Uhmah Park

Month: December 2006

I HAD It 4 Cheap

LOL this is cracking me the fuck up right now. And for whatever reason, i hear the clipse playing in my head as i type this. Probably because i jacked they shit for the title of this entry. lol Anyway… I wonder if i blogged about sellin cocaine and cookin it up raw and shit like that…. i wonder would that entice people to read my blogger more lol. Not that im desperate for attention or anything. But I guess I just think about shit like that. Really, what my point is, is… Thats what niggas rhyme about on records. […]

Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug

Fuck that… Im way passed mad and frustrated at the moment. So pardon me…. Cocaine is truly a helluva drug. Cocaine has managed to effect damn near every nigga ever. Niggas that smoke it, niggas that sell it and niggas that aint got shit to do with the shit!!! What other drug can say that? Weed? no.. Heroin? no. Think about it Black people… how many stories do you have that revolve around cocaine or crack? Damn near every nigga in the union got at least two stories about a crackhead at the VERY least. Somebody in the family, at […]