Uhmah Park

Month: October 2005

Black Like Me

So i finally got up the doe to get an ipod. i waited and waited till one came out that i could fuck with. Really what kept happening is, i would have to spend my ipod moeny on something or some shit… for like 2 years… i couldnt get one for one reason or another. Ill admit tho, alot of those reasons was just me bullshiting when i had the oppertunity. But like last week when they made the announcement that the new ipods wouls support video and that they fucking came in black nigga! I was determine to get […]

Heathen Hours

Heathen Hours = the best time to get shit done on sundayss loll. ( and for the slow muthafuckas ) you know, like when everybody is at church… but your ass is running the streets at various stores and or resturants trying to beat the church traffic / crowds n shit. yea lol… Heathen Hours. Post Heathen Hours kinda crack if you happen to be REALLY getting your heathen on and be drunk at that time of the day ( Calvin ), because you can be out and about making fun of peoples “chruch clothes” and poor church clothes fashion […]

I Can Make A Boogar Talk!

Lets just say… you could make a boogar talk… what would you make that shit say? ( feel free to leave a comment or 3 about the shit ) i was thinking the other day, if i was a nasty muthafucka that liked to fling boogars on niggas… i would probably make my boogar yell out some blood curdling war cry as it wisked through on the way to its target. Or, maybe just stimply, “GERANIMO!!!!!!” oooh? maybe i could get it to develop an asian accent, and yell out BUNZIIIIIIII!!!!!!! or i could be real fucked up and get […]

You Have To Ball To Be Tall

For anybody who happens to read this site ( for whatever reason ) and doesnt know all that much about me. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall. ( 230 lbs ) And with reading that, im pretty sure 99% of peoples minds are at the point of saying something like ” oh, he must be talking about basketball… ” if they wasnt thinking that already. But thats not what im talking about exactly. Although… most people i meet for the first time under any circumstance say “i KNOW you playing basketball for somebody” sigh…. “you ball? you play basketball […]

Abandon Ship!

You Niggas Talk Shit Then Abandon Ship!!! Anybody who doesnt know what im referencing… its that old Busta Rhymes from his first album. Busta and Rampage. You know… before Spliff Star? Or maybe niggas wasnt Bussa Buss fans back then. who knows. None the less… great track. Nothing phenomenal, but still.. great. Anyway… I am here today (edit — this took two days to write, i got sleepy last night lol )… writing on my blogger because over time, me and my cousin have developed the unquie sense of when to say fuck it. Its time to shut the day […]