Uhmah Park

Month: August 2008

Contrasting Perspectives

My cousin Drew, aka, Con-Drucius says: Holding on to perspectives; We as a species are forever stuck in a state of intellectual infancy as long as people often name their children Hope or Faith but never Reason or Logic. OJ Says: whats wrong with that? somebody gotta do the hard work. fuck the dumb. lol We cant all be smart. God doesnt want it that way (according to me and as far as i can tell). Nothing would get done.

Rightious Pair

Yesterday I was rolling around the internet. Yes, I say “rolling around the internet(s)” because, I dont fucking surf. The “surfing the net” has always been lame to me. Anyway, so I found this here… Chilli Red Air Max 95s! These shits are fucking dope! I was just saying I needed more red in my wardrobe. Apparently these are exclusively at Footaction, and there are like 12 per store. Which is wack. Im sure there are no 13’s left no where. I just checked, and they’re arent. fuckin shit. Anyway, Im also cool on paying 250 for these bitches. If […]

George Bush Is one of my Heros

I know what alot of people are saying to themselves right now, He cant possibly mean that. Especially with him posting a picture of this jack ass holding the flag backwards. Yes, I mean it, and let me explain why. Most people see The President of the United States holding the flag of the country he presides over, fucking backwards lol. At first site, this picture is FUCKING HILARIOUS! The look on his face alone, my God. Then the girl to the right, looking like she knows something is wrong but she is wondering how to go about telling this […]

John Edwards – Whats on your Ipod?

Today John Edwards admitted he was fucking around on his wife, around 1996 or so. Apparently his wife and his family knew about it, and they had resolved the issue a long time ago. But he has been lying about the shit since 2007. His bad. lol But good ol John is defending his baby daddy status to Rielle Hunter’s baby. He has even volunteered to go on Mauray and put this all to rest. After his announcement, some how he left his ipod behind, and come to find out John Edwards is a big Rick Ross fan. How bout […]

Mellow Yellows

Blog post for the fuck of it. Liz has a great lens on her camera. I need to get up on it. I already steal her Blogger entries. lol Shes lucky I dont have a Nikon or I would have pocketed that shit lol. I also posted these because I have a Flickr account now. I tried not to believe in that shit for a long time. But fuck it lol.