Uhmah Park

Month: April 2005

Good Blowed Music

ok… in honor of 420, which has clearly passed. but ive been busy all day and couldnt write this shit out. … and i wasnt blowed earlier either. and no… you dont have to worry about this being like the last entry ( even tho, you sick fucks read that nasty shit lol ) So anyway… like i was saying, in honor of 420, i will submit the shit i like to listen to when im blowed, at night lol. because during the day ill listen to anything like i was sober. — Jimi Hendrex … of course. if you […]

OJ, Youre Fuckin Dumb. An Ongoing Story…

so, i was minding my own business one day and i had a thought. so… lets say some random hick, decides one day that he wants to have sex with one of his farm animals. like yea ok… i been eyeing this sheep for a few days now. and i think imma have me a piece! and just like he says, he goes over to the sheep and its time to fuck him a sheep. naturally, the sheep has strong objections to what its owner is gettin ready to do. So one could assume, that the sheep…. is being FORCED […]

Fuzzy Zeller Is A Fucking Degenerate!!

You ever here of something so bad, that people just wont believe… and you just gotta laugh about it with more than 3 people. you cant make this shit up!!! gotdamn!! Ive never known a muthafucka to not have absolutley NO SHAME in his muthafuckin Game! if a nigga cared so much, he wouldnt post his business all across message boards n shit. so hell, ill share… Calvin (12:29:29 PM): what up Peter Cetera OJ (12:29:53 PM): what it be like like Fuzzy Zeller Calvin (12:30:04 PM): LMAO!!! Calvin (12:30:14 PM): Fried Chicken and collard greens at the masters yesterday […]

Excuse Me, As I Kiss The Sky…

oh no, another blowed OJ entry. No… not quite. im not blowed yet. …. yet lol. i will be shortly. but yea… i am playin some jimi… shits live son! anyway… i just had a thought ( that i orginally had a few weeks ago ). people try to say to me… hey OJ, youre a Smoker! let me explain to every one why i am not a smoker. im just a guy who enjoys the company of ms mary j. from time to time. but im not a smoker simply because ive NEVER purchased a lighter because i needed […]

I Cant Believe Its Not Sunday

well… my weekend was kinda eventfull, maybe ill post about it one day. should be today, but there is a couch and j callin my name… anyway…. have you ever woke up on a monday morning, thinking it was sunday? thinking you could sleep in… thinking you had a day to relax or do whatever you normally do on sunday. and you get up… and do whatever you do in the morning. and like 20 min after you wake up… you get slaped with some truth, that truth being… hey, its not sunday, its fuckin monday homie! and now youre […]

If You Stay Ready…

If You Stay Ready… You Aint Got To Get Ready! yes! that old sugafree shit. i love that shit… imma turn that shit on right now. ah yea!! PLAYA HAM!!! you have to be a fan to know what im talkin about…. but still… im talkin about this because its a shame more people aint heard this song. more people need to understand what this nigga is saying! its some pimp shit, but its some real shit…. If you stay ready… you aint got to get ready…. if you stay on your toes… and you stay prepared… then when the […]

Arg Nigga!

if pirates was rappers… they would look like game do when he be rappin. aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggg NIGGA!!! this nigga game looks like he should have a fucking eye patch and a pariot on his shoulder when he be bussin. foreal i know for a fact that im not the only muthafucka that be askin they self… why he do his face like that? nigga looks like the sun is always in his eyes n shit. i happen to be watching some bet tonite and i caught that how we do video ( catchy track ). and i could not stop asking […]