On GP (General Purposes)

Mail It In Fridays

My cousin JD and I have phrases and terminology we use (as well as the rest of my friends) that say alot. One of those things is “Mail It In Friday’s” (or cash it in…)

This comes from those times where its a Thrusday night, and maybe youre planning on getting some work done on Friday, maybe youre gonna work hard in the morning and then bullshit the rest of the day, take an early day n shit.

Then all of a sudden, its Friday morning and youre trying your hardest to get something done but you keep going in circles. Bullshiting, getting up, walking around, making excuses. Usually when I catch myself doing this… I just cash it in, fuck it. Why waste time trying to do something Im trying to avoid doing for whatever reason (because its Friday and I got other shit on my mind). Id rather spend the time I waste on the net and talking to people actually doing something worth wild, instead of bullshiting. Or in the case of actually having a real job where it gotta look like youre working (been there too), I focus more on making it LOOK like Im working foreal. But really, I couldnt be bullshiting any harder lol.  I miss that shit sometimes, that shit is fun lol.
At the very least tho, I try to set up shit for Monday. I might be a bullshiter but productivity is still a must.

My only problem though. If Im not working, that usually leads to massive amounts of boredom for me lol. I feel it creeping up on me now.

Music Video Reviews

Breakfast Of Champions – Consequense

this guy is dope. this video is dope. he only rap one way it seem like though. you may remember him from rippin apart that good bad ugly track with kanye. shit was great.

I had to post this on the strength of JD hype. lol

The female in this video is cold business. I like its short sweet, fine girl, dope rhymes, not complicated. high five!

lol if it wasnt for id probably never watch videos lol

Blowed Thoughts

No, Its the dust homie

So I was sitting here watching espn. And it seems that the DLP people have paid for alot of advertising on the network. Ive seen every version of “Its the MEEEEEERs”. You know this commercial here:


First of all… let me tell you why this is a blowed commercial. Because there is a little white girl walking around with a muthafuckin elephant and nobody ask questions. They just wanna know whats in the box. In other versions of this commercial this lil girl is dealing with some niggas. And they dont ask about the fuckin elephant either. What the fuck is the point of the gotdamn elephant? Im sure somebody asked that question, and the asshole who put this together probably said something like, “we wanted to get across the whole big thing”. He was fulla shit. He was fucked up when he came up with that idea.

Then, here come this little girl talking about she got some magic in the box, she open it and some gold and dust come out, and then now everybody see something way bigger than it was before lol. And she says its the mirrors. No its not, you just got everybody high, and you know it! Elephant high, she high, everybody around is high. seeing shit at astronomical ass sizes. Talkin about oh its so clear. No, its not, its big as fuck jack ass. It was clear to begin with because you was just there looking at it in person. The shit sure isnt any more clear on my tv. Its just big as fuck and still on tv, looking like its on tv, big as fuck.

Just say youre high. I am, and the commercial makes me laugh because its a blowed commercial. I love blowed commercials lol. Its the mirrors lol that shit is halarious lol.

On GP (General Purposes)

Ebony And Ivory

…. And the “Nigga What Are You Doing? Award” for the month of November 2007, goes to Micheal damn Jackson. This is like Brittney not wearing draws to the club and letting TMZ know what time she was gonna leave and how many drinks she would have probably had by nights end. This shit is the guts.

I dont know what funny guy at Ebony thought it would be fucking hilarious to put Micheal Jacksons pale ass on the Cover of Ebony, draped in a white ass suit no less. No, Im not bitching that there is a “white person” on the cover of Ebony. Thats just dumb. I just find the whole shit funny, but I could be reading too much into this. Seeing what I want to see just to amuse myself while im this blowed. But…

When I first saw it on the Fox 11 Good Day LA Show this morning. I was walking past the tv on my way to take my morning shit from my morning cup of coffee. I saw this shit, and I had to stop and take that shit in all the way. And just as I thought it, the girl on tv… Jillian Barberie (and all her frontal glory)… said something to the effect “Oh wow, they should call the magazine ‘Ivory'”. I feel like she beat me to the joke because she said it out loud before I could. Dammit. Oh well lol. That shit was funny none the less though. I think the laughter jarred loose my bowels. High Five.

Anyway… So I thought this would be pretty damn funny… in addition lol.

Id almost like to ask this man, What the fuck were YOU thinking when you said OK to this shit. lol.

I cant stand how funny this picture is. Even with out me have photoshoping Ivory over the shit. lol.

Dont get me wrong. I love Mike, he’s still the king in my eyes. But no one is safe from an obvious joke lol. Its like yall choose to do put that shit up. And I choose to crack a obvious joke on one of my favorite entertainers lol. Nigga should have known better lol.

MAN! Youre on the cover of EBONY! LOOKING like a WHITE PERSON. NOT looking like you looked a short 20 something years ago on the gotdamn Thriller cover youre trying to celebrate. Muthafuckas already say you look like a white woman! WHY WEAR THE WHITE SUIT TO BOOT?!?!? Gotdamn. Some niggas just refuse not to do it to themselves. Im convinced. lol
And before anybody waste their precious time on another obvious joke, Ill save you another one.
“The only thing Black in that picture is the ink on the paper!” and every variation of that statement.

lol oh boy what a half ass photoshop job lol. shit still makes me laugh though. I couldnt help myself. LOL forgive me lol. Not really, I dont fuckin care lol This shits fuckin funny.

I leave you with words from the homie max:

Maxaint:man that nigga went from peter pan to willy wonka. offering kids chocolate n shit

LMAO fucking shit.

On GP (General Purposes) You Tube


I hate halloween. The only consession that halloween offers is all the females dressed up all slut like. But a quick BOOOOO for all you girls who try to dress up like sluts but still fail miserably and or the girls who should be trying to be slutty at all because its gross, you make things harder than they have to be. You know you suck. Stop already this shit is suppose to already be scary enough. We dont know you fucking things up further.

That being said. My cousin JD has the same disdain for halloween like I do. Here are his thoughts :

What in the world is it with Halloween and work?  Why do people think just because its Halloween its ok to play dress up in a place of business?  Lets get something straight in my own opinion and that’s all this is, my own opinion.  But if you are over the age of 9, and you can’t wait to play dress up, and you do it at work, you’re a loser.  If I ran a business, I go ahead and allow people to dress up for Halloween, but only because I want to get an accurate view of the people who I don’t want to promote, and who I might want to take a  second look at as to whether or not that person should be employed by me.  Cuz heaven forbid if I was on the verge of giving Frankenstein, a big raise and promotion.  Just wont cut it, sorry.  Look its not to late you can go home now and change into your regular work gear and everything will be fine. I know there are a bunch of people at my old job all dressed up right now, and some of them are probably reading this. Hey J , why are you being such a jerk why are you begin such a buzz kill, it’s a joke its funny…  

Um no its not, it’s only funny to the other people over 8 years old that are wearing costumes.

Understand, I still like you guys, but you are playing dress up and you probably all have kids that are too old to be playing dress up.

“Hey J lighten up come on now, your pissing me off…”     I don’t need to lighten up you need to act your age. I can’t get any good service because you are to focused on how good you look in your vampire outfit.

I can’t even go anywhere today because I don’t want to see grownups who are supposed to be conducting business and there in costumes.  I need to go to the bank today, I need to go cash a check before other checks start bouncing all over the place, no thanks ill wait till Thursday.  I’m not having some dope dressed up like cricket handling my monetary affairs and talking to me like they aren’t dressed up like some jack ass.  Gotta go to the grocery store, no thanks, I’d rather starve.  And God forbid that I need to go to the emergency room for something, I don’t want Batman looking me over, or Cleopatra jamming me with a needle, and consistently missing the vein because she is too focused on how she looks in her costume.

J what if your wife was a dentist and she walked out in her full Wizard of Oz gear?   Damn, now  Ill admit that puts you in a  tough spot and I’m not gonna call my wife a loser, but I would reconsider my marriage of 10 years.

Let me give you an appraisal of some of the stuff I have dealt with at work:

There is a gypsy drinking a latte and pecking at her keyboard probably while making personal calls.  An Asian man dressed up as a pimp.  A dude wearing a WW2 military uniform shooting rubber bands and paperclips at people, doing barrel rolls in between cubicles and a woman dressed up as a witch handing out candy making jokes about how witch rhymes with bitch, and how her husband might think she is the latter.   I have seen a boss and his assistant dressed as Cobra Kai (from the karate kid movie).  I wish someone dressed up as Mr. Miyagi would have karate chopped them in the gotdamn throat.  Good fuckin grief someone shoot me in the face right now please.  There is a California raisin on the phone currently helping members of Kaiser Permanente obtain appointments for surgical procedures.  I wonder how comfortable they would be if they knew a California raisin is responsible for there healthcare

Look you guys might hate what I’m saying, but I’m just saying what everybody is thinking, you hate me now, but you’ll thank me later, I’m doing you a favor.  Im helping you not look like a dork for one day out of the year.

Ok I went to the bank, at lunch and I wish I took my own advice, I just got a deposit handled by Richard Simmons, and if the gotdamn frizzy ass wig, and tight candy stripe shorts weren’t enough, he even did the lisp.  See I’m not going anywhere, Richard Simmons taking my deposit just ruined my day, I rather have damaged my credit, even more, and bounced checks, than hand over money to Richard Simmons like I just did.  It ruined my whole day.  Damn it.

On that note I cant wait to take my daughter trick or treating, she is gonna be a cat, she is 4.  She has 5 more years she better enjoy while she can.  And I better not see any dumb ass teenagers running around with their pillowcases, slapping on a wig and calling it a costume in an effort to score some free candy.  I’m punching those kids right in the neck.  And I’m gonna have on my George Bush mask so they can’t tell who did it.

 This nigga is hilarious lol. Gotdamn.

Next, Id like to share this video with you lol


LMAO!!!! This was the funniest shit Ive seen in a long time!! Gotdamn, you cant scare niggas like that and not have to pay some kind of price normally. Youre gonna either hurt or embarrassed, or both. As in the case with this idiot lol.
See, this is what happens whens Black people are killed off early in horror movies. Little white kids grow up and think they can just scare any random nigga aint there wouldnt be some kind of price to pay. From the bullshit theyve been seeing. Nigga get scared, nigga usually catch some kind of blunt and or sharp object to the head, nigga dead.
When, in real life it wouldnt exactly go down like that. It would be more like this video above. That muthafucka could have popped out with a knife he STILL would have gotten knocked the fuck out!! lmao gotdamn!!

He MELTED Back into the trash can! FUCK! The lid closed and everything!!! There wont be anything funnier than this for a while. Let me break this down for you, and why its SOOOO gotdamn funny to me.

– First of all, this Nigga is dark as shit, and his name is Tyrone. So, here we have Tyrone who ISNT going trick or treating, WONDER WHY!? Guess you got your answer lol.
– Next, basically what happen here as a end result, the Black guy knocked out some white guy who tried to play a trick on him. HA! He got what he deserved lol.
– Next, let this be a lesson to white people every where. Scaring Black people is never a good thing. You muthafuckas didnt SCARE us over here lol. What the fuck did you THINK was gonna happen? Well if you cant put it together, I’ll tell you. If you scare a Black person, 1 of 2 things will more than likely happen. 1. You might get fucked up. 2. We might run and you will be left there by your gotdamn self looking foolish. Its really a 50 – 50 either or. And it breaks down a few different ways. Some niggas will try to run first, and if they cant run, then they might fuck you up. Some niggas swing first, ask questions later. Some niggas, like me, will do a combonation of both. Ill hit you and wont wait around for you to hit the floor lol. Then I’ll try to find out what happen lol. Fuck the dumb lol.
– Next, this nigga had  his back turned to the trash can, and his hands behind his back. So essentially, he turned around and had to swing his fist ALL the way around his body, stepped into the punch and slept that man lol. And he just melted back in the trash can, lid closed and everything lmao
– This man homeboys was some bitches lol. So the Black guy socks the would be frightener in the eye. He then backs up a few steps after serving up hot fire to this guys face. The camera follows him back, and what do you see in the background. His homeboys walkin off looking over their shoulders, laughing acting like they didnt have shit to do with it. Fearing they might be next on be put on the ZZZZZ Express. But they was laughin as they walked off. They pan back over to the trash can. The muthafucka with the mic didnt even look in the trash can to see if ol boy was alright! Nobody did! Everybody immediately broke out n shit lol.

Way too gutty!