Uhmah Park

Month: October 2008

Psudeo Gucci P-Rods / Opening Day Air Jordans

Another excuse to buy more Gucci shit. Which is the plan! lol These shits kinda hurt my feet. But come to find out, I had these shits laced up kinda too tight. Which is a bit puzzling, but whatever. They still crack. I have a new policy of dressing shoes up. I used to buy clothes and then try to find some shoes to match. But over time Ive noticed that its easier to find clothes to match your shoes. Also pictured here we have the Opening Day Air Jordan 1’s. I guess these are suppose to be from when […]

You Already Know What It Is

This ever happen to you? You get in the shower, and youre minding your business, washing your ass. Then your stomach rudely interrupts, talking about girggle girggle son, you already know what it is. The super inconvenient truth. You must take a shit immediately, before you are done with your shower. And who really wants to take a shit AFTER a shower anyway? No one, almost every one will do some form of getting out the shower to take a shit… Two things wrong with that though. 1. If you dont dry all the way off, Youre gonna get water […]

The Block Is Hot

Im going to have to find a way to not have to post links for three different groups of muthafuckas that I fuck with on the internet. Until then though, lol. As many of you know, I live in Porter Ranch, California… a small suburb of Northridge. If by any chance, you happen to watch the news, the city of Porter Ranch might sound kind of familiar to you because there was a big ass fire out here earlier this week. And yes, a nigga like myself DID have to evacuate. Why because peoples homes that were less than 1000 […]


For your pleasure and or entertainment. a random conversation, between the killa and I TheKillaCal: what up nigga? O 2tha J: sigh… shit O 2tha J: just got finish wrasslen with my computer TheKillaCal: who won? TheKillaCal: LOL…cuz my computer be DDTing me TheKillaCal: then putting a snake on me O 2tha J: me nigga! O 2tha J: LMAO O 2tha J: hell naw lmao O 2tha J: nigga i aint gonna lie… i had to grit out a victory tho lol TheKillaCal: LOL…this nigga was shaking his finger like Hulk Hogan TheKillaCal: hulking out and shit O 2tha J: […]