Uhmah Park

Month: May 2005


…. really. its not hard to figure out. ill admit… im kinda obsessed with my date of birth. only because its the most exciting time of the year for me. i suppose if the most exciting time of the year for me was ground hog day…. the url might be a tad different. heh. but as for now…. it is what the fuck it is. today is my birthday, and im fucked fucked fucked the fuck up. but i feel hella great! a nigga is 26. and i thank God that i made it to see it thru this far. […]

The Happy African Spin Move

I was talking to young juave ( RJ ) earlier, and i was reminded about a incident at frys about a year or so ago. Frys is an electronics store, its big as fuck, bigger than best buy. better prices. better shit. more shit. it cracks. i love frys. often when i go in there, i just browse around for about 30 min before i go and actually get what i went in there for. but for whatever reason, frys hires the weirdest group of nerds and foriegners youve ever fucking seen. and they all look like bootleg agents from […]

I Feel Like A Crack Head Right Now…

MAN! there is a BIG ass muthafuckin blood sucking ass misquito in my fuckin room right now… this muthafucka looks like a baby Monthrah n shit. so… i get my ass up to murder this fucking flying leech of an insect. and the muthafucka disappears right in front of my eyes n shit! now i know its late, and im kinda tired… but i swear… the muhfucka hit a corner or something and was GONE. just like flys do ( i fucking hate flys… ugh… and what kinda fucking name is that for an insect?!?!?! Fly is a VERB!!! anyway…). […]

A Quick Random Thought…

i havent posted anything in a while, because ive been busy…. as fuck. lol but imma post a quick lil thought i just had at 3:28am in the morning… im a bit of a workaholic, whatever… i thought id share this thought i just had with you people. arent i great? lol. i remember a few days ago… i was watching one of the james bonds. the one with that Grace Jones i think…. it was a Rodger Moore, Bond movie. so it was decent, but of course it cant fuck with a Sean Conery, or a Timothy… whatever his […]

So Whasup OJ?

… well… its May again. so its a nigga birthday month. all things great that happen in may lead up to a final climatic moment where every one comes together and celerbrate the day i was born on. usually they do it on memorial day and just dont know about it lol. but anyway… i remember one of the reasons i started this blogger, was that it was to server as an OJ updater, for the people i know who ask me ( please see title ). i could just link them to to my blogger and wouldnt have to […]