Uhmah Park

Month: October 2007

Dont Be Mad / UPS Is Hirin’

Youre mad because my style/ youre admirin’ Dont Be Mad / UPS Is Hirin’ – Biggie – excerpt from the greatest verse in hiphop ever, yea I said it! So there is this rapper on the east coast named Ransom, dont know who he is? Me either, Im a West Coaster and everything out there dont really make its way out here. But thanks to the internet, the bridge is really short these days. Horay. Still dont know who this dude is? Neither do I… Google It. (LMAO You might get this joke later) Anyway, like I was saying. Some […]

There Are Two Guys On My Roof Right Now…

… and they are having a conversation. Would it be rude of me to ease drop? Who cares, these muthafuckas are on MY roof. For what reason? I have no clue. (turns out they were clearing leafs out of the gutter) I live in a little condo village or what have you. So I hope that clears up any questions as to why there are two muthafuckas on my roof right now. I dont know what the fuck they are doing up there. But it isnt the first time there has been somebody on the roof and I didnt know […]

Guilt Free Racisim For Everyone!

I know for sure, Im not the only person out there who watches Cavemen on ABC. I might be one of two Black people that watch this show though, because out of most of my friends that Ive polled (the majority of whom happen to be Black like myself) none of them watch the show. Except for my cousin JD, and I dont know if he still watches it. Anyway, here we have a show where FINALLY the guys in hollywood get to be racist, and EVERYBODY thinks its funny. I mean, I personally think its the fucking guts. I […]

10 Years of Fuckery

Yahoo mail turned 10 years old the other day, can you believe that shit? Here it is, a tool alot of people rely on for their day to day. And its only 10 years old. Amazing. I remember when they first launched this bullshit. I never really liked it. They improved it a bunch of times. But every since google mail came out, theyve been playing catch up. Opps. The whole yahoo camp must feel like jack asses. At one point, yahoo had everything there ever was. And nobody could really challenge them. There shit wasnt the greatest, but it […]

Reaching Out To The Black Kayaking Enthusiast

My homeboy Dell showed me this earlier. This shit was so funny I couldnt even fucking laugh. I really held back my laughter because I was afraid I wouldnt stop for a while; and or fucking suffocate my self, either or. Im posting this for some of my favorite people. The ones that find this OVERLY funny, just like I do. I know I dont get to talk to yall all that much, but I miss yall. lol African-American Boycott of L.L. Bean Enters 80th Year Shits the GUTS, the Black dude at the end fucking kills me. And then […]

The Great Eddie Jones

Only my true Laker fans will apperciate this here. Many people dont know, that Eddie Jones was Kobe Bryant before Kobe got to the Lakers. Ahhh I remember watching Laker games waiting for Eddie to smash on somebody. It was great!! Until Kobe got there, and then stole the fuckin show. Oops. I think Eddie Jones is great, but he aint dropin 81. Even in the eastern confrence. But that in no way takes away from his greatness! It was a sad day when Eddie was traded, sigh. Good thing we’ve had Kobe to fill that void all this time. […]