Uhmah Park

Month: August 2007

Pistol Grip Pump

I was raised in the hood called what the diffrence The brothers in the hood be chivalrous So I rest defense on my ligaments Pistol grip pump on my lap, riskin it Full life living it, never giving it back Too late for slipping, so slack up On my lap its on your lips so track shot A steel dick more clip for pump but All Im saying there aint no question who the man is In my civic or in this show biz I drill the fool, kill the fool Come on what you say? I think I can […]

CHUCK that Soilder Boy!

You can fuck with this bullshit right here if you mutahfuckin want to… but a nigga like me? This gotdamn song makes me wanna cause myself harm. I remember the first time I heard this bullshit. This very video was playing in the background of some place I was at. I was kinda blowed, so I thought I was trippin. I was wondering if the niggas who sang the song was ever gonna actually START singing the fucking song. But I didnt really pay that much attention to it. Then it felt like a fucking hour passed and they was […]

The Black Does Not Rub Off!

I dont know how many people managed to catch the vh1 movie, Totally Awsome. Apparently not that many people lol. Not to say that all yall are missing all THAT much, but what you are missing for sure. But what you are missing for sure is the GUTTY ass character Tracey Morgan played on this shit. WOOOO its worth sitting through the movie. The outtakes are REALLY worth sitting through the movie. video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrngtVuexXo The best line of this whole shit “DO NOT touch me, you understand?!? THE BLACK DOES NOT RUB OFF!!!”  as a nigga that experinced a bunch of […]

Oh, Im on the toilet

Have you…. for whatever reason… been yanked out of your peaceful sleep because you had to take a vicious shit? If you havent, lucky you. But this has happen to me several times. And please believe me its wack EVERY single time, no matter the reason you have to take the vicious shit lol. To add to the wackness. I can think of a few times where thats been a very unsober me. Having to take a mean shit that will probably hurt your ass or your stomach or possibly both at the same time. In the middle of the […]

OJ Live On The Platform

Until monday night, from this current night… You can actually see me live on Internet TV, on The Platform (NSFW) a hip-hop show on PrimetimeUncensored. Put a person to the blog or what have you. You can watch me talk shit, and have a problem sitting still, and laughing way too hard. whatever lol. You can view the archive of the show I was on here (NSFW). I appear about 35 minutes into the show, I think. I really dont talk too much about my work on here, but im thinking i might start a little bit. Which brings me […]

Supreme Modation

I was talking to my good friend Dell, who has a similar background as myself, but really didnt stick to the demographic he was born into. kinda like my self. and we were talking about different we were from then to now. as ive gotten older, and started to make more money and do better shit. i realize more and more how ‘ghetto’ i really am. im not saying i ever thought i was better than the next man. but every black person knows when the next nigga is more ghetto than they are. lol its the truth. ghetto and […]

The Asshole Says

I gotta joke. One day, on some random guy… his body parts got into a little bit of a debate, that kind of got out of hand. The topic of this debate was “Who should be in charge”.  As in who should be the shot caller of the body. Each body part made their respective cases. The Brain, naturally you would think had the best case. Stating that, for one, if he goes they all go. They dont even work without the brain. Its crazy  to think the brain shouldnt be in charge. The brain was kinda pissed that this […]

Vons.com got the hook up!

If you have the fortune of having a Vons in your area. I STRONGLY suggest hitting up Vons.com. Why? You ask? Ill tell you why my friend. Because they muthafuckin deliver gotdammit! As in, to your door. As in, you can order your food online, and they will deliver the shit! to your door! Call me what you want… bougie, LATE ( because i think errin was up on this shit when she lived out here ) than a muthafucka… which or whatever… call me easily satisfied and impressed to right along with that if you will. I dont care […]

I Came With A Crew Called Self, And Everybody Look Just Like ME

“Now For your your pleasure or entertainment, I came with a crew called self / And everybody look just like me / And we agree that we dope, FOOL / We got flava / and everyone knows whos the savior… “- Mic Check – Aceyalone The above photos were taken by Resha. Who i clearly need to hire as my personal photographer lol. This is my God Daughter Essense. JD’s lil girl. I have a present that i need to give to JD next time i see that nigga. I dont know who took this picture. I dont even remember […]

So What?

“Youre quite confident despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary… fascinating!” – lil tony blair. That was the the funniest shit ive heard all gotdamn day!!! holy shit! Lil Bush is the funniest shit on TV. I cant believe the “most powerful man in the world” is sitting by letting these people talk THIS much shit. Everybody has bush jokes, but this is over the top. They got his moms and dad on the cartoon and they talk the most shit about them too! and we wont even talk about lil cheney. that muthafucka there is completely off the hinges. How […]