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Month: September 2008

Letterman to McCain: John, tell me how my Ass Taste!

If you managed to miss this some how. Or you dont know some how. John McCain was suppose to be on Late Night with David Letterman. One of my favorite shows i ever watch. If i could only take the first 30 min, i would. lol but with Chris Rock being on and this shit. Maybe I should just tape the whole shit regularly lol But anyway… like I was saying. McCain was suppose to be on Letterman, he canceled because he thought being on Letterman, because he suspeneded his campaign, and was off to washington to help with the […]

If this is hot, then Im proud to be lame

I got high as possible so I could come back to this and laugh at it as much as possible. “is this whats hot in the streets these days??” I honestly cant help but wonder how many girls really find this appealing. Im sure its more than I think. However, I’d seriously hate to have to deal with any girl who did happen to find this appealing. For reasons I wont even bother to get into lol. Mainly because, its not that “I cant stop laughing at this”. Its like, Im not actually laughing, but Im laughing uncontrollably on the […]

These people are definitly voting for Sarah Palin

This is why, me and Errin are friends. Because we find shit like this…. OVERLY hilarious, for hella reasons! Thank you Errin, for sending me this link! Do your self a favor, and watch the whole thing. Please. This is possibly the greatest shit on the internet right now. Its a good thing they dont have and embed code lol First off, this shit starts off with this guy who looks like he was captian of his christian schools cheer team and dance team, kicks this hot number off for the savior with a quick and awesome foreshadow of how […]

Swagga Like Aaliyah

Errin is the guts. (id link her site, but thats another story lol) But anyway, she sent me this link the other day, and just kinda let me deduct the situation on my own. This is the video for Cassies song, Official Girl. This is hilarious. Is this suppose to be an Aaliyah tribute video? Im not really complaining or anything. Im just kinda wondering if who ever directed this video maybe directed all of Aaliyahs videos, and didnt really feel like doing any real work, so they just story boarded a bunch of past Aaliyah videos and mashed em […]

Pick em up Pick em Up

Last Sunday, we went to the Do Over in Hollywood. While posted outside sipping on some Sangria, we notice Redman pass by in a SUV. This nigga gets out and I notice he had on some pretty fresh Air Max’s. I pointed em out to Yong, our local shoe guru. Then a few days later, he sends me a link on ebay to cop. Which is how Ive bought more than a few pair of shoes as of late … just like I did when he sent me this link. However though, on Ebay, it did say that they were […]

Funk Flex is gonna choke R. Kelly ass out when he see’s him

Or at least thats what the hell it looks like from this video that he posted on youtube. In an unrelated note, I like that Youtube is now 1 damn word lol. but peep the video tho lol. this nigga was ALL tight lipped. He has the nigga imma CHOKE yo black ass when I see you, look on this face. Which, personally, I’d like to fucking see lol. Flex is huge. Kels… I wouldnt say he was small. But Id say he was smaller than Flex therefore hugely disadvantaged in a physical confrontation. Like I said just a few […]

Greed is a Sin, OK?

LOL I love the internet sometimes. Sometimes youre really high, and then somebody sends you a random link that kinda catches you off guard and you just fall the fuck out laughing at the inital bullshit that has been thrust upon you. This picture is titled… Greed. Here is the link, because for whatever reason the fucking picture wont insert, even tho it says share this lol. http://www.flickr.com/photos/souljourner1/2168988987/ I can almost kinda sorta apperciate the “art” here. Except for there was clearly no effort made in the lighting of this picture. I say that because, The title is “Greed” and […]

I Dont Rhyme For The Sake of Riddlin’

When I was younger, I was a big ass Public Enemy fan.You can ask JD lol. My father was in the Nation of Islam, and all my friends branded me as a Militant lol. I mean, I was “militant” as fuck. To a fault sometimes, but that is the life of a “Militant” I guess lol. I wouldnt say I was militant, I was just more into the truth, and I would get upset when people would try to come at me with bullshit lol. Something that still pleagues me to this day, but I’ve been trying to battle that […]

Darth Uhmah Saves The Day

Back when OSX first came out, I became a Mac user. Dont remember when that was. Maybe 2002. I became a Mac user. Mainly because I came up on one for cheap lol. The one day some how some way, my PC fucked up, and I became a full time Mac user, for years. like… 3. lol. Maybe 2 and some change. I dont remember all the way. I decided to switch back to a PC, because the whole mac situation just irritated me (lol sorry, not really). And every pc ive ever put together, has run faster than any […]

How to explain Twitter to your friends

Or anybody else for that matter. lol Since I’ve started fucking with twitter, Ive noticed that you find your self explaining what the fuck Twitter is. Shits difficult. Before I joined, I just didnt fucking get it myself. I think Liz tried to explain it to me a few times, but I still didnt fucking get it. And I’ve been on the internet since 97 lol. To tell the truth, even after I joined the shit I still didnt really get the point of it. But eventually, lol I got it. So once you join Twitter, you find your self […]