Uhmah Park

Month: December 2007

Everybody Thinks This Is Me

Even some people that know very very well think this is me. Which only proves me to that nobody pays attention to me at all, but whatever. Its the guts tho, I make more money than them same muthafuckas lol. But Im the loser. Apartment ass niggas lol. I dont smoke THAT much. I just smoke REALLY good. lol Better than most people in fact. Although Im sober at the moment, there is doe to make.

I Wanna Work From Home Too!

If you a frequent watcher of espn or headline news like I am, then maybe youve heard of “The Work At Home Institute” (watch me get hella spam now lol). And I had a thought. First of all, lol, if you check the website, this fucking place has a fucking “seal” that says “POSTERUS SECURUS” lmao which is the guts in its self. But every time I see this commercial about how you can work at home, and these people will show you how… I think to my very blowed  self, I wonder how the people who have to go […]