Uhmah Park

Month: June 2008

Its not just you, Bill hates Windows too.

Well… HATE is clealry too strong of a word if you read the article I read on switched.com. Which links an article from a Seattle news paper. Which shows a email wrote by aBillie Himself, where he goes on and on and on about how windows is a super pain in the ass basically. Its great. Sadly though, probably just like Bill. I stil prefer Windows over a Mac. I just do. Macs move too slow for me. Sorry. And no im not talking about the processor speed. I used a mac for 2 years. I have the right to […]

My George Carlin Entry

George Carlin died today and there are millions of people on the internet typing out entries as to how great he was. He was indeed a great comic. I’ve been watching his act since I was like 10. I didnt get some of the jokes of course, but I was a pretty smart kid and I’ve been watching the news since I can remember. So, I kinda kept up. But I’d just like to point out one thing. George Carlin died at 71. John McCain, is currently 71 if I’m not mistaken. I’m just sayin. Let’s just say, God forbid, […]

Ring My Bell

Hilarious. lol seven7emcees: Shan said “i’m talkin’ planes and boats, cuz i spit shit directly aimed at throats, i got doorbells wit’ REAL bitches singin’ the notes..” O2thaJ: ! O2thaJ: gotdamn! seven7emcees: MC Shan is hard B O2thaJ: with real bitches singin the notes O2thaJ: thats the one right there lol seven7emcees: lol haha O2thaJ: jesus christ lol seven7emcees: nekkid bitches on the doorstep O2thaJ: DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Daddy somebody at the dooooorrrrrr… O2thaJ: lmao O2thaJ: that would be wonderful O2thaJ: imma be thinking about that shit for the rest of the day lmao seven7emcees: lol he come out with his […]

Twit me not… So gotdamn much

I’ve been noticing all over the internet, people complaining that twitter goes down way too much. Word? I’ll just have to take every bodies word for it. I’ve never really seen twitter go down myself. But then again, I dont really browse twitter… like at all. Maybe when I get a notice of some sort. But thats it, and thats rare. However though, I do have a twitter account and what not. I just had to know what the rave was all about. Still really haven’t seen it. Althought it is the guts from time to time. When I first […]

A Nigga Just Be Confused

I only spelled it out “confused” for search engine (and my purposes if I ever need to search the shit out myself). But this nigga really said was fucking “confRUsed” LMAO “… A nigga just be conFRUSed *wemper – weap*” Ok, I dont like Young Buck. Not just because he is a wack on the mic. But I have a cousin who HATES this nigga because he put his hands on her in a disrepectful manner. So before, I just thought he was wack in general. But now its fuck that nigga. So… lol if youre gonna call a nigga […]

The World Famous Bumble Bee Story

I dont know what the fuck my problem is. For whatever reason, I’ve never posted the Bumble Bee story on my blogger. I have no clue why. Oh well. Anyway. “The Bumble Bee Story”, will now be referred to as The World “Famous Bumble Bee Story”. Why? Well, because I said so. Sounds like its great as it really is. Also because I’ve gotten all kinds of emails from people all over telling me about how they laugh and laugh at this story. I feel like I’ve done some kind of disserivce to my reading public or something by not […]

The Exchange 002 – Teenage Love Affair

I’ve been waiting around all day for Liz to make this damn post lol. I’m so fucking lazy lmao. ======= Welcome back for the second installment of The Exchange (explanation here for the late folks). This week our theme is Teenage Love Affair. The Playlist and Who’s Who: George | Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell Liz | My Heart Belongs to You – Jodeci Eyejammy | She’s Playing Hard to Get – Hi-Five Kate | Treehouse – I’m From Barcelona Ouxu | Crazy Love – Brian McKnight Panama | Let’s Chill – Guy Cye | Knockin the Boots – […]

The Exchange

So the other day, the homie Jen decides to start a mixtape group called the exchange. I’d say more but it appears that Liz has done all the hard work. So Imma just copy and paste her shit. HA! +++++++++++++++++++++ 12 Fresh People. 12 Fresh Tracks. The Exchange. Today I am happy to introduce to you a weekly podcasting-ish/mixtape collabo project that I am apart of. It’s called The Exchange and it’s composed of me and 11 of the freshest people on the Internets. Every week we pick a theme, submit a track, and put it all together for you […]

Charlie In Brentwood!

I cant believe Dave had these hats in his fuckin house. This is like me growing cotton and watermelon in my backyard. But good thing these guys are good drunken sports for the photo! These fools was hella faded way before we even left Dave’s spot to bar hop! When we hit the streets it was a fuckin WRAP! lmao. (yes thats a white belt… shhhh. no its not a karate belt.) So as drunk as these fools was, we hit some street in Santa Monica that I’ve only been to twice and I was drunk as fuck both times […]