Uhmah Park

Month: May 2006

The Coldest Shit Ever Spoke

I forget what has transpired today to make me write about the shit im about to write about. But fuck it, here it goes. My senior year in high school, we were at a Senior class meeting. That means all the seniors went to the gym and we got talked at by some of the members of the faculty. Whatever gets niggas out of class, and amongst the homies is alright with me. On this particular day, it was hella muthafuckin windy. If you dont know about the wind in Fontana, its Hurricane-ish with out the fuckin rain. Sometimes, it […]

Juice Drink

You know what Tampico is? The Ghettos Favorite Nutritious drink. Which explains alot. But im not gonna front, the shit is kinda good when you have no other options. Or if youre just ghetto like that and dont get to have it all the time because you know better. But when you do get to have some Tampico, because there aint no better option, shits kinda good. Although it gives you HELLA FLEM! shits gross. but we drink it anyway lol. And then you have the other shit that comes in all kinds of colors. The shit that just says […]

The Internet Made Me Famous

This is not about what you might think. And i only say that because i know what my punk ass friends are gonna think. Probably because i know what id think if i were in their shoes. Assholes. Anyway… so im waiting to play the homie in some NBA Live online, listening to this bullshit ass sound track ( except for the busta track ), and i had a thought. Has any internet rapper became famous? Like, actually got a deal, got signed. Made a video, showed up on trl n shit. Or at least okayplayer or some shit. Actually […]

We’re Gonna Boycott Potato Chips!

WHOS WITH ME?!?! Let me tell you why first. While i sit here with my ever evolving Big Juave Style Chicken Nachos. Soon to be the greatest Nachos any human has ever tasted ever. Im still adjusting the recipe though. So thats why they aint the absolute greatest, they are just one of the greatest. But total domanince of the Nacho game is near. Keep an eye out for em. Anyway… So while i was making my Big Juave Style Chicken Nachos, I looked at the bag of tostitos Hint Of Lime Torilla Chips that i use in my Nachos, […]