Letterman to McCain: John, tell me how my Ass Taste!

If you managed to miss this some how. Or you dont know some how. John McCain was suppose to be on Late Night with David Letterman. One of my favorite shows i ever watch. If i could only take the first 30 min, i would. lol but with Chris Rock being on and this shit. Maybe I should just tape the whole shit regularly lol

But anyway… like I was saying. McCain was suppose to be on Letterman, he canceled because he thought being on Letterman, because he suspeneded his campaign, and was off to washington to help with the Bailout situation. He called Dave and canceled personally. Dave was HOT, and let it be KNOWN! lol

I taped this whole episode on my DVR. its never coming off.

To make the murder complete thought, everybody knows, Keith Oberman is not one to hide his feelings about republicans, or shit he dont feel is right, on either side honestly. I wouldnt say that Dave got Keith Oberman to replace McCain to be spiteful really. Ive been to NYC once. And the one thing I do remember, NBC studios and where Oberman films his shit, in Rockafeller square / center or whatever the fuck, is RIGHT down the street from the Ed Sullivan theatre where Late Show is filmed. You can see it damn near from where Oberman films. But I will say, it did play out nicely in a way that doesnt favor McCain at all lol.

the clips honestly does the whole show very little justice. the monologue was fuckin brutal, but that was really only the beginning lol this muhfucka was fucking pissed. oh, and actually, to make the murder MORE complete. like to really finish it off… this muhfucka McCain, was actually at CBS studios…  IN NEW YORK, where the Late Nite is taped, doing an interview with Katie Couric. Dave got wind of this, and actually went to the live feed of John McCains interview during the show.
Way to be fulla shit and THEN get busted John McCain lol.

anyway, on with the show!

lol this was great.

This Is What Happens When...

If this is hot, then Im proud to be lame

I got high as possible so I could come back to this and laugh at it as much as possible.

“is this whats hot in the streets these days??” I honestly cant help but wonder how many girls really find this appealing. Im sure its more than I think. However, I’d seriously hate to have to deal with any girl who did happen to find this appealing. For reasons I wont even bother to get into lol. Mainly because, its not that “I cant stop laughing at this”. Its like, Im not actually laughing, but Im laughing uncontrollably on the inside. If that makes sense to anybody.

This is the random link I was sent, no explanation, no nothing. I click the shit, and it says fuckin, “Wild Stallion Tang”. So I immediately assumed it was an openly Gay R&B group. I thought, you know, hey… bold move. Usually everybody just say “oh them niggas is gay” when some fruity ass R&B group comes out. I only watch the second Flavor of Love season (I have no regrets! although it forever turned me off to watch another reality show ever again ever.) so I only barely know anything about anything. I didnt watch I love New York, however, I did see pieces of episodes when somebody else had that bullshit on. But I dont know whats really goin on at all. But apparently, the nigga on the left, and the nigga in the middle are brothers. Go fucking figure. ?? And the both these niggas were on I Love New York at the same muthafuckin time? Really? Seems a bit trifflin… I dont know. It seems somethin, maybe Im just blowed. Maybe Its this fucking picture throwing me off lol.

The nigga on the left, looks like a gay camron, or like Cam dressed in drag or something. Do these niggas have on eye liner? Or am I blowed? They dont look like that on the VH1 site, Im just sayin…. they HAD to put on some kinda makeup for that shit lol. Anyway. See, I dont like to say retarded shit like “thats gay” because the gay shit people call gay these days, is usually just overly wack. And I cant say being gay is wack, because I dont believe that. I also believe its not for me, lol. So to say something is gay because its wack, to me is retarded. However lol.  This nigga on the left, has manged to look gayer than Camron did, draped in fucking pink, rolling around in that fucking pink range rover. But he has on Black and White. Astounding how he manged to pull that shit off.

The nigga in the middle looks like Money Mike in drag. That HAS to be a fucking weave. And if its not, then nigga damn. Your ear is poking through your hair like youre a white girl or something. With all the feminness in this picture going on, I almost thought this nigga had on a cleavage shirt. As a titty man, I was about to be FUCKING offended lol. However though, I would like to point out this niggas old school TLC, what about your friends, metal peace sign lol. I’d say it was on a shoe string, or a string of yarn, but then I feel like that would be hating lol. And Im not hating, Im presenting my perspective, which happens to be saturated with what I believe to be humor.If I was hating, I would have said his peace emblem was Die-Cast Metal, instead of just metal, which you can clearly see it is some kind or form of metal. I hope. lol If it was plastic though, a nigga wouldnt be surprised lmao. lol This niggas goes by “Real”. There aint no way in the hell this nigga hasnt been growing that hair sense he was little. His real nick name was probably “Real Gay”. This nigga got on tv, and shortened that shit. He was probably one of them little niggas who you bring up when people start talking about “can you be born gay?”. I think every Black person believes one can be, ONLY because of personal experience lol. And to all those niggas who were born gay and couldnt help it. This man is clearly your champion lol. This nigga looks like he is perpetually really to smack his lips. The only excuse that nigga has for his hair being long is that he is a pimp. Which I would believe. Ive seen pimps in some shit. So fuck it. Id believe that. But, no self respecting REAL… HA!!!! LMAO!!! LMAO!!! my bad on the pun … ok… REAL pimp would be caught dead on I Love New York. lol. So clearly, this aint the case. Seriously though, lets for one second. Lets just say this nigga isnt gay. So if he isnt gay, then the only reason he would have his hair this long is to be fly, and pull him a bitch or three mayne lol. So any female who think this nigga here “swag” is off the meter. Seriously, this nigga can have alllll them muhfuckas. Please do take them. He deserves it lol. Does this nigga have on a choker. Time out, I strangely feel like somebody showed me this shit before. I feel like Ive noticed this niggas choker before, I may have not gotten around to talking about it. But thanks to Crunktastical ( where I saw this shit at lol ), I got to laugh at this shit again like it was brand new lol.

The nigga on the right, looks like Jamie Foxx, from the first episode of The Jamie Foxx Show. Of course, the gay version lol. It also appears he took a missy hair cut from around that same time period and fit that shit in his get up. Stop it dammit. Is his jacket, velvet?

This picture looks like, they put together a musical like Idewild and combinded it with an urban version of Broke Back Mountain. And this picture was the album cover for the sound track to that movie, they started in, and also… preformed the entire soundtrack lol.

lol these niggas look like they are on the white carpet at the gay thug fetish ball lol.

Alright, I think Im finished laughin. Imma go find something else to laugh at lol.

You Tube

These people are definitly voting for Sarah Palin

This is why, me and Errin are friends. Because we find shit like this…. OVERLY hilarious, for hella reasons! Thank you Errin, for sending me this link!

Do your self a favor, and watch the whole thing. Please.
This is possibly the greatest shit on the internet right now. Its a good thing they dont have and embed code lol

First off, this shit starts off with this guy who looks like he was captian of his christian schools cheer team and dance team, kicks this hot number off for the savior with a quick and awesome foreshadow of how awesome things were gonna get about… ooo three quarters of the way through. But dont forward it, you might miss the beginning, and thats the best part. You’ll know it when you see it, if you havent watched that shit already lol. After I got finished being over the initial hilarity of it all, I then asked my self. Why do the two ladies on the ends have mics in hand, and the guy in the middle has a headset? HMMMM? Come to find out, it was because the most awsomest break down ever was waiting in the grass ready to pounce on its prey that is the audience and thrill the FUCK out of them! I know he got my black ass lmao.
This dude looks like he managed to cram every move he ever saw micheal jackson do, for his most awesome solo trubite to the savior ever, in less than 30 seconds. Astounding! and fucking hilarious! What a break down that was there! That shit looked HELLA planned. You can tell that man was ready to do that shit for months lmao. I wont go into the back drop and the pedophile band back there lol.

But, I noticed, I see a drum set, I see a muhfucka back there on the drums, I hear no bass? Like, I hear it, but my sub isnt moving really lol. This beat is all Casio son!
The lady on the right, looks like she prayed for a month for her husband to do this shit. She got up there and took full advantage and proceeded to go as far as her ethnicity would take her. Which Im sure was pretty far as far as she’s concerned.
The lady on the right looks like she lies to her self square in the face about something, every morning lol. maybe thats a girl. who knows.
This also looks to me like the dude in the middle passively pushed the fuck out of these two ladies to do more than they signed up for as far as the dance routine goes lol. I honestly cant believe the church ok’d this shit to be on the website. lol

I also cant help but wonder, what was up with the coordination. I mean, it could be the nigga in me, but why arent they in matching fits? I only say that because, this routine clearly took alot of practice and effort. So why not get matching fits? They even manged to be in sync most of the time. They really lost points with me there. However, they did kind of gain them back in the fact that they are dancing in church clothes. The lady on the right looks like she came from her secritary job (that her husband allowed her to get) and ran straight up to church to do the show. So she wore the same thing to work, as she did the show, and it just happen to match. lol
The girl/lady on the left, she looks like somebody probably had a problem with her showing that much leg lol. Is she dancing in a fucking jacket or something? lol damn. If I was more high, I would have thought this dude was dancing with two dark ass smurfs. Their blue dont break for shit lol. It looks like they used to be in the blue man group choir or some shit lol.

And now… parting words from the killa cal, himself:
[9:38 PM] thekillacal: when Al Gore created the internet….he had no idea the comedy he was unleashing
[9:39 PM] o2thaj: RIGHT!!!!!!

You know what, for a little while, I thought I was gonna get tired of Sarah Palin jokes. But you know what? I havent, self high five!

Blowed Thoughts

Swagga Like Aaliyah

Errin is the guts. (id link her site, but thats another story lol) But anyway, she sent me this link the other day, and just kinda let me deduct the situation on my own. This is the video for Cassies song, Official Girl.

This is hilarious. Is this suppose to be an Aaliyah tribute video? Im not really complaining or anything. Im just kinda wondering if who ever directed this video maybe directed all of Aaliyahs videos, and didnt really feel like doing any real work, so they just story boarded a bunch of past Aaliyah videos and mashed em up for Puff lol. Or shit, it could have been Puff’s idea. I mean, it sounds like an old school Aaliyah song. Maybe then thats why the director went this route? The dance moves look the same, her hair and make up. LOL the only thing she was missing was the old school loccs from Age aint nuttin but a number album and a Queen of the Damned get up lol. But hey, Im all for getting over paid for bullshit and getting away with it. Long as Im not involved. And in this case, I can always watch this shit on mute and experience all the good that come from some shit like this lol.

Speaking of mute, I cant believe I sat through the whole video and didnt have it on mute. Ive never any of this girls music really, or a whole song for that matter. Until now. Until now I had only seen pictures. Which left me wondering what everybody was complaining about. Now as a big fan of another Badboy artist, Total, I can be the first to admit that an artist on a track doesnt have to be tremendously vocally talented for me to be entertained and enjoy the song. Plus Im not one to go to a live R&B concert either. So, hey, I’ll take the studio version every time, shit just aint that important to me. But after listening to this shit here, on accident lol. Im not about to talk shit, Im just saying I see what everybody is complaining about lol. Gotdamn lol.

If you dont want this video on mute. Your bad. And is lil wayne about to be the new age Zapp of rap? Since were on “New Age” shit. I dont mean to be overly militant here, but is it me, or does it seem like these niggas walking around with diamonds and all this bullshit on they teeth, walking around flashing they gotdamn teeth to everybody. Am I the only person than thinks of Black face Minstrel Show shit when I see that shit?

looks just like:

Plus some diamonds and shine and what not lol. lol this lil nigga looks like an extra from Bamboozled lol.


lol more visuals.

lol its the same shit plus diamonds and platinum lol

Maybe its just me. Maybe some other super militant type pointed it out too. Who knows. Shit dont really bother me. Im just sayin lol. Clearly the nigga is comfortable making money like that. Who am I to complain? Ill certainly talk shit and laugh though. But he makes more doe than I do, so its all relevant lol.

lol close your mouth lil nigga.

Digz & Kickz

Pick em up Pick em Up

Last Sunday, we went to the Do Over in Hollywood. While posted outside sipping on some Sangria, we notice Redman pass by in a SUV. This nigga gets out and I notice he had on some pretty fresh Air Max’s. I pointed em out to Yong, our local shoe guru. Then a few days later, he sends me a link on ebay to cop. Which is how Ive bought more than a few pair of shoes as of late … just like I did when he sent me this link. However though, on Ebay, it did say that they were like white and “Infa Red” which in Nike talk, that means fucking CORAL! Well at least to me it looks like Coral lol. But if you stare at them long enough and simultaneously lie to yourself. And then take a shitty picture with your web cam. Like so….

and tahdaa!!! Them shits is Infared and Im keepin them shits. They are also comfortable as hell. Yay for me n shit.

Speaking of Redman, on, dude posted a live ass video of Redman in Atlanta the other day. Shit was great. Ive been a Redman fan for years. I remember the first time I actually seen that nigga in person, was in Atlanta. I was at skating rink, there were celebrities every where. I ran straight into that nigga, while on skates lol then tried to play it off like… YO! Your shits tight nigga! This nigga stepped back and looked at me like what the fuck? lol ah man. Im already 6’6’’ and in skates, this nigga is under 6 foot. I probably looked like a giant to that nigga is what probably happen lol. However though… I have been listening to this nigga music for years, and he has always talked about how he gotta big ass head. That nigga is NOT bullshitting. LOL WOOOOOO. lol Anyway. On to the video, shits live, enjoy!

Redman Performing @ The Loft in Atlanta from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.

You Tube

Funk Flex is gonna choke R. Kelly ass out when he see’s him

Or at least thats what the hell it looks like from this video that he posted on youtube. In an unrelated note, I like that Youtube is now 1 damn word lol.

but peep the video tho lol.

this nigga was ALL tight lipped. He has the nigga imma CHOKE yo black ass when I see you, look on this face. Which, personally, I’d like to fucking see lol. Flex is huge. Kels… I wouldnt say he was small. But Id say he was smaller than Flex therefore hugely disadvantaged in a physical confrontation. Like I said just a few measly words ago. I would LOVE to see this happen.
Not because I think R. Kelly is some sick fuck or whatever. I just honestly want to see famous people fight lol.

Not to mention, I think there are people that just need an ass kicking or 4 to act right. Which would then bring us to the sick fuck part regarding R. lol. “What do you mean by teenagers” first of all, fuck the fact that he let that phrase escape from his mouth. Did you hear the nigga voice quiver when he said it!??! LOL!! He sounded either excited to hear about teenagers or shook, on some “Nigga why you asking me that? what you know nigga what you know?!?!”

This nigga knows, just like every other nigga knows, what the fuck any other nigga MEANS when he say… TEENAGER! Especially when your Black ass just got offa trail for fuckin teenagers, and your ass in doing a fucking interview about how you got away with fucking a teenager, and how you maintain your innocence.
Then the nigga proceeds to give the guiltiest answer possible, with out saying… “umm i mean, naw i dont be fucking lil girls”

I didnt watch the whole interview. I really try to not watch BET as much as possible. Except for Comic View. I love that shit lol. But I really hate watching commercials on BET. I feel like they make me dumb. Or that the people at BET think IM fucking stupid. It bothers me fundamentally lol.
PLUS, what I dont think most niggas realize… who CLAIM they dont watch BET, or talk that bullshit like… I only watch for this and that show. Then turn around and bitch and complain about what the fuck is on. This is what you niggas dont realize. BET gets paid off the commercials you assholes watch. So thats why they continue to program bullshit. Because clearly muthafuckas is watching enough for them to get paid off of ads. There for shit like The Black version of every MTV show continuously get added to the rotation, because muthafuckas is watching the commercials.
And please dont waste my gotdamn time talking about, I dont even watch the commercials, they just be on. Because then you will sound like R. Kelly and / or Sarah Palin (with her dumb ass) and I will feel free to disrespect you openly. lol
Oh yea, tivo’n shit on BET counts as watching the commercials too. At least for the most part. The shits recorded as a watched show.
So all you muthafuckas who bitch about BET, but turn to see whats on anyway. You are part of the problem you complain about. Congratulations. Youre also responsible for R. Kelly getting away with the shit he got away with.
High five to Flex for taking responsibility lol.

Id love to see Flex spear R. Kelly backstage at a concert or something lol. And I really dont have a strong dislike for R. Kelly. I just dont fuck with the dude no more. I dont know what he does or dont do. I personally blame everybody invovled and Id rather just remove myself from dealing with the shit. Rather that wasting my breath talking about Fuck R Kelly he is a sick fuck lol. So? There are millions of sick people walking around. Its all relative, honestly. In other countries, 16 is OOOOOTay! And who is to say that their culture is wrong. I personally rather scoff at preist touching on lil boys. Thats far more way gross, than some fast ass lil girl that signed up for it, knowing she’ll be legal soon (you girls know how yall think lol)
But Id like to see Flex spear hook R. Kelly because I think the shit would seriously be funny as fuck. I love fights lol.

I should start taking bets on whats the over/under on some celeb, or even better… some would be celeb (looking to be famous)… taking vigilante justice in their respective hands and attack R. Kelly. lol

Lastly Id like to say, dont R sound country as fuck? Maybe its because Im from LA. That nigga sounds like he has heavy bamma roots running through his blood. We all know how them niggas get down. I dont know why this shocks any one to be honest. No, thats not a knock on bammas. Well not really lol. I happen to be related to my fair share from a red state or 3. Them niggas… You would be surprised to find out whats OK in some of those areas. Im not trying to look down on nobody, but im also not trying to fucking participate. Just laugh from here and keep it moving!

high five to … thats where I got this shit from.

You Tube

Greed is a Sin, OK?

LOL I love the internet sometimes. Sometimes youre really high, and then somebody sends you a random link that kinda catches you off guard and you just fall the fuck out laughing at the inital bullshit that has been thrust upon you.

This picture is titled… Greed. Here is the link, because for whatever reason the fucking picture wont insert, even tho it says share this lol.

I can almost kinda sorta apperciate the “art” here. Except for there was clearly no effort made in the lighting of this picture. I say that because, The title is “Greed” and the item that I would guess that is suppose to be greed is the super glossy ass Monopoly box. You know what, maybe its suppose to be glowing or something. But Im going to go with no here.

So what we have here, is a naked nigga, an uncomfortably hairy naked nigga, in a sterling silver chain, and  shinny dreads, clutching a monopoly box, looking at the camera like he’s refusing to share his monopoly box that contains the secerts to his sexuality. But he will tell you, if he’s properly pursuaded. Still trying to see the Greed here tho. Greedy with my secerts? My Monopoly game? Im going to distract you when we play Monopoly by being naked when we are playing. Thus then, I would suppose, there would be the Greed? Because he will win with the naked distraction tactic? Yea Im stretchin, I know. lol

But what I do know is, that this shit aint got shit to do with Greed. This is a nigga who just wants to be naked on flickr for the sake of being naked on flickr. Or maybe he is trying to attract some kind of attention from the same sex as he is. In which case this nigga sucssed, if you notice the thrid comment down. Hopefully he likes white guys. Flickr, by the way is where I got the picture from – . If you were stupid enough to click on the link, you will notice there are other naked nigga photos in there. Honestly, I could have sworn I seen this shit some where before. Or maybe I might know this nigga? (dont know how that would be, but I know alot of people… so who knows) Or, I could honestly know somebody that does know this nigga and they could be close friends. Im not sure, and I wont aplogize until I find out, and maybe still not then lol.  (fat chance lol)

To further prove my point. If this was suppose to be some kind of “Art”… then I challenge you, the reader, to maybe explain to me why this man would not have bothered to photoshop out the white lint in the black velvet sheets in the background. Im sure that shit aint velvet, but I added that for effect lol.

If this man wanted a picture to represent Greed and be naked simultaniously, he could have done it a ton of different better ways. He could have done some shit like… I dont know, maybe he could have acted out him defending a big ass bag full of dicks and assholes. From a bunch of other photos of him about to pounce on him, trying to get to the big ass bag full of dicks and assholes… that he is guarding … fuckin naked of course, with a pair of dildo nunchucks.
lol now that would be greed. or just super fuckin gay and hilarious. Gotdamn lmao. This reminds me of the psuedo web artist on Black Planet back in the day lol.

When you work on the “other side” of the entertainment industry, and you find your self around and just seeing naked dudes more than you’d like. Forcing you to immediatly be secure in your masculinity. lol After a while, shit like this inst really gay, its just funny as fuck! LOL

The Pampered Black Man

I Dont Rhyme For The Sake of Riddlin’

When I was younger, I was a big ass Public Enemy fan.You can ask JD lol. My father was in the Nation of Islam, and all my friends branded me as a Militant lol. I mean, I was “militant” as fuck. To a fault sometimes, but that is the life of a “Militant” I guess lol. I wouldnt say I was militant, I was just more into the truth, and I would get upset when people would try to come at me with bullshit lol. Something that still pleagues me to this day, but I’ve been trying to battle that recently. I shouldnt get upset at things like that. Actually, watching Barack Obama effectively handle Hillary and Bill Clinton when they pulled out the classic white people tactic of pressing niggas buttons, in the special white person way, that they all seem to fucking have down pact lol. They went pretty far too. They straddled the racism line and everything. They did everything and used every tactic they could to make this man lose his temper and just bust out with a “BITCH PLEASE!!! Gotdamn shut that shit up already…” or the classic “its because im black”. They went with the stick to your own truth dispite the fact that real truth has been presented numerous times, tactic. They did the shit that McCain is doing right now, trying to be-little this mans accomplishments. They tried thier asses off. It was like by the time that they really felt like he had a good chance of winning, they didnt have long enough to really think and prepare for that, and didnt know how to attack him at all. Nothing would really work. The only two things that even work against the man is 1. his race and 2. the fact that he is a democrat and the country is split down the middle.

Watching Obama brain bang on Hillary and Bill, and then now watching how he is taking it to McCain and Palin. This has really been my inspiration to keep my temper through a storm of bullshit. Obama is clearly out smarting these people left and right. Not only that but he is better than them, at what they have been making a living on since the country has been established. No, I dont mean he is good at putting niggas to work. Well, maybe. Because I dont think all these news people really realize how Black people really get down.
If niggas supported, Micheal Jackson through touching kids, R Kelly pissing on girls, and OJ Simpson killing white people. Supporting a Black man for president, ON VOTING DAY? Especially with Palin running now? I think when the time comes the country will see whats crackin when its actually TIME to do something. Thats just what I think though. LOL aint like niggas havent let me down before.

Anyway, I didnt mean to start off on a rant, I just wanted to show off my new digs n shit lol. Like I was saying, when I was younger, I was a big Public Enemy fan. I had a few PE t shirts. But I always wanted a jacket. Never had the doe. But thanks to Obey, I was able to finally cop me a fresh ass PE jacket after all these years. Couldnt be happier!



Ah yea, dont hate on the Lo Teddy in the corner either bitch. lol A nigga like me couldnt be happier. I got one of the Obey / PE t shirts too. Because that shit goes nice with my Black and Mellow Yellow J’s!

Lastly, I leave you with the lyrics from one of my favorite Public Enemy tracks. Dont Believe The Hype. Fitting, yea?

Caught you lookin’ for the same thing
It’s a new thing check out this I bring
Uh Oh the roll below the level
‘Cause I’m livin’ low next to the bass C’mon
Turn up the radio
They claim that I’m a criminal
By now I wonder how
Some people never know
The enemy could be their friend guardian
I’m not a hooligan
I rock the party and

Clear all the madness, I’m not a racist
Preach to teach to all
‘Cause some they never had this
Number one, not born to run
About the gun…
I wasn’t licensed to have one

The minute they see me, fear me
I’m the epitome – a public enemy
Used, abused without clues
I refused to blow a fuse
They even had it on the news
Don’t believe the hype…

Was the start of my last jam
So here it is again, another def jam
But since I gave you all a little something
That we knew you lacked
They still consider me a new jack
All the critics you can hang’em
I’ll hold the rope
But they hope to the pope
And pray it ain’t dope

The follower of Farrakhan
Don’t tell me that you understand
Until you hear the man
The book of the new school rap game
Writers treat me like Coltrane, insane
Yes to them, but to me I’m a different kind
We’re brothers of the same mind, unblind
Caught in the middle and
Not surrenderin’
I don’t rhyme for the sake of of riddlin’
Some claim that I’m a smuggler
Some say I never heard of ‘ya
A rap burgler, false media
We don’t need it do we?
It’s fake that’s what it be to ‘ya, dig me?
Don’t believe the hype…

Don’t believe the hype – its a sequel
As an equal, can I get this through to you
My 98’s boomin’ with a trunk of funk
All the jealous punks can’t stop the dunk
Comin’ from the school of hard knocks
Some perpetrate, they drink Clorox
Attack the black, cause I know they lack exact
The cold facts, and still they try to Xerox

Leader of the new school, uncool
Never played the fool, just made the rules
Remember there’s a need to get alarmed
Again I said I was a timebomb
In the daytime the radio’s scared of me
‘Cause I’m mad, plus I’m the enemy
They can’t c’mon and play with me in primetime
‘Cause I know the time, plus I’m gettin’ mine

I get on the mix late in the night
They know I’m livin’ right, so here go the mike, sike
Before I let it go, don’t rush my show
You try to reach and grab and get elbowed
Word to herb, yo if you can’t swing this
Just a little bit of the taste of the bass for you
As you get up and dance at the LQ
When some deny it, defy if I swing bolos
Then they clear the lane I go solo
The meaning of all of that
Some media is the whack
You believe it’s true, it blows me through the roof

Suckers, liars get me a shovel
Some writers I know are damn devils
For them I say don’t believe the hype
Yo Chuck, they must be on a pipe, right?
Their pens and pads I’ll snatch
‘Cause I’ve had it
I’m not an addict fiendin’ for static
I’ll see their tape recoreder and grab it
No, you can’t have it back silly rabbit
I’m going’ to my media assassin
Harry Allen, I gotta ask him
Yo Harry, you’re a writer, are we that type?
Don’t believe the hype
I got flavor and all those things you know
Yeah boy, part two bum rush and show
Yo Griff, get the green black red and
Gold down countdown to Armageddon
-88 you wait the S1Ws will
Rock the hard jams – treat it like a seminar
Teach the bourgeoise, and rock the boulevard
Some sau I’m negative
But they’re not positive
But what I got to give…
The media says this

lol i could go on and on, but I got shit to do lol. Have fun clicking through the links. But if you do follow them, it might give you a little bit more incite to why I’m such a PE fan. I cant listen to militant rap all gotdamn day tho. Id honestly rather read a gotdamn book homie. I mean, how much fucking knowledge can you fit in a 3 min song? Or an album for that matter. Plus, Im suppose to take some rappers word for it? Chuck D, Ras Kass, Lil Wayne, I dont give a fuck. Ill be damn if I just take some rappers word on something serious and not at least go look it up. Especially with the internet these days, I mean damn. But, anyway lol thats why Im a PE fan, and always have been. Same reason Im a Wu-Tang Clan fan too though. But just throw in some TOUCH NOTCH mc’n and oh boy. Bliss through beats and rhymes.

The Pampered Black Man

Darth Uhmah Saves The Day

Back when OSX first came out, I became a Mac user. Dont remember when that was. Maybe 2002. I became a Mac user. Mainly because I came up on one for cheap lol. The one day some how some way, my PC fucked up, and I became a full time Mac user, for years. like… 3. lol. Maybe 2 and some change. I dont remember all the way.

I decided to switch back to a PC, because the whole mac situation just irritated me (lol sorry, not really). And every pc ive ever put together, has run faster than any store bought mac Ive ever bought. Well, some years ago, for no good reason, one of my back up hard drives on my pc just fucking up and died on me. What was on that drive? All my music, and all my pictures. It was about 6 years of pictures on that hard drive. Some people may remember there used to be a photoblog on this site (which is coming back at some point.) all those photos, were lost. All the pictures I had planned to put on that photoblogger were lost. Alot of my memories, just gone. I still have the hard drive. And I plan on getting everything off that drive some day, one way or another. Which my shit died, I shed a few tears. Sigh, around that time, I dont know… I was going through so much, and my whole life was slowly falling apart all around me in damn near every aspect, and I couldnt do shit about it, no matter how hard I tried. This was just 1 more thing to the pot, that eventually led to me having a nervious fucking break down lol. (im not playing lol i really did have one for the most part)

Anyway, way back when, I named my Mac… Darth Uhmah. Because by coping the mac, I felt like I went to the dark side lol. But I was really loving the Mac, so fuck it. I named it after the ultimate representive of the Dark Side of the force. The Darth. Not Darth Vadar particularly, because if youre live like that, youre gonna get the title of Darth… Maul, Vadar, etc. LOL I take pride in naming my shit for whatever reason. I also used to have a hard drive named “Fredie Five Fingers”, “Dr. Orange” all kinds of shit. lol

So on with the story and the point of this post, kinda lol. Recently I switched over this site from using wordpress and a whole bunch of other free scripts around the net to just one simple Expression Engine install, which has been fucking great so far. I did have to break ALL of my gotdamn links, site and everything else. But eh, fuck it, who cares, I dont try to make any money off this site. Its really just for me to practice. Thats why alot of shit on this site never works lol. Because I use this site to fuck up on lol.

However, when I switched to Expresson Engine, I quickly found out, the default templates and the free templates are fucking awful lol. I was trying to get the fuck off my high and perfect horse, and I was just gonna let this site look any kinda way. And I did, I am proud of myself for letting it look like it did for as long as it did. Shit was rough lol. So after a while, and after my work load got a tad lighter. I decided to put together at least just a temporary sitaution that looked better than the last shit. Which this is.

So I was sitting around thinking of something that I would be OK with as a temporary solution, and I thought so myself… Why dont you use something old that you never put up? Which seemed like a great idea, except for I couldnt find any of my old artwork. Turns out, it was all on my old Darth Uhmah hard drive, that I had laid out to pasture because I havent used my G4 for years. So I fire up that bitch and low and behold, I found a bulk of all my old pictures! I swear, I shed a few tears. I can count on 1 hand the times I have cried tears of joy. This was one of them. There are still a ton of pictures that are still lost on that dead hard drive, but i found all the first pictures I ever took. Thousands. You talk about HELLA fuckin Happy? Man, Ive been going through most of them all day. I havent gotten shit done. lol.

So now lol, the site. Since I found ALL of my old artwork, that I havent seen in years. I figure, why not put it up? Might as well. There is a buncha shit I need to put on this site that Ive done over the years that have never seen the light of day. Want an example? Click here lol. Sigh, I think I might actually do something with that too some how some way…. one damn day lol.

About the background image, Uhmah Everywhere. I remember back in the day, a few graphic designers I knew, or knew of rather. Because still to this day, I dont know any of the people I started out with. I just know of them lol. So back in the day, a few graphic designers around the net took the logos from their site or some other design they did, and they would make stickers. They would make stickers and then paste them around their respective cities, take pictures and what not. I always thought it was pretty damn cool lol. I always wanted to do the same thing, but I didnt wanna pay for the fucking stickers, nor did I wanna be a biter. But I still wanted to do the same thing kinda. I also have this thing about me where Im SUPER competitive. So if Imma do something similar to somebody else, I have to 1 up them lol. So I thought it would be dope if I could get The Uhmah ( the moai with the afro lol ) on the side of a building or a truck or a bill board or something. Now, a nigga like myself would REALLY wasnt about to pay for that shit lol. And 1 upping these dudes wasnt all that serious to me, so I was like fuck it, Ill just practice my photoshopping by photoshopping the uhmah on the side of different shit. Turns out I only had time to do 1. This was it lol.

I was gonna touch it up and make it look better. The picture was taken with a 2 mp camera in like… 2002 I beleive. On the freeway lol. Syl and I were going some where. I didnt take this picture with the intent on using it for this. I just have a thing for Disel Trucks. That thing is Im actually scared of them shits. And when I say scared, I dont mean scared in the traditional sense. I just fear them shits on the road. My father used to drive an hour down the 10 both ways every day to work when I was younger, and he used to tell me all kinds of stories about 16 wheelers fucking people up, and almost fucking him up a bunch of times. So naturally when my Black ass started driving, I will RUN like a girl from a fucking Diesel truck on the road. Its hard to tell with the way I drive, but trust me. Im totally scared of them shits.

Speaking of old shit and trucks though, here goes more evidence to go against what I was JUST saying lol

LOL No, I didnt take that picture, but I did make the girl with the fro lol.
I was gonna do a flash project called “The Big Uhmah Trucking Co.” to work on my flash skills, get some practice in, and to use a bunch of pictures I took of trucks. ( I used to have a bunch ). I think I made this graphic in 2002 too.

Ive been going through my old artwork all day too… LOL some of this old shit I did, I think is incrediably lame now… some of it is just bad. … and well never see the light of day lol.


So now this shit looks different, and I can sleep at night. LOL. This site is a constant work in motion, so if its fucked up. Then so what lol.

Blowed Thoughts

How to explain Twitter to your friends

Or anybody else for that matter. lol

Since I’ve started fucking with twitter, Ive noticed that you find your self explaining what the fuck Twitter is. Shits difficult. Before I joined, I just didnt fucking get it myself. I think Liz tried to explain it to me a few times, but I still didnt fucking get it. And I’ve been on the internet since 97 lol. To tell the truth, even after I joined the shit I still didnt really get the point of it. But eventually, lol I got it.

So once you join Twitter, you find your self explaining what the fuck Twitter is to people who used to be just like you lol. And you will quickly find, the shit is kinda difficult. Sometimes youre in the middle of trying to tell somebody what the fuck Twitter is, and you find your self, asking yourself. Self, this sounds kinda silly, why do i fuck with this shit again? lol.

I think the real reason that I started fucking with Twitter, was so I could get down to the bottom of what twitter really was. Not really, I was bored and needed something new to fuck with after I got bored with Facebook. So after being blowed and fucking with Twitter for a lil while now. One day I was at a party, and dont ask me how, but somebody started talking about Twitter and of course, somebody asked what Twitter was. And as I sat there and watched (dont remember who it was) try to explain that shit, and served up a cup full of confusion lol. I was pretty drunk and high, sitting watching whoever it was just get more confused, and it kinda just came to me! Ive been on the net for a long time, and I started off in Yahoo chat. It seems alot of people who got on the internet around that time, they did alot of chat rooming. So I know chat, when I see chat. Twitter is alot like chat, a BIG ASS Chat room. So this is what I had to tell this person, and I they basically got it. So I’ve been telling people the same shit, some still dont get it. And I wouldnt call these people dumb, I’d just say they just couldnt wrap their head around it still. Some people just cant see shit in their head like that. (dumb asses lol)

Twitter is alot like chat. Lets just say, youre in a room full of people saying random bullshit. But you dont have to listen to it all. You can select the people you want to listen to (which is called “following”). And while listening to the people you want to listen to. You can reply to the random bullshit somebody said. All the while, you can put your random bullshit in the air, and if what you have to say, somebody else wants to hear. They will too, start listening to you. Possibly replying to the random bullshit you have said.
And like anything else, depending on who you are, and what the fuck you have to say, more and more people will start to listen. In any case, if you have something to sell or promote, this is another way to get the word out about your site… to some degree. With anything, it depends how you work it and what you want out of it.

Youre on your own from there. Because the next set of questions I SUPER fucking hate. So ummm, where can I get a twitter program? Do I have to go to the site just to put stuff up? So on and so on. Thats when I usually abandon the conversation lol. I hate explaining shit and not getting paid for it. And when I do get paid for it, I charge ALOT more. Fuck that. Knowledge is power nigga. AND taxable homie. You had to pay for your college education, you gotta cheese a nigga off for this big bag of internet knowledge Im sitting on over here. And of course, you have the option not to. You also have the option of teaching your self. Like I did. Enjoy. The choice is yours homie. Im getting paid either way. Its just a matter of how much. I could go on and on. lol.

But you get my point. I aint explaining shit, other than go to and look for the good word. Or maybe find twitter fox and get to reading. I already gave you the basic concept. lol Shit, hit me up, I’ll follow you lol. Thats as far as I’m going. I suck? so what.

Honestly. They shouldnt give niggas like me, technology like this. Shits way too entertaining. On so so many levels. At least to me.