Uhmah Park

Month: April 2006

This IS what Reverse Information is ALL about!

If you have a soft spot in your heart for kids… no matter what? then you might wanna turn away now lol. But this shit is way too funny to not share lol NOT the story, the commentary! ENJOY YOUR FRIDAY!… or at least try to if i fucked up your day lol. OJ: nigga… OJ: imma show you this shit i just read OJ: tell me what you think OJ: 5 Mexicans Die While Praying At Metal Cross OJ: MEXICO CITY – Five Mexican children were killed when a large metal cross they were praying at was struck by […]

Fuck Buying A Jetta!

I know im not the only one that has seen those new Jetta commercials… where an unspecified number of people, are in a volswagon jetta, and the people inside the car, are having a conversation. A some what interesting conversation, one that you start to pay attention to after a while. And no matter where your interest grab hold the conversation,  right when youre into it, a BIG ASS muthafuckin car comes out of no where and FUCKS the lil ass jetta up! THAT SHIT IS UNERVING AS FUCK!!!!! while i understand the point of the commercial, is to show […]

Tuff Pill To Swallow: Comin up short

On my ( now duel! ) broadcast of my digital “journal” i will be doing a series of post under the category, “Tuff Pill To Swallow”. All about the harsh realizations that people face from time to time. For my first Tuff Pill To Swallow entry, i will be talking about this guy, a 18 year old asian kid that jumped to his muthafuckin death because he could not live with the fact that he has a small dick. Can you believe that shit? This nigga must have missed the memo. We will call him Dum Yung Fuk. His mom […]

There is this guy on my buddy list…

I know a dude, through a friend of mine. He’s on my buddy list. How he got on MY buddy list? I dont exactly remember. And you know what, now that i think about it… i dont even know this muthafuckas name. All i know is, this man types with a pink font, and a black background.Thats how I recognized people most times. By the color of their letters and what font they using. I know i aint the only person that do that. And then when you got a unfamiliar… you stop everything and REALLY look at the name […]

Whats the damn point…

I dont know how many people watch Basketball on TNT. Me personally, i try to break my neck to see the shit. I am definitely a fan. Kenny and Charles are the best analyst on tv, along with Ernie, and sometimes Magic and Reggie Miller ( nigga looks like a star trek extra. like a fraringee ).. The whole staff. Way better than ESPN. ESPN is boring, alot of people dont like Steven A. Smith ( but i do… he’s the guts ) and other than Greg Anthony, the show dont have no life. We wont even talk about Scottie […]

Jack Moves: Lighter Jacking 101

Well, it was a nice run…. As long as ive been smoking… i havent bought a lighter to smoke for years. Until sometime earlier this year. But for all those years before, i would always some how some way come up on somebodies lighter, i had a bunch of lighters and i hadnt paid for not one. I had stolen each and every last one of them. And i had a collection of lighters that ive jacked from other niggas over the years. But, like i said… everything changed earlier this year… or could have been late last year, i […]