On GP (General Purposes)

Shit I Havent Seen: Trapped In The Closet

Thats right. Well not exactly… i think ive seen like 2 of the little chapters or whatever.

Im probably one of the only niggas walking around who hasnt seen this shit. And i have good reason… or reasons rather.

1. I got better shit to do with my time. Thats at least a good hour plus of my life i aint gonna ever fuckin get back.

2. This isnt R Kelly first time doing some triffling ass ghetto opera… he BEEN doing them shits with Ron “Tax Evasion” Isley for a while now. Shits gettin old holmes…. i didnt like them shits either. Well… The Down Low was pretty cool. Until it became the under cover gay nigga anthem. Fuckin bastards. Gay people fuck up everything! I dont hate gay people, but they sure do manage to find a way to fuck shit up for muthafuckas that aint gay.

3. That gotdamn beat!!!! ok… this is suppose to be a fuckin opera right? Then why the fuck is it the same beat over and over again for at least an hour. that shit would drive me fucking crazy. I cant figure out how this hasnt pissed anybody else off yet. also, did i mention that the fucking beat sucks?

4. Not only that fucking beat playing over and over and over again. But its the SAME SHIT over and over and over again… he start off with the story… it builds and builds and builds… then it gets “intense” and something shocking happens. End Scene. This happens for who knows how long. I think if i was forced to watch this shit… around chapter 6, id be trying trying to bang my head against something to knock myself unconscious. I dont even think i could sit through this shit high.

5. Just off the shit i DID see… this shit is NOT entertaining at all. And im not hard to fucking entertain. I am that nigga that can sit through a bad movie… a movie has to be REALLY REALLY bad for me not to sit through it. Like the Family Johnson Vacation, didnt make it 25 min into that gotdamn movie. I had to turn that shit off. But usually, if i see the first 5 min of any movie… i HAVE to see the end. that shit will bother the fuck out of me if i dont. i have to really have something to do, or really concentrate hard to walk away from anything i see the begining of. However, this shit… doesnt look the LEAST bit interesting. This shit looks like its entertainment for simple muthafuckas. like, i think youd have to be a simple muthafucka to honestly enjoy that shit. Of course there are a few exceptions. But still…

6. R Kellys bad acting. Usually… i can also take bad acting. but gotdammit. i could go on and on about this shit. but its just fucking ridiculous. See, now im fuckin irritated.

So yea, i havent seen it, wont see it. Very very cool on seeing it.

But… what IS definitely worth watching is, Mad TV’s spoff of that shit called… Trapped in the Cupboard lol.

Gutty Material.

On GP (General Purposes)


S.O.B.E.R. = Son Of a Bitch Everything is Real

courtesy of my nigga DrewHa ( Drew ).

ill never forget the night that nigga came up with that shit.

So much shit happen that night. I was WAY too high, and WAY too drunk at Jamaica Gold.

By the time i was JUST kinda faded, we smoked another blunt in the parking lot of Jamaica Gold, and i got refaded.

After that, we caravand two cars to McDonalds down the street, got some food to sober up a lil more in the parking lot and end up having WAY more fun that any body is ever suppose to have in a parking lot of McDonalds.

It was Me, Calvin ( of Fame ), Drew and Dardis. Jen was passed the hell out in the truck, Liz was in and out of consciousness, but did not really move all that much lol. We parked in the parking lot….. shenanigans insused!

Jokes and jokes and jokes and more jokes were cracked non-stop. Individuals in the McDonalds drive thru were often talked about.

After we finished our food… we kicked it for at least a hour and a half. lol

There was a car full of girls, ugly ass girls. They wanted attention. They were doing everything they could to get some attention, EXCEPT for call niggas over to the car. But they was lookin. So what happen? Calvin takes it upon his self to walk to the car. And thats my nigga, im not just gonna let the nigga go over to the car by , fuck it. it aint like i was about to really fuck with one of them ugly muthafuckas anyway lol. A good 13 steps away from the car loaded with ugly girls. This nigga Calvin, STOPS! And breaks out into a Harlem shake that would make puffy him self envious.

Hilarity and uncontrollable laughter insused. You know the kind of laughter that makes you run in no specific direction? Yea… i dont remember where i went, but i ran in the other direction, that shit was BEYOND the guts. He gave it to them muthafuckas lmao.

Serenity Now… Liz knows what that is. So does Calvin actually… that nigga almost laughed himself into a coma lol. Serenity Now is also courtesy of that nigga Drew lol

lol wooo im laughing too hard, imma just stop here.

it was great tho…

FYI – at the moment, im not sober at all.

Thank you, and enjoy yourself for the rest of the day.

And for the muthafuckin record, pepsi and bacardi is nasty as the fuck. althought it is doing the fucking trick right now. its still nasty. coke is much better.

On GP (General Purposes)

The Peek Over

So Ive noticed something. Females might not know about this, actually, i cant think why they really would. But guys… you know when you go relieve your self in the mens room. And somebody is standing next to you……. NOW STOP! im not gonna say what you think imma say.

Because i know what you think imma say… imma ask if you ever try to peek over and check out another muthafuckas shit. And thats not what imma say! You nasty muthafuckas.

I dont know about everybody else… but sometimes i scare myself into thinking the muthafucka next to me is trying to check me the fuck out. I mean, its not like i aint been hit on by my share of Gay muthafuckas. But i dont know… maybe im just paranoid. But sometimes i cant help but think some one next to me is trying to check me out. But i dont wanna seem like some weird asshole, so i dont really turn my back to the nigga next to me. That would just be way too much, and telling on myself on top of that. lol But its still a fucked up situation, because if you check… to see if youre being checked out. What happens when youre wrong, you wasnt being checked out. But ol boy is gonna see you looking at him. And he is gonna think… Youre checking him out! How fucked up is that?

Its a no win situation.

But what i cant figure out, is why another man, would want to try to SNEEK a peek at another muthafuckas dick. Man, why are you concerned with MY Dick?!?! Nigga its mine… not youres… Mines! I cant even imagine being concerned with somebody elses Dick. Maybe my sons… but only until he can take care of his own shit. After that, that little nigga is on his muthafuckin own! Shits beyond me man.

I dont know, i guess what im really afraid of… is the day muthafuckas get bold enough to ask to see my man. Psshh, I wish a nigga would! Although, it aint like i could just stop pissing and locc up on a nigga and cuss him out buckwild in the bathroom, possibly fighting and possibly fighting on a pissy ass floor. Ugh. It would be me who would be like… oooh so you wanna see my shit huh?? id just turn and piss on that niggas leg. Fucking bastard!
But damn… i guess id lose TWICE if that nasty muthafucka got off on that shit. UGH!