Uhmah Park

Month: October 2006

Quack Quack Nigga!

MySpace can be shameless fun sometimes. What a great time to be alive, you can get blowed and then talk to somebody across the country about some muthafucka you aint ever gone meet, but you got plenty shit to talk about thats some where else. Talkin shit about muthafuckas on myspace is shameless fun. It does make you think tho, hm? Could there be somebody cracking jokes on me? Now I dont believe in karma at all.  Resha00: her "friend" look like Emmit Smith O . C O M: oh no O . C O M: emmit smith look like […]

You Gone Stay Yo Ass Fat!

I just got back from what seemed like a hella long grocery store run. And while walking down the frozen food section i noticed something. On my right, there was all kinds of diet food. South beach diet shit, lean cuisine n shit. All that. Then i look to my left, and what do i see? A fucking wall of icecream! These niggas had more ice cream than deit food. I couldnt believe that shit.  If you thought a nigga on the corner slangin rocks to his own people was fucked up. Imagine if that same nigga was chargin niggas […]

If I Owned A TV Station

I wouldnt air ringtone commercials purely out of spite, Those and phone wallpaper commercials. Them shits is super painful to sit through. Them shits is like TV Spam, its the worst shit ever.  If I owned TV station, id have the doe, I wouldnt need their business… fuck it.  

Whos Keeping Score?

You know those so called "Survey" or questionnaires people love to waste their time backspacing over their friends answers and filling in with their own answers and posting a bulletin for every one to read.  Id say i hate them shits, but i dont even care enough to click on the shits most of the time.  But im sitting here, filling one out lol of course. Might as well, since ive been talkin shit. But I was thinking about something, if these things are surveys and questionnaires. Who tallys up the result? And what do they mean? Have you ever […]