe Imma fuck with this sale too!! Be Smart and Click Here Thank me later. Ill take pictures of everything I got after I get the shit Im about to order right now. lol

The Smokers Hand Book

Alot of people would think I already own this. Or maybe that I might be a walking book of Smoker Knowledge. But alast, I am not. So I will be purchasing this book. Not that I need it. But just for the hell of it lol. And just incase there is some stellar piece of information in here that could make my smoking better. High Five. Thats right… high…. lol Found This At: http://www.uncrate.com/men/entertainment/books/the-official-high-times-pot-smokers-handbook/


The homie linked me to The 10 Most Devastating Insults of All Time, the other day. Its pretty long, and my attention span is short so it took me a few days to read off and on. I got shit to do lol. This shit was the fucking GUTS tho. Gotdamn lol. Winston Churchill though, due to this list, is now one of my heroes. I need to read more on this dude. But this list has earned him a place in my heart lol. That man was cold business lol.

What the fuck is you doin Yeezy?!

Im a big Kanye fan. I think he makes great music. I also have a thing for arrogance and arrogant ass people. Thats one of the reasons I love hiphop. Hiphop is totally about arrogance, and me being better than you and gloating about it and belittling you in the process. You fucking suck. Im fucking Great. Although Kanye says he aint into dissing on other people, but rather big upping himself more. Which is something I can also get behind, but I like to talk shit way too much. So Im great, and fuck them niggas over there. I […]

Hace Frio!

Thats spanish for its fucking cold holmes. I took this picture on Senson. As in the Senson Fires lol. As in… thats why the earth looks kinda fuckin cooked lol.There used to be grass and trees and what not up there. Then the fire came and burned all that shit up. That left chard earth and black dirt. But now there is snow… on top of the dirt lol. But damn man… S I G H ! ! ! Im not really a fan of the snow when its forced down your damn throat. I like when its far away […]

Jay-Z – BK Anthem

If I wasnt from Los Angeles… firstly, I’d probably need counseling to not kill myself until I get it right. LOL yea I said it lol. But if I had to choose another spot to be from. 2nd would be Atlanta. I love Atlanta. Hopefully I wouldnt be all THAT country. But my 3rd choice would be, Brooklyn. Ive never been but some of my favorite rappers are from Brooklyn. Biggie, Jay-Z, Mos Def to name a few. But it seems like Brooklyn niggas rep Brooklyn HELLA hard lol. You gotta appreciate that shit. I still do plan to visit. […]

Foxy Brown x Mavado – So Special Remix

SO SPECIAL (RMX) – MAVADO FEAT. FOXY BROWN Im not gonna front, I went with the first and best titty picture I could find. I have a thing for dark girls with big (C cup +) titties. I cant help it lol. I also dont giva fuck. Anyway. Foxy should do a whole dance hall album. Id actually buy that shit. Via: Dajaz1

Still Got It For Cheap Part 4

Still Got It For Cheap Pt. 4 – Clinton Sparks feat Clipse & Pharrell This shit is fucking bangin. I cant wait to get a sub in the new car. I do love The Clipse. lol these niggas be on that shit. Its great. lol. This shit here tho. One of these niggas (i cant really tell them apart) said… “ill put somethin in your heart like Michel-le” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE!!!!!! ahh shit lol. In other news. That Play Cloths Shit they are comin out with looks like it might be a lil crackin.