Uhmah Park

Month: December 2005

Shit I Havent Seen: Trapped In The Closet

Thats right. Well not exactly… i think ive seen like 2 of the little chapters or whatever. Im probably one of the only niggas walking around who hasnt seen this shit. And i have good reason… or reasons rather. 1. I got better shit to do with my time. Thats at least a good hour plus of my life i aint gonna ever fuckin get back. 2. This isnt R Kelly first time doing some triffling ass ghetto opera… he BEEN doing them shits with Ron “Tax Evasion” Isley for a while now. Shits gettin old holmes…. i didnt like […]


S.O.B.E.R. = Son Of a Bitch Everything is Real courtesy of my nigga DrewHa ( Drew ). ill never forget the night that nigga came up with that shit. So much shit happen that night. I was WAY too high, and WAY too drunk at Jamaica Gold. By the time i was JUST kinda faded, we smoked another blunt in the parking lot of Jamaica Gold, and i got refaded. After that, we caravand two cars to McDonalds down the street, got some food to sober up a lil more in the parking lot and end up having WAY more […]

The Peek Over

So Ive noticed something. Females might not know about this, actually, i cant think why they really would. But guys… you know when you go relieve your self in the mens room. And somebody is standing next to you……. NOW STOP! im not gonna say what you think imma say. Because i know what you think imma say… imma ask if you ever try to peek over and check out another muthafuckas shit. And thats not what imma say! You nasty muthafuckas. I dont know about everybody else… but sometimes i scare myself into thinking the muthafucka next to me […]