Uhmah Park

Month: March 2006

Hey, You’re Tom Right?

lol how many entries am i gonna write about this muthafucka Tom of myspace.com fame? I was talkin to my main man The Killa and he was telling me that myspace.com was fucked up and down, and had been down all gotdamn night…. yet again. This of course, is no REAL big surprise to anybody who has ever logged in to that gotdamn site more than 3 times. But whatever… i cant really say shit, because I log in anygotdamnway… just like everybody else. We live with it. But today, The Killa was fustrated. And wanted to whoop toms monkey […]

Put It In The Air… Its Saint Patricks Day…

Its a well known fact that people get frunk as duck on saint pattys day. Its also a well known fact that the holidays offical color is green. So why dont people Smoke on saint pattys day, instead of drink. Makes more sense to smoke. Smoke some green! GREEN LEAVES in fact! not a clover, but you get the picture. the leaf im talkin about aint round, but pointy… but how hard is it to imagine that one could not see the correlation. Makes more sense if you ask me. Anyway… So how about some randomness? Mike Jones… i dont […]

Its Illegal To Drive With Headphones On

( In the honor of a successful and reminiscent ThrowBack Slang Weekend …. lol whos gonna get this joke? ) But clearly, its not illegal to drive if youre def. How is this? How did i find out that def people can drive? No, I havent made any friends that are hard of hearing lately. But recently, quiznos started to take delivery orders. With me being the big ol quiznos fan that i am. I immediately jumped on the option, because for whatever reason today, i didnt feel like leaving the fuckin house. I call… order a honey mustard chicken […]

Throw Back Slang Weekends is back!

Wzup!?!?! Thats right, i said it… you know why? because it is throwback slang weekend. Havent done it for awhile. but its back! Check here for the rules Usually what happens is, either on Wednesday or Thursday, somebody will use some outdated ass slang. And either in an effort to honor that person or mock them ruthlessly, we have come up with Throwback Slang Weekend where every one uses old ass slang from yesteryear. Yesterday i was posted up at the cheese cake factory… and i hear one of the waiters with a hint of homosexuality in his voice say… […]

Im Glad I Wasnt “Equal” That Day!

Through out the time Black people have been in this country, we have had to fight for "equality". We have had to fight for our rights to be treated with the same respect as every one else, in every aspect of human relations. Education, Entertainment, Labor, Politics, Law, Religion, War, Economics and Sex…. well maybe not sex so much lol. We’ve fought and fought, and struggled… just to be treated and regarded in the same manner as the ruling class in this country. Me and my cousin was talking the other day about movies. Particularly movies with scenes featuring alot […]

No Swine Please

For those of you reading this who dont eat pork ( or beef ) like myself. Have you ever gone to an eating establishment, and saw something tasty on the menu with one exception… There is either bacon, ham or some other various form of swine on said tasty menu item. I know plenty of people who have been thrown into this situation… and its not the most inconvenient situation ever, because you can ALWAYS ask for your tasty menu item "with no bacon please". Simple request. Although it might SEEM like a simple request, unfortunately, for as simple of […]

Uhmah Park: The Grand Re-Opening

It goes down. That is correct, after a good 3 plus years of looking the same… i have finally updated the look and feel of Uhmah Park. And alot of other shit has changed as well…. Such as, after almost mastering Movabletype ( although my past site did not reflect my MT skills what so ever lol ) i decided to ditch MT, because it was pissing me the fuck off ( As the foot of this sitewill state forever lol ). No longer could i deal with the rebuild times and CGI bullshit of MT, i just couldnt take […]