Uhmah Park

Month: February 2008

Negative Shit

Usually, taking a crap is suppose to provide some relief to your bowels, guts and what not. But have you ever taken a shit, and got up from the toilet and didnt feel like you walked away with a positive experience. Dont really even blame your self… give the toilet a dirty ass look. Like its the toilets fault your guts are folded. lol I dont know what the hell I ate. But if my next session goes like that, lets just say I aint looking forward to it. Imma have to start drinking more water or something.

Ante UP!

For all you blood sucking, leeching ass, capitalizing on a niggas generosity fucks who was on a niggas rapid share account. lol Its time for you niggas to Ante Up! Shit needs to be re-newed. LOL yall know a nigga doesnt really mind, but put some doe in a nigga pocket if youre gonna use my shit. Its only fair lol. I cant always sponsor niggas good times out this bitch lol. At least put 5 on it. AT LEAST… more wont kill some of you undercover ballers out there. I know who you niggas are lol. Dont make a […]

ARRRG!!! Pandemic of Modation Sweeps White Community

Ive been laughing to myself all day. I live in a white neighborhood, and there were a bunch of Mitt Romney signs posted around here. Which was kind of alarming first of all. It kind of told me a little bit more about the people I swerve around when I decide to leave the house. But now… Romney has thrown in the towel. I wonder how all those people feel now? Another white area I used to live in, Rancho Cucamonga ( yes its a real place for the millionth time lol). There were tons of Romney supporters out there. […]

Pau Gasol = White Jesus!

Anybody that knows me knows I’m a huge Laker Fan. I’ve never blogged about the Lakers too much, because I always get trapped into defending Kobe’s character as a person. And as a basketball player and los angeles resident and disenchanted muthafucka over all… I can say that Kobe Bryant is my fucking favorite basketball player since The Duce Tray himself. But me and that nigga aint fucking friends. I dont know why he is arrogant, ok? But I can assure you the shit doesnt fucking bother me, Im pretty arrogant most of the time my gotdamn self. I dont […]