Uhmah Park

Month: July 2005

At Least I Have Chicken…

a convo between me and max… OJ: im going to smooke OJ: i cant think lol Max: lol dam OJ: im starving lol OJ: i cant even think OJ: you know OJ: as much as bruce bruce sweat on stage… OJ: you would think he would have lost a pound or 54 Max: LMAO Max: hey you can’t lose 2 lbs on stage Max: then eat like 4 lbs of popeyes afterward Max: shit dont work like that OJ: LMAO OJ: have you seen this fuckin burger king commercial? Max: which one OJ: the rock and roll one OJ: them […]

Im Gonna Cut Your Fuckin BALLS Off!!

Some time ago… i got real blowed, and i shared my views on the threat made to several Black Americans…. “Ill Slap The Black Off You!” a pretty vicious threat. but today… im blowed… and i thought about a phrase one very irate individual could threaten a man with…. the removal of his testicals, by force no less!!! think about that… some one… is gonna take you ( guys reading this ) and put you in such a position to cut off your muthafuckin balls. snip snip. cut your muthafuckin balls off… they gone. you got them taken from you. […]

I Have A Theory

ok… so im more than flagrantly unsober. but im thinking that what im about to say, explains alot. so i recorded the 05 BET Awards… and its no secert that both Mariah Carrey and Luaren Hill didnt sound like themselves. and thats all imma say about that…. but i think i know why they why they didnt sound thier respective normal selves. i think its because, missy had a blunt backstage…. and got luaren hill and mariah carrey hella blowed before the show started. thats the only thing that makes since… luaren was up there hot as FUCK… sweatin and […]

It Take Grindin To Be A King…

im sorry… but that there is the phrase that pays. its some real shit. its some simple shit… but its some real shit. reguardless of the source and what you may think about that niggas flows ( im talkin about mike jones for the muthafuckas that been under a rock for however long… thank you for joining us, you slow muthafuckas. ) you can think that nigga dumb or whatever the fuck. but you cant despute thats some real shit. anyway… i say that because i havent been posting on this muthafucka lately. surprise surpise lol. but thats only because […]