Blowed Thoughts

Better Education?

People say they want better education in this country. Oh?

I was thinking, what does better education REALLY mean?

Doesnt it mean more competition for naturally smart and driven muthafuckas? Who wants more competition? We all cant build myspace and facebook.

Maybe thats why rich people put there kids in private schools and well to do areas have better public schools than urban areas. Notice alot of people who went to private schools run the country and control funds that are dispersed to public schools and the like? Im just sayin. Somebody gotta actually do the fuckin work lol.

Competition is a muthafucka.

Blowed Thoughts

Its Raining Weed!

Just as I post about how people think I smoke too much, and I really dont. Turns out later on, I had a pretty blowed thought. I was rollin me a blunt of LA Confidential ( one of my favs… mmmm) , and I dropped a nugget on the floor as I was breakin it up. Then as I go to retrieve said nug, I noticed an even bigger nugget of some shit I must have dropped at some other point, because this nugget was purple as hell. I dont remember dropping that shit though! But gotdamn was I happy to find it!
lol click it...

So as I sat and watched Frisky Dingo and smoked this blunt of greatness. I had a thought. What if there were little monsters that lived under my desk and smoked up all the weed Ive dropped over the years. Because Im sure Ive dropped plenty, but I rarely ever fucking find it. I dropped a quarter of a joint some where around here one day, and that muthafucka has fucking disappeared. So did this really great pipe I used to have. Shits gone. I hardly ever find weed on the floor, but I know Ive dropped a bunch! It makes no sense. So maybe there are some little monsters that scoop up all the herb I drop and smoke that shit when I leave. Its not like I’d notice somebody had been smoking in here. Because it usually smells like weed in here… or those Method joints from target. Them shits are great.
But now that I think about it… If they started smoking when I was smoking, I wouldnt notice then either, and would explain me never really finding any weed on the floor.
Well, its either that or maybe the fact that I pay niggas to come through and clean my house bi-weekly. And I know they dont smoke lol. That shit probably just get vacummed up. Which is kind of fucking heart breaking at the moment. sigh. damn.

Id honestly rather there be little monsters that live under my couch and under my desk that smoke up all my dropped weed rather all that bomb get thrown away with the other bullshit thats on my floor lol.

Blowed Thoughts You Tube

Can You Get Away?

So… whats the over under on how long it took for this white boy to get his ass whooped?


This shit is so fucking funny to me… I cant fucking help it. At first look… it may look like this Black guy is some white washed nerdy guy. With his scraggly white friend. Until that expensive ass TV meets its end. This is about to turn into a nigga moment soon. lol

Every time I see this shit, I think in my head, that the narrative voice says “CAN you get away?” Not, Wanna get away?? lol that question isnt really valid in this case I believe lol.  Because there isnt any question if this muthafucka WANTS to get away. But this nigga here looks pretty fucking pissed lol

Can you get away sir? lol if you can, kudos lol. Too bad the actual ass kicking to follow isnt really relevant to the commercial. oh well lol.

I also would like to say that the NEW southwest commercials about the productivity enhancements are the funniest yet! Thats the commercial I really wanted to blog about lol. Way to say FUCK BASEBALL, take southwest airlines. I love it.